Why Is Iron A Paranormal Pain To Some Supernatural Beings?

Mother Nature has provided humankind with various elements to defend itself against the sinister supernatural scourge. As far as miracle metals the most famous is probably Silver and its power over Werewolves along with other denizens of darkness. However Iron has a wide array of repellent, containment, and exterminating applications when it comes to paranormal creatures of a dark sort. The ultimate source of Iron is the heart of supergiant stars that radiate warm holy light forth into our dark reality. Iron forged from fantastic fusion reactions that eventually form the core of these superstars. This heavy core spells the stars death and in some cases a serious supernova that scatters the iron to the four winds of the Universe!

This is the abundant iron we find on Earth. Especially within Mother Earth’s hot molten heart at the inner core. Also from the continued spacial delivery of supernova within falling meteor stars as well. Iron has the metaphysical energy properties of the grounding healing Earth along with the cleansing fires of holy stars. It also exhibits magnetic manifestations as well. Various biological beings, including humans, have iron-rich hemoglobin that makes up the very blood that gives them life. Within Witches and other Practitioners Of Magic, this form of Iron transports the enchanted energies of magic throughout their bodies. However too much iron or the introduction of pure iron substances can, in fact, block their paranormal powers!

Holy Iron
Iron can negatively affect various entities both righteous and wayward in nature. However, it has slightly more power over the forces of darkness due to iron being sourced from the holy light of stars. All stars, including the Sun, are considered blessed by any number of Gods and Goddesses. Particularly the Omniverse Lord. Without their voluminous luminosity we would languish in dark damnation. That being said, iron itself isn’t an official holy substance unless blessed by a Priest of any given religion. Certainly, a blessed iron cross would have more paranormal repellent properties than a wooden cross. In addition, iron is vulnerable to rust which in turn destroys its enchanted effectiveness in all supernatural situations. Always inspect and clean your iron implements on a regular basis to ensure their rust free effectiveness for impromptu supernatural battles.

Types Of Iron
When it comes to dealing with paranormal perplexities pure raw cold iron is best but wrought iron also works very well. Clearly wrought iron creates all manner of tools and weapons that may be used in the hunting, capture, or killing of malevolent metaphysicals. Cast Iron has too many impurities to be effective and this is why it is the common material of witches cauldrons. There’s enough iron to keep the metaphysical energies of magical potions contained and concentrated yet not enough to dampen the magic. Just as the right amount of biological iron in witches blood keeps power evenly distributed throughout their bodies. Steel and other iron alloys aren’t recommended if you want that extra enchanted kick.

Witches And Iron
As mentioned above iron can dampen and completely block a witches magic depending on their level of power. This can be done a number of ways. The most common are iron shackles. Enough Iron Filings sprinkled about or on the witch directly can cause magical disruption as well. A witch can be eradicated by impaling them in the heart with an iron implement. Leaving it in generally guarantees they can’t haunt you as a dark ghost or perform a self-resurrection spell. Iron works on warlocks and also low to mid-level wizards. Unfortunately, high-level wizards and most sorcerers can shrug off irons mystical neutralization.

Supernatural Beings Who Care Not For Iron
Vampires and Werewolves have no love for iron but then again it’s not as bad for them as silver. Those with too much iron in their blood may taste bad to vampires and they may therefore leave them alone. On the other hand, the iron-deficient may be more vulnerable. When it comes to Zombies there is no effect. Fairies, Nymphs and quite a few creations of the Earthly Nature Deities are known to be vulnerable to iron. Some say this came about from a massive joint curse placed on them by Angels and Demons in the distant past. Leprechauns are immune to Iron and support good luck charms like iron horseshoes. Their dark Clurichaun brothers have some minor vulnerability to iron but not enough to stop a determined one! Iron may disrupt the metaphysical and non-corporeal energies of various higher dimensional beings phasing into this reality. This especially includes ghosts and poltergeists. Also Demons and Jinn to some extent. Biological form demons, including the Devil, find iron to be a minor annoyance. Same for Demi-Demons. There are no sure things in the battle against the forces of paranormal darkness. However, it never hurts to bring iron into the fantastical fray! Here at Mystic Investigations we always utilize iron cages to contain Cryptids. More expensive silver when necessary. You can get a chunk of pure iron here to have on hand just in case you inadvertently enter the wondrous world of the supernatural!