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The Super Powers Of Santa Claus

As a Demi-Archangel Saint, Santa Claus has an extensive array of superpowers and magical abilities. This, of course, includes¬†extremely enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses. Although, he must temper his use of them so as not to interfere in human … Continue reading

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Santa The Vampire Slayer

A Christmas Horror Story! Santa Claus has fought his fair share of evil supernatural beings. Not surprisingly he finds a lot of people in paranormal trouble on Christmas Eve as he flies around the world delivering pretty presents, and good … Continue reading

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Does Santa Claus Live At The Geographic Or Magnetic North Pole?

                  The hallowed home of Santa Claus is not located exactly on either the magnetic nor the geographic North Pole.¬† However, it lies within a short radius of the geographic North Pole … Continue reading

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Where Did Santa Claus’s Enchanted Flying Reindeer Come From?

Before he officially became Santa Claus, and Saint Nicholas, he was simply known as Nicholas Of Myra. In those ancient times, he relied on horses to pull his carriage(warm winter areas), or sleigh(cold winter areas) to deliver gifts to deserving … Continue reading

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