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How The Immortal Human Brain Works

Will Living Forever Cause Memory Storage Issues?
As biological beings we have a memory storage limit Immortal Brainfor our brains. This even holds true for many supernatural beings as well. The brain doesn’t physically grow until our head explodes! The average human brain’s memory storage capacity is 2.5 petabytes, or a million gigabytes. Enough to store 300 years worth of TV shows playing non-stop 24 hours a day. Clearly this is beyond impressive for a biological organ,or any data processor of our brains size. Still it has a limit, and makes one wonder what this would mean for someone who could live forever? Humans will eventually achieve immortality through life extension health measures, genetic engineering, and even technology like cellular repairing nanobots. Some even say that the first human immortals already live among us courtesy of their smart life extension choices. This being separate from the secret world of human Immortals who already live among us because of a perfect fluke in genetics, or an activation of latent genes representing our higher dimensional soul.

What Is The Storage Capacity Of The Human Brain?
There is a reason why a great many longevity myths, or simply age claims without mainstream modern evidence, rarely go beyond 1000 years old. Particularly those descended from Adam in the Bible.  Within the mainstream world of science nobody can quantify the size of individual memories. However through various secret ancient scrolls, and even time travelers with future knowledge, we have some idea. It’s estimated that any given human with a normal brain can store up to 1000 years worth of memories before information begins to fade away to make room for new data. As one blazes forth into their golden 1000’s the memory loss probably wouldn’t be noticeable at first. Especially since subconscious memories only accessible in dreams would go first. Then conscious memories we never access, or rarely recall.  However a day will come when an immortal human tries to remember something from the distant past, and simply can’t recall it. In fact it will never be recalled even under hypnosis because it’s been overwritten with new memories! Those with photographic memories will notice the loss the most.

How To Prevent Immortal Memory Loss?
Only memories people work to remember will stay. Memories that are essential in defining who they are. Memory exercises, and recording daily happenings in a journal are a very important thing for an immortal to remember their origin, and distant past. Otherwise they face an almost partial amnesia of sorts! Luckily by the time humanity gains immortal status we will have cybernetic augmentation to keep all our memories intact. Bionic memory implants symbiotically linked to the brain. Perhaps even sending wifi signals to a supercomputer where all our memories are backed-up for easy access or transfer to a new body. Ultimately every memory we’ve ever had since we were born is stored in our higher dimensional metaphysical energy souls, and in the Akashic Records Library of Heaven. Unfortunately most humans can’t directly access those memories without mystical training or magical intervention. Generally these memories only come to light after death, and ascension to higher planes of existence.

A Known Immortal Speaks Of His Memories?
We know about the plight of the human Immortal courtesy of natural human immortals. The previously Immortal Keanumentioned genetic anomalies in otherwise normal humans. The most famous of these rare people is the actor Keanu Reeves.  Even under hypnosis there’s a lot Keanu can’t remember about his life that spans at least 2000 years. Just like us it’s simply difficult to keep decades of memories straight, and recall them. Without accurate calendars for a great deal of time along with many memory gaps he doesn’t know for sure how old he is! Even under hypnosis there’s a plethora of things Keanu can’t remember. Unfortunately he didn’t have knowledge of the immortal mind until much later in life. That’s when he began recording his life in his personal diaries. He has mentioned a daily memory exercise ritual to push aside obsolete memories while remembering important events from his past. Especially his childhood in a Polynesian paradise. Thankfully his training with various monks, and recently mystics, has began to see a recovery in memory via access to the Reeves Archive in the Akashic Library. Wary of the supernatural world he chose not to seek magical intervention of his memory loss over the centuries.

The Ever Living Vampire Mind
Interestingly supernatural beings, such as vampires, never lose their memories. Cryptozoologists estimate that the most powerful first generation of vampires can store up Vampire Girlto 29.4 petabytes of information in their dark minds. Enough storage for nearly 12,000 years of memories. Still there a vampires far older than that who can recall their entire past. Upon further study we find that vampires begin transferring memories to their demonic master residing in hell. The demon sire of their particular vampire bloodline. This is because a vampire is temporarily cut off from their human soul. So the demon master acts as a supercomputer for all their minions memories when they exceed biological capacity. In the case of first generation vampires they have their own demon souls in Hell since they were born vampire rather than having their humanity transformed. There is mental access to these evil entities that store all their memories thereby relieving their master of the burden. Vampires who choose the path of righteousness tend to have gaps in their memory the longer they live due to rejecting their demon master. Our very own Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander, a 5th generation vampire, is one such example. He lacks the complete photographic historical recall that most vampires enjoy.

