What Is The Underworld?

The Underworld Of HellThe Underworld is considered an actual physical extension of the metaphysical higher dimensional Hell. The horrifying home of demons. If one were to venture deep enough into the brimstone bowels of the Underworld they’d eventually transmute into a metaphysical form. It’s one of the few ways to directly enter a higher dimension. The Underworld is a sinister series of caverns that literally wind down from the Earth’s surface into the molten core of the planet. This is the point the gradual metaphysical energy transformation is finalized. It’s known as Tartarus. The place physical, and metaphysical flames of damnation meet to create exquisite unimaginable torment! It is considered the central gateway to Hell itself! 

The nature of the rock that composes the caverns is of a metaphysical matter form. This, and the sheer insane depth make the Underworld undetectable by humankind’s technology thus far. There are a number of hidden cave entrances around the world that can only be found by following the clues in various ancient texts. It’s easy enough to get in but escaping is far more difficult! More often it’s spirits that break free rather than monstrous physical entities!

The physical structure of the Underworld first came into existence 252 million years ago. It’s a material manifestation of the angst ridden bowels of Goddess Gaia Mother Nature. Something that occurred when her spontaneous birth as Earth’s soul caused a mass extinction! However she quickly corrected Gods evolution program in her own unique way. Some millions of years later the Devil, and his demons came to Earth amid the age of dinosaurs. They began tinkering with the evolution process adding paranormal elements that included the birth of purely physical low level demons. They even created their own race of reptilian humanoids. The infamous meteor hit that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago was a first volley in a fight to drive the demons, and their creations underground into the Underworld. An act to make way for the creation of humanity. The Devil, and his original fallen Angels, went back to their first stop on the fall from Heaven. That being their five to six dimensional spiritual Hell. They then created the direct connection with the Underworld. The rest of the demonic creatures began carving out a life in the Underworld. However some would escape every so often.

With each passing epoch of pre-history more nature Gods, and Goddesses came into existence. Some falling toward the force of darkness that drew them to the Underworld. They generally stuck to the upper levels of the caverns, and were only partially welcomed by the low level demons that resided much deeper. As human civilization took shape a major explosion of deities came into existence via the power of the human collective consciousness. A greater number of dark Underworld Gods, and Goddesses flocked forth from cultures around the world. Quite a few claiming human souls as their own before that of Heaven. In essence a hijacking of the natural afterlife process. Eventually the Demons, and Earthly Gods went to war over control of the Underworld. It seemed the demons were to win until the Archangels of Heaven agreed to lend a one time hand in exchange for allowing the majority of human souls to pass into the Heavenly afterlife.

Even after the dark Gods had command of most of the Underworld, the various factions fought among themselves. Eventually they carved up sections for each other, and respected the boundaries via supernatural treaties. This included Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic, Chinese, and a plethora of other deities worshiped by their respective cultures. In most cases they welcomed the terrifying creatures that lie within including Dragons. Even various demons were allowed to work among the Gods. Particularly if they shared similar dark goals.

Currently the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus, under Zeus ,are the strongest faction of Gods. They are partnered with a number of other Godly factions around the world in preparation for the War Of Armageddon. Zeus has been the most charismatic, and prolific God in marshalling paranormal power despite the deeply dwindled worship among humans. His Dark God Hades is the current King Of The Underworld with Persephone acting as the Dark Queen. The Egyptian God Osiris is the Dark Prince Of The Underworld. The Norse Goddess Hel, Daughter of the notorious God Loki, is the Dark Princess Of The Underworld. These positions are based on how much power each deity wields rather than any type of voting process. In order to prevent further conflicts with the Demons Of Hell, the Devil holds the title Emperor Of The Underworld just as he is the Emperor of Hell. Although he rarely exercises that title, and simply only asks that the Underworld allow free unimpeded access to demons. He realizes that keeping the peace is necessary so he can direct his dark forces on ventures that will lead him to victory in the upcoming battles of Armageddon.

Virtually every planet that had, has, or will have intelligent life contains its own version of the Underworld. After All the Devil, and his demons are higher dimensional beings that can be on multiple worlds, and Universes at the same time. Some connect to the metaphysical Hell while others may not. Particularly on worlds where the forces of good have completely dominated things!

