What Are Genies, Jinn, And Djinn?

Genies are magically confined members of a race of beings known as Jinn. Jinn are immortal indestructible creatures created before humans and after Angels. Long before the concept of biological matter ever existed.¬† In fact they were created before the existence of any physical Universe as we know it. They exist in an indescribable realm in the same space as ours that is out of sync with our space-time so they and their Universe are not visible to us and ours is not visible to them.¬† Ancient texts state that they are composed of “Smokeless Flame” or “Scorching Fire”.¬† However this might be ancient mans way of describing that they’re made of light and energy fused together with the fundamental forces of the Universe.¬† In a way they’re like natural holograms which makes them similar to the supernatural beings known as “Travelers“.¬† Although Travelers are almost always Angels or former humans who have reached the peak of free will.

Since Jinn are not composed of biological matter, it’s not as easy to deceive them about the state of their reality in order to keep them grounded in their Universe to lead their predestined lives. Jinn eventually access the pure thought that composes all reality and escape their Universe while phasing into ours. This always results in great havoc!¬† Their powers of pure thought allowed them great magical abilities in our world.¬† Attempts to destroy them with various magics failed as they proved to be indestructible.¬† Ancient sorcerers and wizards from secret ancient civilizations pre-dating Mesopotamia, devised magical lamps and bottles to trap the Jinn. These magical prisons, composed of gold, silver, and alloys of known & unknown elements, were then placed in a special temple.¬† However it was found that over time the tricky Jinn were able to use the power of pure thought, which is also the real foundation of magic, to escape their mystical confines.¬† Further magics were imbued upon the lamps and bottles with the help of Angelic forces. Forces who revealed that in order to keep the Jinn confined they must be released every so often in a controlled manner.¬† This controlled manner resulted in the granting of wishes.¬† In addition a powerful spell keeping them in a fantasy reality within their prison distracts them from trying to escape.¬† After this took place the trapped Jinn officially became the Genies we know of today.¬† Read The Rest Of The Story…


Who Is Shadow Man?

Shadow Man is a Shadow Specter that appears as a terrifyingly huge dark figure with glowing eyes of varying colors that often appears in the dead of night. Usually only in rural areas where it is foggy. A mysterious light appears in back of him as he seems to do a mime act as if trapped behind a wall of glass. He is generally harmless and is only looking to scare people thereby feeding off their fear. He is, in fact, a powerful Djinn, or Arch-Jinn, that phased into our dimension many millennia ago. Jinn are higher dimensional beings often considered more powerful than demons! When trapped in special magical lamps or bottles they become wish granting Genies. The purpose of the wishes to to safely expel enchanted energies that build up within a Jinn over time in our reality.

Ancient scrolls indicate that Shadow Man may have in fact been a former leader of the Jinn in a higher dimension. He came to Earth to battle the Devil himself for evil supremacy. However, it was actually a deceptive trick of his Djinn rival who is the current leader of the Jinn named Iblis Shaytan. While the leader was away Shaytan took command and made the entire Earth into the worlds first Genie Lamp. This was before the time humankind had knowledge of how to trap Jinn. He trapped his rival here slightly out of phase with our reality with the blessing of some Dark Underworld Gods who wanted to tap into his power.

Shadow Man continually fights to not have his power siphoned and will appear in the Witching Hour through the crack of dawn when his power is at its peak. Theoretically one could ask him for three wishes and he’d have to grant them against his will. However, we would advise against opening the door to him as he could not otherwise hurt you. Genies often twist wishes to harm people! If nobody was regularly taking power away from this Genie then there would be a paranormal power overload that could blow up the entire Earth! Some nefarious figures have looked for a way to create a Doomsday Device via magic tapping into Shadow Man. Hopefully, this apocalyptic scenario will never take place!

What Three Wishes Can’t A Genie Grant?

Of course, Genies are the legendary and most famous of supernatural wish granters in all the Universe! They are the nefarious Jinn from another dimension who are bottled or lamped up by the forces of good to protect our reality. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to return stubborn Jinn to their own plane of existence. Not to mention they are nearly impossible to kill! So trapping them becomes the only option.¬† Any person who releases a¬†Genie¬†from their lamp or bottle becomes the Master who is granted three wishes. ¬†After that is complete the Genie is forced back into their tiny prison once again.

Their granting of wishes is simply a scenario to be played out in the grand mathematical scheme of things within the mind of the Omniverse¬†God.¬† Also, Jinn have enormous metaphysical energies within them, and the wish-granting releases that power in a safe controlled manner so it doesn’t build up to explosive levels.¬† If a Genie bottle or lamp isn’t activated by a Master in 1000 years then the Genie builds up enough explosive power to escape! They are no longer bound to the bottle or lamp. However, they may be trapped again by a Genie Hunter or Jinnologist.