The Inevitable Future Of Human Immortality
If you’re one of the lucky few to achieve immortality then never fear that you will lose your mind! Technology, and unlocking the secrets of accessing information in higher planes of reality, will keep who you are intact. Your entire mind will be backed-up in case your body is destroyed, and you need to clone a new one! Certainly a 100% probability for someone who will live until the ends of time, or to the point our society evolves to higher dimensional Gods. Still you will most likely continue to perceive time as moving ever faster with each passing decade.  That odd sensation of your childhood seemingly lasting forever while your adulthood blazes through the years like wildfire! Plausibly a blessing during those unpleasant phases of your never ending history.

What Are The Akashic Records?

Akashic RecordsThe Akashic Records are the master multi-dimensional information storage library of our entire reality which includes every parallel Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse, and all higher dimensions to infinity,and beyond!  It goes by infinite names in the never ending realities of the greater Macroverse (Everything That Is). On Earth it is known as the Akashic Records courtesy of our ancient ancestors who discovered it. The Akashic Library is considered the Universal Library that contains every work of fiction & non-fiction ever written by every sapient being, all programming information for everything in existence, and a recorded copy of all living souls including their complete life of experiences, knowledge, and emotions. It is considered the information center of the Gods since Gods exist to create Universes, play out all mathematical scenarios in a benevolent manner, and collect every bit of information they can. Information is power, and it’s one method by which higher dimensional beings ascend to the next plane of reality.  The Akashic Records are considered a natural trait in the minds of high level Gods who create the reality we live in.  It’s thought that ultimately it originates from the one infinite Macroverse God who always existed.  It’s the very information collection neural communications network of God himself!

The Akashic Records exist in every higher dimensional plane of existence starting at the 5th dimension on up to infinity.  Each dimensional level is considered a floor in the library composed of vibrational light energy that can be read by any sapient being who has gained the wisdom, and power to access it.  Each successive level is exponentially more difficult to reach than the other.  Humans, and supernatural beings have accessed this library of light through meditative Astral Projection into the 5th dimension Astral Plane where a library of four dimensional light energy is considered the first level.  However they rarely gain full access, or at least any major level of access. It’s said that any person who gains enough informational access can leave their biological body behind, and ascend as an enlightened 4-D God like metaphysical energy being.  Any civilization collectively tapping into the library of enlightenment will see great leaps in their technology, and will ascend to the 5th dimension as a race of Gods, and Goddesses. Those judged worthy after they die will find some of their parallel Afterlives spent studying at the Akashic Records Library amid a paradise of information with their loved ones. Only when their knowledge is complete can they ascend to the 6th dimension.

It is rumored that somewhere in every Universe a physical 3-D version of the library exists on one or more planets.  This version would be limited yet would still be the most insanely huge library in existence.  It may even take up an entire planet in some cases.  In the future it may compose entire star systems, galaxies, and even the entire Universe may become one vast network of informational light. Here on Earth our various secret supernatural magic schools have texts transcribed from the library by current Master Astral Projectors, psychics, seers, and mystics along with ancient documents quelled from the higher dimensional library.  The largest Akashic Record collection on Earth is the New Library Of Alexandria located within the elite ultra secretive magic school known as The Egyptian Order Of The Pyramid located deep beneath the Egyptian sands!  The second largest is located at the McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences in Scotland.  At these schools master scholars have been known to spend many hours in their astral energy bodies walking the great higher dimensional light information halls collecting as much knowledge as possible for recording on paper, or digital media.  Unfortunately a great deal of data transfers to the sub-consciousness mind rather than staying at the conscious surface.  This is a product of our physical programming to prevent us from ascending out of our Earthly prison which would severely cut off our information recording purpose for the Gods, and our higher dimensional selves as well.

