What Are Zombies?

ZombiesZombies are former humans who have become members of the living dead courtesy of the notorious zombie virus! They are mindless cannibalistic killing machines without a human soul. Naturally this frees the former human soul that inhabited the body from any moral repercussions of the zombies murderous actions! Zombies are merely rotting human corpses with just an inkling of instinct to drive their horrifying existence onward. Like vampires they are composed out of a unique type of paranormal cancer like cell which is the main reason for their immortality, or rather their potential immortality since their flesh decays to nothing in a matter of years. In the case of zombies their cells are closer to actual human cancer which causes cellular necrosis. This makes their biological structures unstable as opposed to a vampire’s stable cell matrix. Both supernatural beings are powered by a virus. In the cases of vampires they require blood to quell the viruses negative effects while zombies require fresh human flesh! The virus then rewards them with a surge of metaphysical energy when properly fueled. Read The Rest Of The Horrifying Story On Our Main Website…

Do Humans Who Regularly Fight Supernatural Beings Grow Stronger?

Winchester Brothers SupernaturalPerhaps you’ve watched the show “Supernatural” and wondered how Cryptid Hunters like Sam and Dean Winchester always seem to hold their own with a plethora of paranormals who should be far more physically powerful than themselves. That includes biological form Angels, and Demons! It’s true there is a history of them attaining temporary powers in various storylines so it’s plausible some of that power has lingered in some way. Or it could even be that the God of their reality has helped them. Overall however there is a confident determination to beat down all adversaries of righteousness!  An undying belief in one’s own abilities, and dedication to a just cause can increase the power of one’s soul which in turn supplies more metaphysical energy to the physical body.

Humans without powers, or magical abilities, who go up against supernatural beings are the bravest breed there is!  Even being a bodybuilder, or martial arts master doesn’t guarantee you’ll live when dealing with vampires, zombies, werewolves, solid form poltergeists, and all manner of monsters!  However based on our own experiences here at Mystic Investigations, where we are battling the dark forces of evil every day, we have to say that we are stronger than the average human!  In fact there have been supernatural studies of various paranormal investigations, and crime fighting firms that show such humans as being stronger, faster, and more agile than even a professional athlete, or combat soldier. One reason is the constant challenge of going up against superior opponents. However many paranormal beings, including non-corporeal entities, have strong metaphysical energy auras that play a role in their super abilities. The same energy channeled through our Chakra’s connecting us to our own metaphysical energy spirit forms in the higher dimensions above.  Exercising, and maintaining one’s Chakra’s has been shown to dramatically improve health, and energy.

When in proximity to true supernatural beings, including ghosts & poltergeists, a human’s own aura absorbs the super charged metaphysical energy giving them an energy boost during an intense battle. In essence inadvertent enchanted energy Jujutsu using the superior opponents energy against themselves! Perhaps Mother Nature’s way to help even the odds for humans.  If this supernatural energy is absorbed on a regular basis it cleans out the Chakra’s, strengthens the soul, and flows throughout the body greatly increasing physical prowess, and even enhances senses! There are even healing, and anti-aging benefits to keep Supernatural Hunters in top shape while other humans have withered into a weak geriatric state. That being said the effect is far less than it could potentially be since it’s evil energy most of the time. The human soul usually cleanses, and neutralizes it unless the entity is beyond powerful. Then such energies can have negative effects! Maximum supercharging can occur when in proximity to a good ghost, Angel, or holy being of righteousness.

In addition humans in the world of the paranormal who happen to know practitioners of magic can benefit further from spells, and rituals to amass physical prowess.  However this is only to the limit their physical form can take since top flight mystical practitioners are generally born with the ability to withstand the raw awesome powers of the massive mystical energies circulating throughout their biological form. Human taking on the forces of darkness, and dipping into the magics may need more sleep than the average human since essential body & soul regeneration take place during REM dream sleep.

It’s said that humans who have consistently battled paranormal beings for their entire adult life end up being in their prime physically, and mentally at about age 45. This also takes into account the fantastical fighting skills they’ve acquired over the decades. A slow minimal decline may begin after 55 years of age but a 65 year old supernatural warrior could easily beat the ever loving hell out of a physically fit human in their early 20’s!  Odds are if you’ve witnessed such a sight then that supposed senior citizen is in fact a courageous champion of justice who combats the despicable denizens of darkness!

Sinister Swamp Monsters

Do Plant-Humanoid Hybrids Exist?
Swamp MonsterSwamps are known to have large concentrations of life amid it’s forested wetlands. In some places there is a virtual primordial soup of biological, natural, and unnatural chemical processes taking place along with the programmed hand of the evolutionary Gods, and Goddesses. Within the green algae laden waters we often find a plethora of paranormal life. Especially when the waters are brackish in nature. In particular we note the notorious Swamp Monsters which have been used to label a number of Cryptids born of the supernatural soup, and/or call it their home. Many of which have been chronicled in fictional media whether completely manufactured from one’s imagination, or based on a true supernatural story.  For reasons unknown Swamps are ground zero for unique plant based beings of a sinister sort. Although the swamps can also be home to various reptilian, amphibian, and fish based monsters as well!