Interesting Note: The Hollow Earth Theory has its true origins in the Underworld.


What Are The Akashic Records?

Akashic RecordsThe Akashic Records are the master multi-dimensional information storage library of our entire reality which includes every parallel Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse, and all higher dimensions to infinity,and beyond!  It goes by infinite names in the never ending realities of the greater Macroverse (Everything That Is). On Earth it is known as the Akashic Records courtesy of our ancient ancestors who discovered it. The Akashic Library is considered the Universal Library that contains every work of fiction & non-fiction ever written by every sapient being, all programming information for everything in existence, and a recorded copy of all living souls including their complete life of experiences, knowledge, and emotions. It is considered the information center of the Gods since Gods exist to create Universes, play out all mathematical scenarios in a benevolent manner, and collect every bit of information they can. Information is power, and it’s one method by which higher dimensional beings ascend to the next plane of reality.  The Akashic Records are considered a natural trait in the minds of high level Gods who create the reality we live in.  It’s thought that ultimately it originates from the one infinite Macroverse God who always existed.  It’s the very information collection neural communications network of God himself!

The Akashic Records exist in every higher dimensional plane of existence starting at the 5th dimension on up to infinity.  Each dimensional level is considered a floor in the library composed of vibrational light energy that can be read by any sapient being who has gained the wisdom, and power to access it.  Each successive level is exponentially more difficult to reach than the other.  Humans, and supernatural beings have accessed this library of light through meditative Astral Projection into the 5th dimension Astral Plane where a library of four dimensional light energy is considered the first level.  However they rarely gain full access, or at least any major level of access. It’s said that any person who gains enough informational access can leave their biological body behind, and ascend as an enlightened 4-D God like metaphysical energy being.  Any civilization collectively tapping into the library of enlightenment will see great leaps in their technology, and will ascend to the 5th dimension as a race of Gods, and Goddesses. Those judged worthy after they die will find some of their parallel Afterlives spent studying at the Akashic Records Library amid a paradise of information with their loved ones. Only when their knowledge is complete can they ascend to the 6th dimension.

It is rumored that somewhere in every Universe a physical 3-D version of the library exists on one or more planets.  This version would be limited yet would still be the most insanely huge library in existence.  It may even take up an entire planet in some cases.  In the future it may compose entire star systems, galaxies, and even the entire Universe may become one vast network of informational light. Here on Earth our various secret supernatural magic schools have texts transcribed from the library by current Master Astral Projectors, psychics, seers, and mystics along with ancient documents quelled from the higher dimensional library.  The largest Akashic Record collection on Earth is the New Library Of Alexandria located within the elite ultra secretive magic school known as The Egyptian Order Of The Pyramid located deep beneath the Egyptian sands!  The second largest is located at the McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences in Scotland.  At these schools master scholars have been known to spend many hours in their astral energy bodies walking the great higher dimensional light information halls collecting as much knowledge as possible for recording on paper, or digital media.  Unfortunately a great deal of data transfers to the sub-consciousness mind rather than staying at the conscious surface.  This is a product of our physical programming to prevent us from ascending out of our Earthly prison which would severely cut off our information recording purpose for the Gods, and our higher dimensional selves as well.

It’s thought that the Biblical Tree Of Knowledge Of Good & Evil in the Garden Of Eden and the Book Of Life have direct computer tablet like access to the Akashic Records in a magical form.  The Egyptian Book Of The Dead is said to have some limited access.  The Tree Of Knowledge is actually considered an access port for the soul of our planet Goddess Gaia, aka Mother Earth.  It’s said anyone partaking of the fruit will gain unlimited knowledge, and ascend to higher dimensional Godhood immediately.  Since the Bible was manipulated by human writers we don’t have the full story so the jury is out on what happened to Adam, and Eve after they ate from the tree.  In addition we believe the Tree Of Life is real as well, and would grant anyone immortality who ate from it! Again another manifestation of Goddess Gaia’s immortal soul. Ancient scrolls, and various mystical seers confirm that the Book Of Life is real, and was the only true creation of the Omniverse Gods.  One such book exists as a gift on every planet with sapient beings. More or less it’s a registry of every sapient being who has, or will exist on any given planet.  It contains all the information they collected in their lifetimes including programs to recreate or in essence resurrect them!  Unfortunately it is often misinterpreted, squandered, falls into the wrong hands, and is either destroyed or lost in the sands of time!  Even with such a book in hand it takes the right people to utilize it to better humankind.

