Do Vampires Sleep?

Sleeping VampYes Vampires do indeed sleep among us.  And no they don’t sleep in coffins.  No self-respecting vampire would be caught in a casket! Although the infamous Dracula has been known to lie in a casket for theatrical purposes when messing with humans. The reasons for their supernatural slumber are mostly different from that of humans.  Humans sleep because they grow tired, and weaker until they succumb to a loss of consciousness.  Human sleep is needed for cell regeneration, energy restoration, and mental recharging.  When deprived of sleep for a long enough time humans will turn into monstrous creatures! Vampires on the other hand do not get tired by merely never sleeping.  Although they may tire if engaged in challenging combat.  Even then they will bounce back quickly without slinking into slumber.  If substantially injured they may sleep but this is often due to a temporary inability to function properly.  Such as missing limbs or huge chunks of their body being destroyed.  Sleep doesn’t seem to have any positive or negative effect on the physical living dead processes of a vampire.  This isn’t surprising since as a general rule immortal beings don’t require sleep in the same way mortal humans do.

The Dreams Of A Vampire
Cryptozoologists have noted that vampires can go crazy without sleep so a certain amount of dormancy is required to maintain their mental and perhaps even emotional state.  It’s estimated that they probably only need a few hours of sleep each day but some sleep quite a bit more than that.  This stems from the fact that sometimes there’s not much to do when confined indoors all day long in order to avoid the deadly scorching rays of the holy sun.  Once asleep they have amazingly real vivid dreams that far surpass anything the average human experiences.  Most of their dazzling dreams are lucid and they have complete control to live out various fantasies.  Vampires also enter a higher state of consciousness that accesses the vampire collective consciousness. There they may psychically communicate, and interact with vampires from around the world within their dream world.  Particularly ones they know and especially those they are related to through the master sire who brought them across to into the dark eternal shadows.  Often they partake of murderous blood thirsty dream scenarios they could never get away with in our modern world without mass exposure. Since vampires have some degree of telepathic powers, they sometimes enter the dreams of human prey they’ve been stalking.  Either to torment them or in an effort to hypnotically seduce them in advance of revealing themselves to their victim.

Vampire Vulnerably While Sleeping
While sleeping are vulnerable when in a deep dream state.  Either to human attack or demon possession. Such demon possession is rare, and must be done with the permission of the demon who fathered any given line of vampires. Generally it is that demon who possesses the vampire for the purposes of fulfilling a mission in our physical world rather than looking to corrupt souls.  Since sleep vulnerability varies depending on vampire age and power, we recommend not attempting to take down a vampire just because he or she is asleep.  Well unless you bathe the room in sunlight or dump a bucket of garlic oil on them while quickly throwing a holy flame lit torch!

What Is The Life Expectancy Of Zombies?

Zombie GirlThe average true supernatural Zombie will live up to 7 years if it feeds upon human flesh regularly. The paranormal zombie virus that intertwines with human DNA transmutes cells into living dead structures somewhat akin to cancer cells. The zombification virus digests consumed human flesh into metaphysical energy. This is the energy that feeds the virus thereby slowing down the rate of cellular necrosis.  If the zombie ingests little or no human flesh then it will completely decay into a skeleton within 3 years or less depending on a variety of environmental factors.  Once the brain has sufficiently decayed it will cease moving. Mystical intervention by a practitioner of magic can prolong a zombies life indefinitely.  Such zombies act as mindless minions to wreak havoc on behalf of these nefarious witches, warlocks, wizards, dark priests, and sorcerers.

Do Zombies Ever Sleep?

zombie-asleepTechnically they don’t sleep nor do they need to sleep since they’re dead.  However a zombie hoard will stop after a certain amount of time with their heads hanging down while remaining motionless if no prey is present.  Zombies that wander off alone will eventually collapse, and appear truly dead if no prey or other zombies are seen after a period of time.  However they’ll pop back up again the minute they smell or hear any humans, animals, or zombies.  Sometimes weather conditions including a brisk wind will get them animated again.  Never assume that a motionless zombie lying on the ground is harmless.  Destroy the brain, and ask questions later!

On a related note I’m half zombie, and I only sleep 3-4 hours a night.  Clearly that’s all my human half needs despite the average adult requiring 7-8 hours of sleep per night.