My Haunted Halloween Manor Part II

In “My Halloween Haunted Manor Part I” I described the outside decor of my palatial estate.  Now I will disclose the Halloween horrors that lie within the hair raising walls of my humble home.  Firstly, the entire house, or at least the paths the trick o treaters will be led down are dimly lit with low wattage lights of eerie colors that encompass red, orange (just for Halloween), green, and violet.  Luckily my manor has a lot of adjustable recessed, and tracked spot lighting.  There are also a fair amount of UV black lights which are a must for any haunted home.  The fluorescent glow, and darkness of the lit areas really adds a spooky ambiance that can’t be duplicated in any other way.

The costumed kids are lead from the front door to various clue stations that give them an idea where to find the next clue, hidden candy, and small toys as well.  Along the corridors, and within the rooms are not only the creepy lighting creating dark foreboding shadows for untold horrors to hide in, but also fake cob webs, spiders, squeaking rats, and flying rats on nearly invisible strings along with monstrous animatronic props.  Some of which will pop out of the darkness.  There’s also some steamy fog machines to create a sinister specteral haze.  We use this the most in the basement which houses Rebecca Abernathy’s authentic witches lair.  This is the only time of year she exposes her magical Wicca inner sanctum to the public.  There she puts on a little magic show for the kids, and parents who think they’re seeing illusions, or even holographic projections.  In fact they are witnessing a real witch performing real supernatural magic before their very eyes.  Rebecca relishes in the revealing of her powers to the common human without in fact actually exposing her secret.

Our mansion also has a number of secret corridors for security that lend to the magic of our haunted house.  Nothing lights us the face of a child more than discovering a bookcase or mirror that opens up into a labyrinth of adventure on a trail of candy treats.  Also realistic transparent ghosts seem to float about the home, and pass through walls.  We don’t quite have the holographic projection technology to achieve this yet so this is in fact a product of Rebecca’s magic.  An entertaining spell of illusion.  However one thing that isn’t an illusion is our vampire friend, Drake Alexander, who will sometimes stop by on Halloween to scare the kiddies in a light hearted manner.  He dropped by this year, and the screams of delight after seeing a guys eyes glow neon green and yellow while fangs extend is really something to behold.  Man I tell you I never seen a vampire laugh so much in my life.  Halloween is definitely a unique time for the paranormal because supernatural beings can freely expose themselves to the public without reprisal.

If our manor sounds too scary for some kids well never fear because the kind hearted psychic Julia Hathaway is roaming about the halls sensing if there’s too much fear.  If she senses terror then she immediately goes to the child to sooth them, and instill warms thoughts within via her mental powers.  Luckily the small children usually have their parents with them for support.

After being led through the the lower levels, upstairs, attic, and basement, the haunted house explorers end up in the backyard which is decorated in a similar manner as the front yard.  However in the backyard a werewolf jumps off the roof to scare the hell out of everyone, and zombies rise from the graves directing the trick o treaters back to the front yard.  Fear not for the Werewolf is played by none other than the bionic boy wonder Zack Powers, and his friends portray the zombies.  Just before they reach the front yard a kindly spirit dressed in white, played by Elizabeth Weatherly, scares the werewolf, and zombie hoard away with a iridescent display of sparkling lights originating from her hands.  It’s in fact borrowed magic from Rebecca Abernathy.  Elizabeth then asks the kids for a ticket they collected from inside the house.  The ticket entitles them to a free gift before they head out into the dark jack-o-lantern lit night to seek out more treats, and maybe perform some tricks which we hope doesn’t involve pumpkin smashing, or egg throwing.  And yes this all cost a fortune but the $100,000 was well worth it!  However I’m including the animatronic props, and other items I already owned.  Being moderately rich, and having supernatural friends really makes Halloween the most fun holiday of the year!

In another post I will tell the tale of what actually happened on Halloween night…

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