Can Witches Become Sorcerers?

Yes they can advance to the level of Sorcerer with a Wizardry step along the way. Although it’s usually only the wicked witches who do so. This is due to the fact that good witches tend to not want to give up their Wicca beliefs and their beloved Goddesses who grant them power. They would rather finely hone their craft and be one with nature in communion its deities. In the end an extremely talented witch can defeat a novice sorcerer! Advancement to the level of sorcery is usually only considered when a grave future danger is gleamed in a psychic vision or scrying session.

Wicked witches on the other hand could care less about nature or anyone they worship for power. They’ll even toss their demon masters aside if they can get away with it! These dark misguided individuals will do anything to acquire more power in their quest to corrupt the planet and destroy humanity! Thankfully Sorcerers are rare since it takes an amazing level of mental power to be in the upper most echelon of magic practitioners. Magicians who call upon the pure energized essence of the Universe rather than higher dimensional beings for power. Ultimately Sorcerers look inward to derive their own enchanted energies.

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What Is The Origin Of Hereditary Witches?

What Are Natural Born Witches?
Or any practitioner of magic born with powers, and a natural ability to wield the forces of magic whether they be a simple magician, witch, warlock, wizard, or sorcerer.  The origins of magic itself lie in the pure thought of the human consciousnesses  it’s connection with it’s soul, and the pure thought matrix of Gods mind in which we live.   However that revelation was not known at the time.  A small number of the first humans stumbled on to simple magic that could be done without calling upon higher powers.  Later they realized that they could access what came to be called magic by worshiping  or saying the right code, or spells, to call upon Gods, Goddesses, Demons, Angels, and other higher dimensional beings who were willing to dispense powers.  These higher beings gain power by simply having people believe in them, worship them, and rely on them.  They gain access to a portion of that person’s soul, and the human soul is an amazingly untapped power base in this Universe.

As people practiced magic with each passing generation passing it down to their children it caused the magic to change their DNA, and become imbued in their blood.  In essence witches, and other’s of the hereditary magical kind are supernaturally evolved humans.  The constant use of magic, especially while pregnant, created a new race of humans.  These enchanted people are usually born with one active power they can do without any magical training.  It’s like learning to walk.  They can do it on their own in very early childhood.  These genetic magicians can also more easily call upon higher powers, cast spells, create potent potions, and access real magic will practice unlike normal humans who try to access the world of the supernatural.  Those witches tend to not see anything resembling true magical powers.  Over time a seasoned hereditary wielder of magic can acquire other active powers without having to call upon higher powers.  They can also make up their own effective spells, and potions out of thin air.  Higher levels of magical artisans known as Sorcerers access the very foundation of energy, and pure thought in our reality.  They eventually realize that the real power is within their mind, and soul.  They can gain 100% access to the untapped resources of their mind, and can find unlimited power without calling upon anyone for magics.

I myself am a hereditary witch descending from a long line of Mermaid witches on my mothers side.  Mermaids have human ancestry in Atlantis, and I’m also half human on my fathers side.  Humans tend to be the most powerful practitioners of magic which is the equalizer when going up against the supernatural beings of evil.  The active power I was born with is the Mystic Sphere which is a pink energy orb of protection that forms around me at will.  It repels just about any attack, and I can also use it to levitate.  In fact I once flew into outer space for quite a length of time in it.  However I was unusually juiced up with some serious magics at the time.   I often call upon Goddesses, and sometimes Gods to access other powers such as lightening bolts shooting from my hands.  However lately I’ve been able to access that power with just a few words.  So those of us active in the deep magics can change our DNA over time, and pass on those genetic traits to future generations.

Would A Zombie Apocalypse Be Just About Humans Versus Zombies?

Zombie Hoard AttackWhether it’s novels, video games, movies, or televisions shows the zombie apocalypse is always portrayed as a group of humans fighting off hoards of zombies in a lost cause to stay alive on a planet over run by the living dead.  In reality that simply would not be the case because unlike the one track mind of these hypothetical Universes we live on an Earth abundant with just about every type of supernatural being.  Most of what you hear is true, and our paranormal planet has all manner of amazing beings including super humans, vampires, werewolves, immortals, mermaids, leprechauns, fairies, Earthly Gods, demigods, practitioners of magic, and so much more!  Vampires especially would not tolerate their source of food being eradicated by zombies.

The Earthly Gods, and Goddesses along with the witches, and wizards that call upon them for power would certainly not stand by, and do nothing.  So if the zombie virus hits the fan, and spreads forth about the globe rest assured that you, and other human survivors would have supernatural back-up.  The zombies would eventually be eradicated as groups of supernaturally fortified humans remain protected form the zombie scourge.  Human populations would grow again on a new world that would be fully aware of the full scope of paranormal beings that walk among them.  In fact there might very well be global peace since everyone would work together against a common enemy.  Hopefully such a cooperative peace would hold, and new humans along with supernatural beings would come to governmental power breaking the old tyrannical ways of corporatism that currently infest all the governments of the world causing mindless wars.  If a major zombie pandemic happens we can realize there’s a positive side to it for all concerned.

On a coincidental side note the blog address randomly assigned for this zombie apocalypse post is 911.  Naturally 911 would be out of service during a walking dead pandemic of global proportions.