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Does The Vampire Dracula Actually Exist?

Is Dracula Real?
DraculaYes indeed the infamous vampire Dracula is real and to our knowledge still alive somewhere on Earth.  Although the stories written about him, including Bram Stoker’s Dracula, are fictional for the most part.  Dracula was born in 1431 Transylvania within the Kingdom Of Hungary.  His full name was Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia.  As a human he’s historically remembered as Vlad the Impaler.  His bloody sadistic reign as Prince included the horrifying impaling of 40,000 to 100,000 innocent Europeans. However this torture was just one of many atrocities he ordered upon innocents. Vlad died on the battlefield during a battle with Ottomans at Bucharest, Wallachia in 1477 at the age of 45.

That day Vlad The Impaler not only died but was unfortunately born again into a supernatural form that would maximize his dastardly deeds.  For years an extremely ancient royal vampire named, Crown Prince Dagan, had been observing Vlad.  He was impressed by his violent blood lust and charismatic intensity even in a limited mortal human form.  In fact Dagan was a pure blood first generation vampire with the intent of making Dracula an extremely powerful second generation vampire.  Dagan was one of the first of his kind on the advanced lost civilization known as Lemuria which existed in the Pacific Ocean some 78,000 years ago.  He was actually born a vampire on this Earth 68,849 years ago.  His human father was 100% possessed by a demon which caused DNA Demonization to occur.  He then mated with his human mother to create a pure breed vampire.  This is how the first vampires came to exist on Earth.  Dagan is now King Of The Vampire Kingdom headquartered in Transylvania, Romania.

King Dagan felt that Vlad was a perfect candidate to become a member of the immortal living dead.  It’s been said Dagan had a premonition that Vlad would die that day as he watched the grand battle form afar.  Since he was a first generation vampire he was able to withstand the sun with adequate clothing and cover of brush.  When he observed Vlad ironically die by being impaled by a Ottoman Turk sword he causally strolled onto the bloody battlefield just in time to stop Vlad’s head from being taken as a war trophy.  Dagan quickly dispatched eight warriors before whisking Vlads corpse away at light speed into the wilderness.  Dagan drained the remain blood from Vlad, and then introduced some of his own.  This brought him across into eternal supernatural darkness.  Upon Vlad awakening as a vampire for the first time, Dagan declared he would be forever known as Dracula as it was time to begin a new immortal chapter of his bloody life.  Oddly enough becoming a vampire calmed Dracula down and he relished in the sadistic systematic hunting of his chosen human prey rather than mass murder.  Realistically though it would be insanity to bring the same attention to himself as he did when he was a human royal.  Human governments would investigate, and the vampire community would be exposed to potential eradication. In addition Dracula had all the time in the world to enjoy the seduction of humans who caught his eye in a positive way.  However they were merely meal for his blood lust!

Even in the present Dracula is considered the most famous and one of the most powerful vampires alive!  Not only due to his high ranking generational status, and centuries of existence but also due to his dabbling in the dark demonic magics.  Something most vampires can’t partake of unless there’s something extra evil about them!  An element known as “The Gift“. This affords him additional powers not seen in the average vampire.  In turn it makes him more powerful than most first generation pure breed vampires.  He considers himself invincible with his wide range of magical, psychokinetic, and telepathic powers that have destroyed many a Vampire Slayer! It’s also said he can walk in direct sunlight for limited periods of time while laughing in the face of crosses, holy water, and other religious artifacts! He’s also impervious to various magics used against him. This includes the Global Vampire Invitation Spell that stops vampires from entering homes without being invited in. Dracula can enter most any residence he so pleases unless extra special power spells are put in place.

Since Dracula is an indirect offspring of a first generation vampire, who are considered vampire royalty, he kept his title of Prince.  King Dagan considers Dracula to be his finest creation, and a perfect model of vampirical darkness.  For this reason Dracula has the honor of holding many royal titles that include the following:

  • Blood Prince Of Romania
  • Grand Duke Of Transylvania
  • Count Of Wallachia (A Transylvanian region of The Vampire Kingdom)
  • Prince of Wallachia (Former Human royal title still recognized by Human royalty)
  • Earl Of Diavol City (The secret dark Capital Of The Vampire Kingdom in Transylvanian)
  • Dark Lord Master Of The Carpathian Mountains
  • Dark Knight Of King Dagan’s Royal Court

Dracula also holds the title of Royal Transylvanian Ambassador on some of his global jaunts. Often when someone has deeply offended the royals they send Dracula, and his dark minions after them with a vengeance!  Once Dracula has been sent forth to pursue you there is no place on Earth you can hide….well except perhaps North Pole City! 🙂

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What Is An Ice Dragon?

Are Ferocious Frost Breathing Anti-Dragons Real?
Frost DragonIce Dragons are indeed real creatures just as the fire breathing Dragon is. They also go by the name of Frost, Snow, and Anti-Dragons. The basis of our reality seems to be an eternal struggle to maintain balance between all things polar opposite in nature. So it makes sense that a Dragon that spits fire would have a counterpart that spits ice. The Ice Dragon is sparsely written about in ancient supernatural texts yet it’s never been spotted in modern times. There are also no mentions during the later half of the medieval period when the last Fire Dragons were eradicated from Earth’s surface, and banished into the Underworld by Dragon Slayers. There is also no indication that Anti-Dragons currently exist in the Underworld.