It’s thought that the Biblical Tree Of Knowledge Of Good & Evil in the Garden Of Eden and the Book Of Life have direct computer tablet like access to the Akashic Records in a magical form.  The Egyptian Book Of The Dead is said to have some limited access.  The Tree Of Knowledge is actually considered an access port for the soul of our planet Goddess Gaia, aka Mother Earth.  It’s said anyone partaking of the fruit will gain unlimited knowledge, and ascend to higher dimensional Godhood immediately.  Since the Bible was manipulated by human writers we don’t have the full story so the jury is out on what happened to Adam, and Eve after they ate from the tree.  In addition we believe the Tree Of Life is real as well, and would grant anyone immortality who ate from it! Again another manifestation of Goddess Gaia’s immortal soul. Ancient scrolls, and various mystical seers confirm that the Book Of Life is real, and was the only true creation of the Omniverse Gods.  One such book exists as a gift on every planet with sapient beings. More or less it’s a registry of every sapient being who has, or will exist on any given planet.  It contains all the information they collected in their lifetimes including programs to recreate or in essence resurrect them!  Unfortunately it is often misinterpreted, squandered, falls into the wrong hands, and is either destroyed or lost in the sands of time!  Even with such a book in hand it takes the right people to utilize it to better humankind.

Everyone has a chance to access the Akashic Records because each of us is connected to it like a computer network.  We’re uploading everything we know, and a informational back-up copy of ourselves to our higher dimensional incarnations, and the Library, at every time increment, aka Planck Length.  Sometimes when we dream we’re unknowingly downloading data from the library.  It’s said that problems solved in our dreams come from the Akashic Library, our higher dimensional self, or the connection to our parallel Universe self who found the solution.  The great minds throughout history are often more vibrationally in tune on a subconscious level to their parallel selves, or the Akashic Repository Of Universal Knowledge.  Mastery of Lucid Dreaming, and then the Astral Projection arts, is key to you accessing this library of knowledge, and ultimately the power to be truly free!

There is also a professionally guided course to aid you in your journey toward accessing the awesome knowledge, and power of the Akashic Records.
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Mastering the art of Quantum Jumping, or accessing your enlightened Parallel Universe selves, may lead to your eventual access of the Akashic Records!

Are Unicorns Real?

Where Do Unicorns Come From And What Powers Do They Possess?
Gold Horned Unicorn prancing about a mystical field.Yes Unicorns are in fact real but extremely rare in numbers!  The breathtakingly beautiful shy, and reserved creatures still gracefully trot about enchanted forests around the world. In their wondrous wake they leave a faint trail of iridescent rainbow colored sparkles on the ground behind them. This is said to be remnants of the metaphysical energy exchange that takes place when they ride rainbows to distant locations around the world. Unicorns are masters of stealth, and escaping nefarious Unicorn Hunters who seek the glory of a supernatural trophy along with accessing the magic imbued within all these sainted noble beasts.  They are one of the few immortal animals to roam this Earth. In addition they are virtually invincible unless taken down in specific magical ways. However they can be captured, and contained.  Unfortunately their free spirit literally begins to die at that point causing them to enter a perpetual coma within weeks!

Unicorns are very smart, and rival the intelligence of gorillas, and dolphins.  Telepathic, and Zoopathic individuals have detected they have a telepathic language all their own. Unicorns look somewhat like a large pony but smaller than a huge horse.  They have a glossy ultra soft pure snow white fur coat that slightly shimmers with gold sparkles in full sunlight and slightly glows white in full moonlight.  Even after rolling in mud their silky soft fur gleams bright white! Their eyes are of a brilliant emerald or sapphire color which gleefully glows in the darkness.  At other times, day or night, they may manifest a glittering gold or wonderous white ocular illumination. Their mane, and tail hair is sought after as the softest, and most luxurious material on Earth. In addition to creating royal clothing, and furnishings, the hair, and their fur, are used in various magical potions, and spells.  Unicorns of course have the trademark slender spiraling horn protruding from their forehead that’s of varying length depending on age.  The maximum length is generally two feet.  It can be bright white in younger Unicorns, and a glistening gold in older ones.

