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Santa’s Witness Protection Program

North Pole City is more than likely the safest place on Earth! Both cloaked and protected by powerful Enochian Angel magic spells it provides a hallowed haven for those seeking supernatural refuge. Just as the human world has its own … Continue reading

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Enchanted Elves Who Don’t Make Toys

North Pole City is considered the Capital of not only Christmas but all that is supernaturally good on Earth! The Demi-Angel Santa Claus is the de facto leader of the paranormal beings who side with truth, justice, and peace on … Continue reading

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Has Santa Claus Met The Spirit Of Christmas?

The Spirit Of Christmas, like all holiday spirits, is a non-aware entity that is a sub-conscious component of the human collective consciousness. So it isn’t like a standard spirit, ghost, or other metaphysical entity. You can commune with it and … Continue reading

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What Does Santa Claus Do On Friday The 13th?

Santa Claus certainly doesn’t have to worry about Friday The 13th  and all the bad luck associated with it. This is due to him being a Demi-Angel, and Angels are even luckier than Leprechauns!  There’s also the fact that his sainted … Continue reading

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