What Happens To The Parents Of First Generation Vampires?

What Happens To The Mortal Human Parents Of The First Royal Vampires?
Vampire RoyaltyThe first vampires came from a demon completely possessing a human to the DNA level, and then mating with another human.  This first generation of royal vampires are the only vampires to be born, and who can give birth to a limited number of offspring.  Otherwise the rest of the vampires on Earth are simply transformed humans drained of their blood to the point of near death when vampire blood was introduced into their bodies.  Blood containing the demonic based vampire virus that permanently transmutes their DNA into an immortal living dead form.  A frightening form that subsists off supernatural sanguine blood energy!

So this first generation of vampires born from humans, or even Neanderthals in many cases, have immortal lives that never end.  What becomes of their mortal parents?  Whether the mortal male parent was the one being possessed or simply the human DNA donor, the end result is almost always death!  If he was the possessed one then he dies not long after the non-corporeal demon leaves his body. Such a complete biological possession greatly degrades a biological body, and the demon eventually has no choice but to leave the unlucky human host.  Once the dark life force leaves it’s a matter of hours before the human dies. The only exceptions are prolific demonic worshipers who asked for the honor of possession, and who are deep into dark protective magics.  If he wasn’t the possessed party then he can stick around to raise his vampire spawn until it’s time for his mortal death.  In special cases the Dad could prove his usefulness over time, and possibly score a unique Dark Immortal status. However if the Father isn’t down with it then he’s generally offed by the demon possessed Mother since he served his only true purpose for her!

The female mother on the other hand gets a far better deal since she’s the one actually giving birth to a supernatural being.  Whether she’s the possessed party or not, the conception of a vampire child grants her immortality status along with enhanced physical, and mental abilities.  If not the demonically possessed one then she does not become a vampire, and is considered a rare Dark Immortal.  However during the pregnancy she will display temporary vampire traits such as glowing eyes, fangs, and cravings for blood.  As a Dark Immortal she will no longer have the ability to give birth ever again for all eternity.  She will be revered as an almost living God by vampires since her blood will supply the best healing sustenance to the living dead.

If the female is the one possessed by the demon then the combination of the dark DNA possession transformation combined with the immortal alterations of the unholy pregnancy grants her permanent eternal Demi-Demon status.  Although be it weaker than a true Demi-Demon birthed by a demon taking their own pure biological form, and mating with a human.  The vampire child growing within them stabilizes their new immortally transformed DNA, and heals any damage their bodies may have suffered from the paranormal possession.  As a Demidemon they will now not only permanently crave human blood but also the entirety of their flesh!  The demon who possessed them generally leaves as they have no urge to experience pregnancy, and childbirth.  Although if they’re a black sheep in Hell they might just adopt the Demi-Demon as their new permanent body.  In such cases the females consciousness is extinguished, and her essence dies.  In rare cases a split personality may exist if the Demon plans to leave the body every so often.  As with the Dark Immortal, Demidemons can’t have kids.

Unfortunately the vampire children of former demon possessed fathers will almost always grow up fatherless.  The Fathers are chosen based on the special DNA make-up that demons can sense within them. What that is nobody knows but it means most of the time the father is an unwitting victim of evil!  We’re not really sure what psychological implications the absence of a father could have considering that all this dark demonic energy naturally spawns evil intent.  In addition what could a human Father offer a powerful First Generation Vampire child?  Generally a demonic Godfather is appointed by the Demon who possessed the human to begin with.  A dark guide for the vampire child’s journey into eternal adulthood, and royal responsibilities.

Friday The 13th Returns Jason Voorhees To Living Dead Status!