Everyone has a chance to access the Akashic Records because each of us is connected to it like a computer network.  We’re uploading everything we know, and a informational back-up copy of ourselves to our higher dimensional incarnations, and the Library, at every time increment, aka Planck Length.  Sometimes when we dream we’re unknowingly downloading data from the library.  It’s said that problems solved in our dreams come from the Akashic Library, our higher dimensional self, or the connection to our parallel Universe self who found the solution.  The great minds throughout history are often more vibrationally in tune on a subconscious level to their parallel selves, or the Akashic Repository Of Universal Knowledge.  Mastery of Lucid Dreaming, and then the Astral Projection arts, is key to you accessing this library of knowledge, and ultimately the power to be truly free!

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Mastering the art of Quantum Jumping, or accessing your enlightened Parallel Universe selves, may lead to your eventual access of the Akashic Records!

What Is The Bermuda Triangle?

What Is The Devil’s Triangle?
Atlantic Ocean Bermuda Devils TriangleThe Bermuda Triangle, also known as The Devil’s Triangle, is one of the most powerful publicly known paranormal places on Earth! One of many triangle shaped locations exuding intense electromagnetic, and metaphysical energies. The general shape of a triangle often represents two metaphysical forces converging with each other, or three forces becoming one as in the Holy Trinity. It is said to be the first 2-D geometric shape the Macroverse God created.  When his pure line of logical intelligence met his pure force of emotion for the first time spawning reality itself in his mind.  That origin of all paranormal power is everlasting in strength throughout eternity, and beyond!  A power always attempting to be captured by humans, extraterrestrials, higher dimensional beings, and practitioners of magic via the triangle, or a combination of said shape such as in the case of the supernaturally dynamic Pyramid, Tetrahedron, and Merkaba.

The Bermuda Triangle is known as a swath of supernatural sea in the Atlantic Ocean with Miami, San Juan(Puerto Rico), and Bermuda as the three vertices.  It’s namesake is derived from Bermuda being the apex of the triangle.  The Devil’s Triangle moniker comes not only from the fact that numerous people, boats, and planes disappeared there but also it’s notorious nature of being a haven for demon worshipers who focus the seemingly unholy powers of the Triangle for their own nefarious plots.  Not to mention the fact that the area is an infamous source for violent storms, and hurricanes.  The Triangle has even been known to manifest varying levels of insanity in certain individuals.  In those with particularly weak minds demonic possession is a very real danger within the ominous invisible wall of the triangle of damnation!

In actuality the entire Devil’s Zone is a Triangular Prism that extends from the ocean floor Bermuda Plane Hellwell into the skies above.  Studies indicate that the Prisms force begins to deplete within the stratosphere.  Some of terrifying Triangles mystical energies are deflected back to the surface while the rest is absorbed by the atmosphere, and dispersed harmlessly by merciful Mother Earth. The metaphysical maelstrom within this paranormal prism has it’s ultimate source on the ocean floor courtesy of three crystal pyramids of unknown origin. Gargantuan undersea pyramids far greater in size than those at Giza in Egypt! Some speculate they were created by an unknown ancient Earth civilization, extraterrestrials, or perhaps even higher dimensional beings.  Beings who were looking to tap into the massive raw supernatural energy of Mother Earth Goddess Gaia, aka the soul of our planet generated spontaneously due to the amazing symbiotic diversity of life within her biosphere.  Massive metaphysical energies too exponential for anyone but a God her equal, or greater to harness!

Whatever the origin of the trinity of crystal pyramids they are unable to contain the Goddess Gaia’s powers.  Hence the turmoil in the Triangular Prism of doom!  Various supernatural scientists, seers, psychics, and mystics have verified that indeed the pyramids are somehow tapping into the power of our Earths very soul!  The spots they were built on were thought to be Goddess Gaia’s metaphysical manifestation of eyes with the Bermuda apex being her Third Eye. In essence the pyramids are blindfolding her which might explain why she doesn’t do more to end the destruction of her planet nor seems to be active even in the higher dimensions of reality. Could this be like the dinosaur meteor strike? A piece of the planetary puzzle to make room for the evolution of humankind, and the growth of modern civilization? A planetary Goddess like Gaia with access to the enchanted energy of billions of souls should be a major power player in our Galaxy if not the entire Universe!  Destruction of all three pyramids might be the key for the Goddess to return to her former glory, and paradise to reign supreme on Earth!

