What’s The Tower Of Christmas Past?

The Tower Of Christmas Past is the tallest structure at North Pole City. It is built around a temporal anomaly. A literal upside down time tornado has been slowly forming over the centuries due to the ever growing power of the Spirit Of Christmas along with a number of magically convergent factors unique to Santa’s winter wonderland. It’s thought that Santa Claus’s holy Angelic energies along with the magnetism of the North Pole initially set it off. Around the 1600’s a noticeable time distortion began taking place that was kept in line via Enochian Angel magic. However by 1852 it could no longer be contained in this way. This came to fruition during what is known as the North Pole Time Event. Several time frames began overlapping causing chaos and temporal paradoxes at the North Pole. The solution was the building of the Tower Of Christmas Past to contain the vexing vortex. The Tower was built in the shape of a Christmas tree with a lit star on top that dissipates any excess energies that might jeopardize the super structure.  Most of the Tower is made of supernatural glass with a metaphysical matter metal framework. All of which is lit with Christmas lights that can change colors. Read The Rest Of The Christmas Past Tower Story On Our Christmas Blog…

Krampus Takes Down The Anti-Claus!

Krampus by Jakub Różalski

When most people gaze upon the horrifying image above they probably think that’s Santa Claus being attacked by the monstrous Krampus. A diabolical Krampus who then sets his illuminated eyes of evil upon some helpless kids! However, the devilish depiction is not what you think! That Santa is actually Claude Claus, aka the Anti-Claus. The Demi-Demon master of Dark Christmas. Santa Claus’s twin brother who was once a Demi-Angel that fell prey to the dark side! Krampus was the original Anti-Claus long before Santa or his brother ever existed. This was back in the days before Christmas when the magical winter wonderland of Yule witches and winter Gods like Jack Frost were all anyone knew. At some point, Krampus was ousted by the Anti-Claus and he’s never been happy about it! Despite being the Dark Claus’s right-hand man for a time they ended up parting ways as frenemies and eventually full-on enemies! Read The Rest On Our Christmas Blog…

Is The Movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” Based On A True Story?

Would you believe the classic Frank Capra Christmas movie It’s A Wonderful Life is indeed based on many true stories! Supernatural stories that have formed a common urban legend known only among the paranormal community of psychics, seers, and mystics. One of these wondrous people gave Philip Van Doren Stern the idea for his story The Greatest Gift which eventually became It’s A Wonderful Life. It seems a number of people with suicidal thoughts have in fact had a metaphysical experience with their Guardian Angel. The interesting thing about this is the fact that everyone’s Guardian Angel is actually their own afterlife self who has ascended to Heaven outside of time as we know it. Who better would know us and be the perfect person to watch over us without it being embarrassing.

A loophole in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact allows a Guardian Angel to show themselves and convince the person not to commit suicide. Naturally, the exciting revelation of the Heavenly afterlife can be quite uplifting! Of course, they often send the sad soul to a Parallel Universe where they never existed or to the future to see how life would be without their presence. Particularly to show the negative effects of their self-destructive actions. The Angel usually convinces them that they actually make important differences in peoples lives whether they know it or not. They also learn that minute differences produce a Domino or Butterfly Effect that eventually affects millions or more over the course of several centuries!

When the person decides to live the Guardian Angel gains access to higher planes of reality. However, there are no earning of wings. All Angels have wings unless they descend to demonhood. In reality wings refers to paranormal powers. After the enchanted experience, the person who was helped loses conscious memory of the otherworldly experience as per the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. However, they retain sub-conscious memory thereby facilitating their drive to continue living. They know deep down they matter and are an essential element of life on Earth!

In times of future deep distress and overwhelming feelings of having no reason to exist, the memories resurface in vivid sleeping and waking dreams. This reinforcement of the importance of their existence causes a resurgence of positive feelings that allows a person to move forward with gleeful purpose.

Next time you watch It’s A Wonderful Life you may wonder if you had an enchanted event with your Guardian Angel? With yourself! Merry Christmas from everyone here at Mystic Investigations!

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