What Is A Neko?

Are Nekomimis Real?
Neko Feline GirlNekos, or Nekomimis, are best known as fictional Cat Girls from Japanese Anime.  However these Demi-Cats, aka Human-Feline Hybrids do actually exist.  In addition they aren’t only female but can be male as well.  Generally they appear more human than feline.  However this can vary depending on their origins.  The most common Neko appears human except for feline ears, eyes (complete with nocturnal glow), teeth, tail, and their hair may feel more fur like.  The average Nekos particular feline species is indeterminable but some can look anywhere from house cat like to Lion like.  Depending on the species integration they can have varying degrees of enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses.  Unlike Werecats they don’t have the ability to alter their appearance at will thereby disguising what they are.  Although some can change their eyes from human to feline at will, or when in a heightening emotional state.  Those who function in normal society will resort to body hiding forms of clothing, long hair, contact lenses, glasses, etc to conceal their true identities from the human public. In addition a great many magically cursed Nekos are damned to only eat mice, rats, and other unsavory vermin.  The lucky ones can subsist off of fish.

The first Nekos originated from magical curses placed upon humans in the early days of magic when witches, and warlocks were testing the bounds of their new found power. They usually required a caged cat to use at the origin species of the spell.  So most of the time it was smaller domesticated cats rather than large deadly carnivores such as a Tiger.  There is also evidence that early advanced civilizations such as Atlantis, and Lemuria tinkered with genetic engineering, and the mixing of animal, and human DNA.  Atlantis of course saved their civilization from perishing into the high seas by becoming Mermaids, aka supernatural human-fish hybrids.  Beginning in the late 20th century top secret private, and government laboratories began secretly creating the first animal-human hybrids including Nekos.  In general magical origin cat people are more powerful than laboratory science created ones.   Procreation is hit, and miss between Nekos, and never occurs with full humans.  This keeps the Neko populace at a minimum.  In the future it’s predicted that animal hybrids will become more mainstream, and common.  Especially as extraterrestrials from various planets enter our society.  Just as they would appear animal hybrid like to us so do we appear as ape hybrids to them.

The lifespan of science created, and some magical origin Nekos is usually about 120 years. Although imperfect science creations might only live a few years.  The average cat lifespan of 12-15 years usually doesn’t factor into the equation. Many of the early magical cursed feline people were given the quintessential nine lives. The “Nine Lives Curse” is an immortality curse that means they can die by any means except the aging process.  If they use up 9 deaths then they’re permanently dead.  Legend has it that the ninth death would in fact simply turn them into an immortal cat forced to roam the Earth as an animal forever.