Soothing Autumn Rains

You stroll about merrily in the light autumn rain as the colorful leaves flutter about. All seems peaceful until you start to notice lit Jack-O-Lanterns appearing all over the place. Wherever you turn your head away, and back again they’re somehow closer! You run away into the foggy forest but find yourself in a dark soggy field of fiery carved pumpkins groaning in a menacing manner. Before you know it you’re pulled into the mud, and dragged straight to Hell!

You suddenly jolt awake, and realize you had fallen asleep beneath a wonder tree of golden leaves. It had started raining amid what was thankfully a nightmare. You get up to continue your fantastical fall walk. Further down the trail you spot a Jack-O-Lantern, and bolt all the way home just to be safe!

"Soothing Autumn Rains", 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.
Halloween Haunter

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