Jason Friday The 13th VoorheesHe’s Back! We finally received confirmation that our Jason Voorhees Resurrection Warnings unfortunately came true on Friday November 13th, 2015. The venomous Voorhees Cult has been marshaling metaphysical energies over the course of two years from Friday The 13th’s(Three from this year alone), Tetrad Blood Moons, the last Halloween Blood Moon, Halloween itself, and All Souls Day Of The Dead.  The Chieftain’s of the Voorhees Cult are devilish dark warlocks, and witches who see Friday The 13th as their central holiday of reverence.  In essence their equivalent of Christmas.  They believe Jason Voorhees is their God even if he is a former human, stupefied spirit, and sometimes a physical form zombified demi-demon.  A physically malformed & mentally deficient human child who was darkly cleansed of his humanity in the unholy waters of Crystal Lake when he drowned that fateful Friday The 13th. Of course in their eyes Jason is holy, and righteous. They hope to give Jason the gift of a permanent immortal, and indestructible non-zombie body someday so he can go about his work of cleansing the Earth.  Much more than axing sexed up teens at Summer Camps near Lakes.  The eradication of humans everywhere who don’t share the dark vision of the Voorhees Cult.  Of course since all members of the cult take a vow of celibacy, as they deem sex to be a vile act that can spawn further unwanted human procreation, they supported Jason going after those highly hormonal teens. Read The Rest Of This Paranormal News Article!

Do Vampires Have To Reveal Themselves To You?

Do Vampires Have To Truthfully Answer As To Their Supernatural Status?

Angry Powerful VampireMost people know about the Global Invitation Spell that requires Vampires to be invited in ones home otherwise they are supernaturally denied access.  A lesser known paranormal requirement is that a vampire must truthfully tell you they’re a vampire if you actually ask them.  If you directly ask them they can’t laugh it off, or make some excuse up.  They must admit they’re a vampire.  However they can hypnotize you into forgetting you ever found out.  Hopefully though someone smart enough to ask would realize that hypnosis is a real possibility, and they should have Holy Artifacts, or other countermeasures, in place to prevent this.  Certainly a vampire could easily eliminate you on the spot.  Luckily there is a small window of opportunity where a small thread of Angelic restraint halts that instinct via the Truth Curse.

This revelation requirement isn’t caused by a spell but rather an Angelic curse on anything that’s a good chunk demonic, and sapient in nature.  This means a Demon, or DemiDemon must also truthfully reply to your question as to the nature of their identity.  Although Demi-Demons are often mixed up with Demons, and Vampires so they can deny who they are if you ask the wrong question.  Even the Devil himself must admit his identity if you guess correctly. He must respond truthfully to both questions as to whether he’s the Devil, and a Demon. Just as the most infamous Demidemon, The Anti-Claus, must respond to either being a Demidemon or The Anticlaus. This could be a problem for the prophesied dark leader of the future world known as The Anti-Christ, aka the Devil’s son. If asked point blank on live television as to whether he’s the Anti-Christ he will be forced to respond! Unfortunately a State controlled mainstream media will probably prevent that from happening. Apparently Dhamphirs, aka Demi-Vampires, don’t have to answer truthfully. It could be they don’t meet the minimum demonic DNA threshold.

It’s said that this Angelic Truth Curse came the day that the original fallen Angels left
Heaven.  Archangels cursed them, and their lineage for the unholy defiance they displayed.  The real complete curse was actually the creation of the Demon to prevent the dark Angels from maintaining their glorified nature, and full array of paranormal powers.  The Truth Curse extends to Demons, and Demi-Demons unable to lie if directly confronted with the truth on any subject.  There’s also no tricky word play in demonic contracts. What you see is what you get. This is why making a deal with the Devil or a Demon doesn’t generally result in unknown shocking surprises unlike being granted wishes from a Genie.  Genies love to warp wishes due to their anger of being locked in bottles, and lamps for eternity. Just remember deals with Demons usually mean selling your lower dimensional soul.  That’s why it’s very important for people to ask a plethora of questions before making a deal with the Devil.  And always read the fine print on your blood contracts! Unfortunately the complete truth curse doesn’t apply to vampires or lower demonic entities.