Animal-Plant Hybrids
When speaking of Swamp Monsters in the paranormal world we are most often referring to Animal-Plant Hybrids(technically only animal in appearance), or Plant Humanoids that may even possess sapient intelligence. In the natural evolutionary process both animals, and plants evolved separately from a common single celled ancestor billions of years ago. Amazingly there is only one true Animal-Plant Hybrid known to the mainstream scientific community. That being the Green Sea Slug that actually produces chlorophyll through photosynthesis. It gained this ability by pilfering the genes of Algae rather than coming from a long line of Plant-Animal Hybrids. In addition various top secret labs around the world are tinkering with the melding of plant, animal, and human DNA to breed a new generation of interesting, if not monstrously alien, entities upon our Earth!  In some cases coming up with sentient animated plants such as the ones seen in the video game Plants vs Zombies. So if such beings as this can exist then what about a 100% plant based creature that displays the mobile characteristics of an animal, and even the intelligence of a humanoid?

Various creatures created from the primordial paranormal swamp soup have increased dramatically since the 1950’s with an exponential boost in the 21st century. This is mainly due to the addition of human chemical, and radioactive pollutants.  However these creatures have always existed as a minority evolving within the protective microenvironments of the swamps murky waters that also imbue the air with a smorgasbord of transformative gasses. The most highly evolved Swamp Monsters are fantastical flora that swim about like fish, walk on all fours, or even possess bipedal locomotion with a humanoid form.  These bipedal swamp monsters are the ones paranormal investigators, and supernatural crime fighters deal with the most!  This is due to the fact that they can venture outside of the swamp for a time wreaking havoc on innocent humans!  Thankfully most swamp monsters can only survive in their home environment that is almost akin to an extraterrestrial world in some places.

These humanoid Swamp Monsters often reach well over 7 feet tall with weights in the 500+Swamp Monster pounds range!  They’re usually composed of dense muscular like plant cells with various foliage dangling off them. Their outer form is rarely smooth. Sometimes they’re called the Flora Sasquatch, or the Bigfoot of the Swamps.  Oddly enough they often have a Venus Fly Trap like instinct to consume animal flesh. Even if that means humans!  Only a rare few possess a human like intelligence that can lead to direct diabolical disasters! These dangerously smart supernaturals are often escaped lab experiments. Although it has been long rumoured there is a race of swampy plant people lurking about in dense wetlands around the world! Unfortunately we have yet to run across any that are friendly!  This is ironic considering plant life is thought of as the stoic staple of peace on our planet. Enchanted entities that survive by soaking up sunlight energy. Clearly the creation of a full fledged plant brain results in something different, and often negative!  Perhaps that’s why they are so rare in Mother Nature. They’re able to survive in extremely low numbers due to their long lived nature that is aided by the regenerative swamp soups they wade within. Plausibly some Swamp Monsters may be Immortal in this regard.  Certainly plants remain alive even after being cut off from their soil or water based homes.

Take care, and be on alert when exploring various swamps since these often green monsters blend very well amid the dark shadows of the foliage. They’re most often spotted when sunning themselves on shores, and logs alongside mostly indifferent Turtles.  This shows that they have a kinship with some animals while others they devour ferociously with glee! Theoretically they should be peaceful creatures who survive solely via photosynthesis. However it’s thought their large form along with their enhanced strength, speed, agility,and senses require more energy than the chlorophyll on their outer body can soak up from the sun.  So they must resort to large amounts of animal protein to survive, and thrive. Instinctual behaviour that makes them deadly apex predators! Swamp Monsters have been known to easily wrestle an alligator into submission, and devour it within hours utilizing their interestingly ultra sharp petrified wood jaws!  In the process of fighting wild beasts they may find their limbs torn off but the plant matter always grows back rather quickly. Especially after gorging on a huge meal, and being exposed to full sunlight for the right period of time.

When faced with plant based Swamp Monsters strong herbicides, and large sharp implements are the way to go! Bullets tend get lodged in their dense flora structure, or even bounce off at times. Chain saws are especially effective at sheering these terrifying beasts down!  If captured simply depriving them of water will eventually dry them out into a desiccated catatonic state.  Often being submerged in water revives them if too much time hasn’t passed. Deprivation of sunlight also weakens them causing their green form to wither, and turn brown, or gray in color.  Fire is generally not effective since they have so much water absorbed within their cells. All you end up doing it burning off some dryer hanging stems,and leaves on their outer skin.  That in turn makes them extremely mad!  Of course a good spray down with gasoline might be the great equalizer in such cases where flames are the only option.  In addition religious artifacts such as crosses, holy water, etc have no effect since most of these blasphemous beasts aren’t demonic based.

Despite all this you may by some fluke find benevolent beings completely composed of flora.  All manner of evil entities always has that one good apple mixed in with the rotten scum! There are also certain Swamp, and Plant Nymphs, Fairies, and other nature deities who may phase into our reality in a semi to complete flora form. These Goddesses have been known to create their own paranormal plant pets scurrying about underfoot!  Heck maybe one is even in your house as we speak!