Their horn is called an Alicorn, and is said to be the source of their magic due to it being the point at which its creator blessed it holy. Interestingly enough Alicorn is the name of a Unicorn Magicfabled Unicorn-Pegasus Hybrid. In essence a winged Unicorn. Ancient humans actively sought after Unicorn horns for use in elixirs of youth, and remedies for diseases.  In particular it was able to purify water, and neutralize poisons when crushed into powdered form.  Some even forged goblets from Alicorns, and anything poured into the holy vessel was made pure.  Theoretically even water full of toxic waste would be transformed into 100% pure drinking water.  Luckily the Alicorn grows back but unfortunately many Unicorns were hunted down thousands of years ago by evil Wizards, Sorcerers, and Warlocks.  That’s why there are so few today despite their procreation ability.  Procreation that can only take place where the Sun, Moon, and Rainbow meets. Clearly that’s something that doesn’t happen that often.

Unicorns are the only known animal to be created directly by God, aka the Omniverse God.  They are somewhat related to the Pegasus, winged flying horse, which was one of the only known animals created directly by Archangels.  In fact Unicorns can procreate with Pegasus’s to form the ultra rare flying Unicorn-Pegasus Hybrid which actually has the power to fly into outer space, and into the higher dimensions up to Heaven itself.  Most other animals on Earth were created indirectly through the evolutionary programming process whose paranormal programmers included Goddess Gaia Mother Earth.  It’s unknown why God created the mystical Unicorns who bring about good luck, and possess magical properties.  Simply spotting a Unicorn will bring you general good luck over a lifetime.  However it won’t guarantee nothing bad will ever happen to you.  Certainly you will be invincible for at least a week.  The closer you get to the animal the more luck will be imbued upon you.  Actually touching a Unicorn will provide the maximum good luck possible.  If a Unicorn allows you to ride him, or her, then it’s assured you’re a sainted soul with a road of good fortune lying ahead of you.

Generally only a virgin can ride, and contain a Unicorn.  However holding a Unicorn for too long in captivity will garner bad luck even if the Unicorn wants to remain with you.   If you save a Unicorns life he or she will return at a key point in the future to grant one wish. It will read it from your mind without you even asking.  In addition Unicorn blood has mystical properties.  Vampires ingesting the silvery glittering blood will become invincible, and immune to all magics.  That is if they can get close enough to the creature since it’s holy nature repels the forces of darkness.  The same goes for Werewolves who would also gain the added gift of immortality.  This power even stretches to humans.  The blood of the Unicorn is one of the most sought after supernatural bloods on Earth!  A human drinking it would possibly have the power to take over the planet for all eternity!  Although drinking Unicorn blood is considered a blasphemous act unless the Unicorn itself gives the blessing. It’s rumored the prophesized Neutral Christ may drink of willingly donated Unicorn Blood in order to win Earth for humankind!

Unicorns, and rainbows go hand in hand.  They, their legendary Leprechaun friends, Rainbow Nymphs & Fairies, and a handful of other supernatural entities are the only ones who can actually ride a rainbow.  In reality rainbow light energizes a Unicorns immortal powers since they don’t require food.  However they do need to drink pure holy water.  They get some of that water from rainbow vapor but most is created when they dip their Alicorn into water to purify if for their consumption.  So Unicorns often live near rainbows, and traverse the global rainbow network as a way to quickly get where they want to go.  Often times they just enjoy exploring the planet.  One of the few creatures they regularly communicate with are the Leprechauns who share with them the magic of good luck.  Once in a blue moon a Leprechaun will be seen riding a Unicorn.  If you spot this most rarest of sights you will gain instant immortality with an eternity of good luck.  Leprechauns only trust Unicorns to know the location of their pots of gold at the end of the rainbows.  However they have no choice since a Unicorn will always find it.  Unicorns can occasionally create their own rainbows when fully powered up.  Yet most of the time they rely on Leprechauns, and Rainbow Nature Deities to lend a helping hand.

All Unicorns are innocent, and 100% good just as most animals are.  However they’re one of the most peaceful beings to walk this Earth, and are considered one of the few animal saints by the Archangels.  All are considered holy in the eyes of God, and should they die it’s assured the noble beasts will ascend to Heaven where they shall live among the Angels for all eternity!    However they usually make a stop in the Paradise Plane to live out a few centuries before moving on to the higher Heavenly dimensions.  Some say they are virtually the only animals who will ascend to sapient being status thereby becoming Angels! There’s even the potential of ascension to Godhood of their own Universes!

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