Undersea Atlantic Crystal PyramidThe pyramids were originally cloaked but whatever magics, or technology controlling them has recently begun to malfunction causing random cloaking, and uncloaking.  This perhaps indicates that the builders of the pyramids no longer lie within.  Alternative media have reported on various occasions the detection of one or two pyramids (see video below).  The third one closest to the power apex of Bermuda remains cloaked the majority of the time.  However it’s been spotted phasing in and out of view every month or so. Despite detection of these paranormal pyramids by various supernatural organizations nobody has been able to get near the sinister structures.  If the dangers of the Bermuda Triangle doesn’t take them then the insane electromagnetic, and metaphysical forces emanating forth repel them with a vengeance!

Even the Mermaids of Atlantis located almost directly in between the island of Bermuda, and the Azores, cannot get near the crystal pyramids.  However the great pre-Mermaid human civilization on the now lost continent of Atlantis was founded to capture the energies coming from the Bermuda apex via a system of crystal Obelisks.  Energies the Mermaids still utilize to this day for various things including the cloaking of their own secret undersea civilization.  Naturally the Mermaids keep their enchanted energy grid of Obelisks cloaked from the human world.

Not only do these pyramids pre-date Atlantis but also the first great civilization of humankind known as Lemuria.that existed approximately 78,000 years ago!  Could the Devil’s Triangle name actually be derived from the first great civilization on Earth?  A species of sapient bipedal reptiles that evolved from Dinosaurs by the guiding hand of the Devil himself millions of years ago?  A diabolical species that eventually left Earth after the meteor strike causing the mass dinosaur extinction. A meteor some say was sent to Earth on purpose by higher dimensional beings to make way for the eventual evolution of the human species.

There are a number of reasons why ships, and planes disappear in the Bermuda Devils-Triangle-Demonic-Sea-BehemothTriangle.  The most common are the unusually strong electromagnetic forces causing erratic readings on navigation instruments that can lead to plane crashes, and boats getting lost at sea. There’s also freak localized storms manifesting along with whirlpools sucking ships down into the murky depths! The dynamic energies of the region have unfortunately attracted many sea monsters, and entities of evil who see ships of humans as prey.  Some of the violent whirlpools have been theorized as being demonic deep sea behemoths surviving from the age of dinosaurs!  Rumored captures of boats, and ships from mid-air, by denizens of darkness for the purposes of demonic sacrificial rituals have been reported as well. Despicable murders taking place on specially constructed sea platforms protected by magical spells from the rough, and rocky ocean.  In some cases mystical portholes have been created by demons, other evil entities, and even dark practitioners of magic to quickly steal away vessels, and people to meet their makers in dark den of diabolical damnation!

Extraterrestrials, such as The Greys, also seem to enjoy abducting people within the Bermuda Triangle for a plethora of perplexing purposes.  Clearly they have the technology to navigate, and survive the Devil’s domain as we’ve never heard of an alien vessel falling prey to it.  Various readings by paranormal investigative organizations indicate the opening of random natural portholes in sea, and air.  Portholes leading to any number of places in space, time, parallel realities, dimensions, and even higher planes of existence. Perhaps a good number of those lost in the Triangle survived ending up in another time, and place. There is even a suggestion that some of the missing vehicles, and people end up inside the crystal pyramids powering the Triangle in a state of eternal stasis for unknown reasons.  Possibly acting as a living museum for the history of our planet?

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Whatever the true mystery behind the Bermuda Devil’s Triangle is we surely know it is a danger to us all! A place for both humans, and even those with supernatural powers to avoid.  Those risking entry in this Prism Of Peril by aircraft, boat, and submarine can only hope fate or a higher force guides them through the metaphysical maze of magical vanishing acts alive!  We can only have faith that the perplexing pyramids don’t suffer a major malfunction to the point of engulfing the whole Earth within it’s wayward wrath!  A planet plunged into an apocalypse of eternal nightmares!

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