Genies are known as one of the few paranormal beings who can grant just about any wish.  Others include Angels, Demons, and some Earthly Gods.  However, there are always limits.  Wishes that would affect things on a large scale, including the planet, or Universe, cause the wisher to be sent to a Parallel Universe where their wish is a reality.   Beyond that, there are three wishes nobody is allowed to make. A Genie is magically bound to never grant these wishes under the Universal authority of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact.  They are as follows:

The Three Wishes A Genie Cannot Grant
1.) You cannot wish anyone directly dead. The Genie can’t kill people. However, you can wish to go to a parallel Universe where a particular person died, or never existed, to begin with.
2.) You cannot wish to be a higher dimensional being such as a God, Angel, Demon, Genie, etc.¬† However, you can wish to change places with the Genie to free them thereby damning yourself to eternal imprisonment, and intermittent servitude.¬† Also, you can wish to be biological paranormal beings in this dimension.¬† This may include being a superhuman, an immortal,¬†vampire, werewolf, zombie, fairy, leprechaun, etc.¬† This doesn’t include certain unique beings like Santa Claus who is half Angel, or some other fractional form of a higher dimensional being. Consult your Genie for more information. They must tell you the truth but at the same time, they don’t have to volunteer any or all information.
3.) You cannot wish for more wishes otherwise known as Infinite Wishes.¬† You also can’t cheat by making your three wishes, disposing of the bottle or lamp, and then reclaiming it again.¬† Nobody can become a “Master” a second time with the same Genie. And even if by some astronomical fluke you found another Genie, Universal rules would cause them to reject you! Three wishes are your limit for life! ¬†You can, however, wish the Genie to be your servant for life making you a perpetual master.

The Genie’s magic is then confined to menial tasks such as cleaning up your home, making you dinner, repairing things, etc.¬† So in a way, you can get infinite wishes but they’re not anything that great.¬† Of course, you are saving time, and money every day.¬† Many people don’t know about this loophole. The Genie will tell you what three wishes you can’t make but he or she¬†will not share the “Servant Clause” with you because they loathe the servant scenario most of all.¬† They’d rather be trapped alone in their prison for hundreds of years than serve you for life. ¬†At least in their bottle, they can manufacture a rather realistic dream world to live in.

Twisted Wishes
Now you know how to fully utilize your wishes if you’re lucky enough to happen upon a Genie in your lifetime. Just remember to carefully word your wishes because Genies are notorious for twisting your words¬†in a diabolical way.¬† For instance, we have the quintessential wish for money. If you just ask for a billion dollars then it could very well be stolen from a bank or even worse dangerous criminals! There was a notorious case some years ago where the money came from a major drug cartel and a hit was placed on the person. They were forced to use their last wish to save their life! There’s also an issue if someone discovers you all the sudden have this money and the IRS becomes involved along with other governmental agencies investigating you!

Even wishing for simple immortality can put you into situations of perpetual never-ending hell! Such as you get locked away somewhere for centuries. Genies wishes have a nasty way of bringing bad luck your way. That is why adding a phrase like,”I make this wish with good luck”, is essential to having things turn out in your favor. You need to spend several days, if not weeks, studying your wishes to think of every possible consequence or twist that could be perpetrated upon you. Then word everything perfectly. There’s no time limit on wishes. In fact, if you die before making them they are still in play in the great beyond. In other words, you can wish to be brought back to life! It’s always prudent to leave one wish unused just in case you screw up and need to undo it.

We recommend contacting a reputable paranormal investigations firm or Genie specialist before making these wishes.¬† In ancient times people didn’t have such help but in modern times you can turn to paranormal professionals to guide you through the perils of making wishes with unruly angry Genies who detest their forced confinement to bottles, and lamps.¬† Feel free to reply to this post with any Genie related questions.¬†Learn More About Genies & Jinn

Those who came here under the search term “wish you all genies” must realize you can’t wish everyone was a Genie because that violates number two above.¬† You can wish somebody was something else but that would simply transport you to a parallel Universe where that person is that way already.¬† For instance, you can say that you wish everyone on Earth was a vampire, and then you’d be transported to a parallel Earth where everyone is, in fact, a vampire.¬† Perhaps there was a major vampire uprising, and the planet was overrun¬†with every human ending up transformed or dead. The quintessential Vampire Apocalypse!¬†

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