The Battle Between Fire Dragon And Ice Dragon
The last report of a Frost Dragon was detailed in an obscure Norse text during the 10th
century at the end of the Viking Age.  It was rare for Dragons, and Anti-Dragons to meet since one loathed the cold, and the other was hindered by heat.  However one fateful mild Summer day in an Icelandic Viking settlement an Ice Dragon, and Fire Dragon’s paths collided over an open field near the edge of a village.  There a startled group of Norse villagers witnessed an epic air battle of two supernatural winged reptilian behemoths.  One shooting forth a forceful fog of clearly freezing vapors with sharp ice shards whizzing about.  The other spewed hellishly hot flames.  Some of the Ice Dragons vapors fell as snow, and mild hail while those close to the flames steamed into massive clouds of warm rain.  The light blue Anti-Dragon with bedazzling eyes of glittering sapphire was said to be twice as large as the dark green Dragon with eyes lit ablaze by glowing orange flames.  The Anti-Dragon was scorched by the unholy hell fires while the Dragon found himself frost bitten by the unimaginably cold ice flow.  The shrill screams of both beasts bellowed through the atmosphere causing vibrations to be felt well over a mile away!

Both Dragons eventually dispensed with their respective offensive firing powers, and Dragon vs Anti-Dragonentered into the physical combat of violent ramming, and biting with their razor sharp jaws.  Orange lava, and blue ice blood rained down upon the populace causing frost, and fire burns. Some houses were lit ablaze by the fire dragons lava like blood.  With each bite the Dragons were weakened by the others flesh, and blood. The deadly Dragons finally crashed into the field, and furiously wrestled with each other in rage filled combat. Their deafening roars sent shivers down everyone’s spines!  It appeared the larger Ice Dragon had defeated the Fire Dragon pinning his neck to the ground with his gargantuan jaws.  Eye witness reports deciphered by modern paranormal experts indicate that the Anti-Dragon breathed what could have been an Absolute Zero frost stream directly into the Dragons bloodstream.  Although there was blue blood gushing from its mouth.  This could have been Ice Venom that would have been something more powerful than liquid nitrogen.  A suggested trait of especially powerful Ice Dragons.  Whatever the source of the cold the Fire Dragon began to freeze as he whipped his head loose, and turned to let out one final fiery blast directly into the Ice Dragon’s face.  The Ice Dragon let out a horrifying howl while the now fully frozen fire dragon shattered into a million pieces as if made of glass.  The accidental consumption of Fire Dragon blood, and that final flaming is what most likely caused the Ice Dragon to then burst into a mountain of sky blue ashes that blew majestically through the Viking village.  This mystical ash put out every fire that had been set by the sky battle above.  Some of this ash still exists to this day, and are used in some powerful magical spells.

What Are Ice Demons?
Just as Fire Dragons were created by the demonic possession of prehistoric dinosaurs so to do Ice Dragons have a demonic source. However they were created by a rare breed of demons known as Ice Demons.  Ice Demons chose to take a different path when the original Fallen Angels left Heaven.  Most followed the Devil, and created Hell as a base for his acts of aggression, and violence against all.  A dynamic metaphysical dark energy realm that manifests as horrendously hot fires!  Some of the fallen angels chose to follow the path of calmness, inner reflection, and even self-punishment as they regretted following what they had believed was the enlightened Lucifer who became the diabolical Devil. They called a dark desolate inter-dimensional void of lost souls as their home.  A place some call Purgatory despite how some religious texts may describe it.

Ice Demons sensing the disturbance their demonic brothers were causing in the world may have motivated them to create Ice Dragons through deep possession of a dinosaur thereby altering the DNA.  Frost Dragons can be up to three times larger than a Fire Dragon.  Perhaps due to Ice Demons working as a collective to channel all their energy into one of their kind who enters another dimension.  It would also be necessary to have a larger beast to generate the huge amount of cold needed to truly counter a fire breathing beast.  It’s said the biological freezer within an Ice Dragon is an Absolute Zero void spiritually connected to the Purgatory realm itself.  It is the absolute absence of heat, and freezing of all molecular motion. It’s what allows the Dragon to freeze virtually anything non-paranormal instantly with the potential of it shattering like glass.

Unlike violent Dragons of fire, Ice Dragons are generally gentle giants that only eat glaciers
of the great Arctic North, and Antarctic South along with drinking large quantities of ice cold water.  Fire Dragons on the other hand relish on roasting anything alive, and eating it whole!  The most Ice Dragons were reported during the last Ice Age.  Certainly cave men drawings have shown evidence of these supernatural reptiles that appeared in colors ranging between blue, and albino.  It’s been suggested they hibernate deep within polar ice caps, and glaciers for long periods of time waiting for an ice age to begin.  Occasionally they awaken to explore, and see if the cold has finally claimed the world.  Like their Ice Demon creators they enjoy solitude, inner peace, and reflection within their ice cube domains.  Since these dragons avoided humankind to a far larger extent than their fiery brothers there is no evidence of them being slayed from the Earth.  Therefore they most likely still exist hiding amid the ice, and snow of the polar regions. Plausibly in Purgatory as well.

