Death In A Haunted House!

This short horror film details a most unusual haunted house. A home brimming with ghosts who more than likely committed suicide for the most part. However if more than one person enters then one will kill the rest before offing themselves. A gun appears to be conveniently located in the house. Some dark spirit, poltergeist, or even a low level demon has orchestrated this terrifying trap, and possesses the victim in order to compel them. The ghosts are trapped in the haunted house, and no doubt fuel the nefarious entity with the energy of their souls! Plausibly the dark spirit can possess corpses to maintain the house, and conveniently walking dead the bodies away! Every so often they keep someone alive for a time to pay property taxes, keep the gun loaded, and maybe even mow the lawn. LOL! The end game for this dark entity could be to gain enough metaphysical power to ascend to higher dimensions, and possibly curry favor with Demons or Jinn!

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