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Santa Claus Meets The Baby New Year 2020

Father Time, the Baby New Year of 2019, performs the annual ceremonial ritual of presenting the latest Baby New Year to Santa Claus at North Pole City.  On January 1, 2020, Santa, in his capacity as Saint Nicholas, blessed the … Continue reading

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The WestJet Christmas Miracle

Some lucky WestJet passengers interacted with a Santa clad in blue via video at one airport. There they conveyed what they wanted for Christmas. When they arrived at their destination airport the luggage carousel gave them the gifts they wished … Continue reading

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Santa Claus And The Story Of Christmas

The Miraculous Journey From Saint Nicholas To Father Christmas Christmas is the antithesis of Halloween and Dark Christmas. Just as the forces of evil look forward to these holidays so do the forces of good look forward to Christmas.  It … Continue reading

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Will Santa Claus Deliver Presents If I’m Awake?

Does Santa deliver to households where everyone is awake all night long?  Mostly no.  Not unless you’ve previously met him, or have been granted the honor to observe Saint Nicholas in action. For him to allow this he must see … Continue reading

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