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The Synergistic Necklaces Of The Fire & Ice Dragons

Simulated Battle Between Dragons In A Parallel Universe

What Are Supernatural Mummies?

A Mummy is a deceased person whose body is preserved through the Mummification process. A burial ritual performed around the world in various ancient cultures such as the Egyptians. It was often thought of as an important event to be mummified, and kept intact for a prosperous afterlife. Thankfully most mummies are just preserved humans in bandages that pose no paranormal threat. However there are mummies of a supernatural sort that choose our physical world as their afterlife. An unholy resurrection into a life of immortal powers through the dark miracle of ancient magical curses. This mystical regeneration is fueled by the horrifying cannibalistic consumption of live humans! Ultimately these are ritual sacrifices to dark Gods who look favorably upon those who still revere them as deities to be respectfully worshipped. Both Mummy, and God partaking of the enchanted essence of the innocent human’s soul!

The metaphysical mummy came into existence after the first Zombies were examined by ancient Egyptians. From this the mummy’s curse was created. A supernatural safety measure to insure the sacred bodies, and burial vaults would not be disturbed. Such desecrations were thought to impact the afterlife negatively. Powerful Priests, magicians, and alchemists devised the enchanted embalming method that tapped into the zombie virus while intertwined with a carefully crafted curse. When the mummy was disturbed the curse would channel the metaphysical energies of the ones who discovered it. This would resurrect the sinister spirit from the afterlife who would then haunt, and even attempt to posses victims. All the while sucking them dry of enchanted energy. However the mummy’s ghost would not have the power to permanently possess another human’s body as it wore the vessel out.

At some point it must coalesce into its corpse, or return to the afterlife. Their afterlife being the Underworld rather than Heaven or even Hell. Part of the curse was sending their spirit to the Underworld to dwell among the dark Gods, and Goddesses. In some cases the spirit feels its avenged the desecration of their body, and grave. Then they simply return to the Underworld. You might ask if this resurrection power existed with ancient Egyptian Priests then why not prevent death to begin with? Living out one’s natural life, and ascending to the afterlife was the ideal of existence. The resurrection was only meant to punish wrong doers. However some mummies see how amazing the world has become, and want to stay. Perhaps they even tire of the Underworld after thousands of years! Either way the curse must be specific with purpose, and not just a methods to keep people living forever. Otherwise they tend not to work. Especially with these powerful types intertwined at the will of Gods. In fact the blessing of the patron God is required to continue living here. Plausibly the mummy is fulfilling an Earthly mission for them.

Once within its decrepit bandaged body the mummy would have very little time to begin consuming live humans. The people it had killed as a dark spirit are devoid of the necessary paranormal power so it needed to seek out other victims. Interestingly enough there is very little coherent consciousness in the early stages of mummy resurrection. The staggering walking dead corpse operates on zombie like instinct to seek out human, and animal flesh to a lesser degree. With each meal they regain their intelligence. The dark patron God of the mummy’s curse aids in the channeling of the humans astral energy into the mummy. This causes some level of regeneration. It is said that sacred numbers play a role. The mummy must consume 21 people to completely regenerate as an immortal human of exquisite beauty. This complete with enhanced physical abilities, senses, and some degree of psychic abilities including hypnosis. They also have various magical protections derived from the original mummy curse.

Seven and three are the sacred multiplied numbers to get Twenty One. The mummy must eat 7 men, 7 women, and 7 virgins of any sex. All preferably youthful yet over 21 years of age. Any consumed kill that deviates from this, including animals, is merely a temporary measure to hold off necrosis. Even after they regenerate they must continue to consume one virginal human every 7 years to remain youthful, and powerful for all eternity. Mature virgins always seem to be key in various rituals, and spells because they possess a unique energy that has the wisdom of adulthood intertwined with the innocence of childhood to an extent They also have maximum metaphysical energies due to a partner not sapping them away during sex. The virginal feast must be done in a special ritual sacrifice with the aid of a dark priest. Failure to continue the wretched ritual involves their bodies decaying like that of a zombie. Even their minds will start to go as well.

Mummies are extremely hard to kill due to the dark magic protecting them. However the simplest way to kill them is to trick them into eating zombie meat. Even a little will cause them to burst into shimmering sands permanently breaking the curse, and insuring they can never return. The same thing can be accomplished through careful examination of the mummy curse, and having magical practitioners come up with a viable counter curse. You can also try to get the mummy to eat a human corpse that has been dead for at least 24 hours. However this will only cause a slow decay as they scramble to find a virgin to consume within the next 24 hours! If they don’t then they will be exterminated! Fallen magical mummy sand or ashes is a key ingredient in various foolish resurrection spells. Some even think it holds the key for the curing the zombie virus!  If you feel you’re being stalked by a mummy then contact your nearest Egyptologist, witch, or paranormal professionals!

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