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Can Slender Man Take Human Form?

Can Slenderman Take Any Shape He Wishes?

Imagine waking up in bed to find your partner or even the family dog sleeping at the foot of the bed morphing into Slender Man! Luckily this isn’t possible unless you’re actually dealing with an extremely rare Master Shape Shifter with an odd sense of humor. After researching all data entered into the paranormal record of the real supernatural community we have come to the conclusion Slender Man is indeed not a Master Shape Shifter.  Or at least he isn’t one in our dimension by design. Evidence indicates the same force binding him to this planet prevents him from taking any known human, animal, plant, or even inanimate object form. Presumably, the alternate dimensional government that banished him here didn’t want Slender to have the ability to blend in. Possibly by some fluke finding humanity within himself and living a life of peace, and happiness. Some say Goddess Gaia altered the binding spell to prevent Slender from easily destroying people’s lives via realistic shapeshifting.

His stay here is a life prison sentence for unknown crimes committed against his own kind. However, they’ve damned us along with him! Obviously, they have no love for humankind! Some would say it was a mercy sentence for Slender. Rather than execution, he was trapped in our dimension on this one planet having the pleasure of eternally tormenting people. However, I suppose we should be thankful the binding paranormal force prevents him from directly going on mass killing sprees! Yet he may use proxy humans to do so indirectly. Unfortunately, there’s also the infamous paranormal psychosis disease The Slender Sickness which can cause people to commit suicide! This same sickness can trick victims into seeing Slender as a human. Especially someone they know!

All that being said he may not be able to pose as your friend nor your toaster yet he’s a master of hide and seek.  That fits with his profile for being playful with kids. He’s easily able to hide behind most objects the same size, or larger than him.  Especially trees in the forests he enjoys hanging out in.  Plausibly it reminds him of his home dimension. Just another threat to us rural folks.  We may escape the human crime of the city but it seems a great deal of supernatural darkness has an affinity for wooded rural areas while steering clear of overly populated urban zones.  Your best bet is to live somewhere in between.

So to sum up Slender Man can alter his height but when it comes to width he can only alter himself to accommodate his new height. We’ve had no reports of an overweight Slender Man hence his trademark name. He’s especially masterful at hiding behind large slender objects. He can form long tentacles from his back. He certainly can’t form a human face, or alter his shape beyond what we already mentioned. It’s believed he comes from a race of master Shape Shifters but he’s deeply limited on our planet thereby making him appear to be a lower-moderate level Shifter.

What Is The Mandela Effect?

The Mandela Effect is the name given for what appears on the surface to be a recent paranormal phenomenon. In 2009 paranormal research indicated that a number of people remember Nelson Mandela dying in a South African prison in the 1980’s. In our current reality, he died a free man in 2013. The truth is that the Mandela Effect is simply humankind’s awareness of our five-dimensional Multiverse and the multitude of Parallel Universes within. Just as we sail through time into the future due to movement over the four-dimensional plane of our Universe so do we subtly move into parallel realities as we move across the 5-D plane. This is how three-dimensional minds experience the higher dimensions we invisibly live in.

The Mandela Effect Comes To Life In The Modern World Of Mass Media

Generally, movement through parallel universes is an individual journey most never notice unless they are supernaturally inclined. However recently history has given us global mass media that has aided in the creation of a more powerful human collective consciousness. There’s also the fact that our brains have evolved to be more perceptive of perplexing phenomenon. In our modern world, we have exponentially more things to be aware of than our ancestors who spent most of history just looking to survive daily life. All these factors have suddenly made our five-dimensional journey more obvious. Every day more discrepancies in our reality are noticed as various people remember past events differently from others.

With the onset of the global media, there are various sub-factions within the common Human Spirit or Collective Consciousness that are affixed to our reality. Those with shared interests and beliefs from around the world. These people are tied together by that common spirit and therefore move into Parallel Universes together. They remember reality different from other groups of people. The advent of social media in the 2000’s also gives people around the world an unprecedented opportunity to compare experiences that has never been seen in human history!

Artificial Factors In Creating The Mandela Effect

There may be other factors giving us increased glimpses into alternate realities as well. This includes being near strong electromagnetic fields, people practicing strong magic, exercising author authority powers, time travelers altering history, and artificially intelligent quantum computers in the future changing events. This includes the future Cyber-God who has been known to contact the past. The most commonly cited reason for the Mandela Effect has been the experiments being done at CERN with the Large Hadron Collider.  It’s been said they are opening micro black holes or wormholes that expose our reality to 5-D Hyper-Space. Unstable probability space that is easily warped by the thoughts of humans and other beings. They may also be artificially exposing and manipulating quantum particles that are altering our perception of the reality we once knew. Hopefully, any such damage is localized and doesn’t spread across the entire Universe. If so then surely there are countless extraterrestrial civilizations who have also done such experiments further fracturing the Universe into new alternate states!

A List Of Mandela Effect Changes To Our Timeline

Impartial list. More to come! List some in the comments and we’ll add them here.


Geography & Landmarks

  • The Orient Express used to run from Paris, France to Shanghai, China rather than Paris to Istanbul, Turkey.


That Time An Elf Took Over Mystic Investigations

Santa Claus Sends Fraggle The Elf To Run Mystic Investigations

It’s Christmas In August as I tell the tale of that time an Elf ran our supernatural investigations firm while we were away on Christmas vacation. The executive staff at Mystic Investigations works hard all year running the office, conducting paranormal research projects, and battling the forces of supernatural evil in the field. So we really look forward to our longest and most cherished of vacations every year. That being our surreal stay at Santa Claus’s winter wonderland. During our tremendous time at Old Saint Nick’s North Pole City amid Christmas 2017, we were given the option to have an Executive Elf man our supernatural post as it were. We happily took that option even though the peaceful Christmas season brings us the least paranormal cases. Still, we wanted someone with a measure of paranormal power to be here just in case things went south. Fraggle The Elf was sent to us here in Woodland Springs, Colorado by Santa Claus who is a powerful Demi-Angel force for good on Earth.  I, Xavier Remington, made Fraggle temporary Mystic Investigations President with full authority to run the business as he saw fit.  All our personnel are not fully aware of the wondrous world of the supernatural so we’ve only told them we’re going on a business trip up north. They believe Fraggle is my vertically challenged cousin. Read The Rest Of This Cute Christmas Story On Our Supernatural Stories Blog…