The Love Powered Soul Mate Method Of Time Travel

Is The Movie Somewhere In Time Realistic?

Somewhere In TimeThe 1980 motion picture Somewhere In Time Starring Christopher Reeve, and Jane Seymour is a time travel romance in which Richard Collier (Played By Reeve) literally wills himself back in time to meet Elise McKenna (Played By Seymour).  The love story begins with Collier spotting a photo of McKenna from 1912 in a hotel museum. It’s love at first sight, and he eventually realizes she was the mysterious old woman who gave him a pocket watch eight years earlier.  She asked him to come back to her before walking away never to be seen again.  Unfortunately she died before he realized who was when went to visit her years later.  In her belongings was a book about time travel written by a professor who he sees for advice. Advice that leads him to attempt travel through time via self-hypnosis by tricking the human mind into thinking it’s in another time frame.  The Professor claims he briefly traveled to 1571 through sheer will.  Since our minds are a conduit for pure non-corporeal thought that is foundation of our reality, anything is possible!

The Mind Over Matter Method Of Time Travel
For the average non-supernatural human tricking the mind via self-hypnosis, and subliminal hypnosis audio visual stimuli is possible since humans do possess free will. However it takes an amazing conviction to do so, and you must remove all physical items from your own time period within the room you’re in.  If the building you’re inside didn’t exist in the time frame you want to travel to then go to a desolate rural setting.  It’s also preferable to have things from the targeted time period including the clothing you’re wearing.  Another important point is that time manipulation is not teleportation. You need to be in the proper place to begin with.  The closer the better.  Unfortunately this method of time travel is fleeting, and you’ll be snapped back to your time of origin rather quickly unless you can find some way to anchor yourself in the past or future you’ve traveled to.  Anchoring methods are generally deep emotional relationships of some type when it comes to things outside of the paranormal realm.  Keep in mind that traveling to an unknown future via this method is far more difficult, and takes an amazing imagination that will propel you forward into a parallel Universe where your envisioned future exists.  In essence a five dimensional quantum leap rather than a four dimensional shift with a minor 5-D realignment since almost all time travel sends you to a near identical parallel reality. This the Universe’s remedy for time paradoxes.  That being said things are easier if it’s the tiny percentage where your existence in the past or future, via time travel, is apart of your timeline.  Especially if you see physical proof as is the case in the movie when Collier spots his signature in an old hotel register from 1912.  This prompts a second time travel attempt after his first failure.  Now knowing he was truly there facilitates willing himself to 1912 for he 100% believes he can! Irrefutable proof increases your odds of success greatly but it’s not a guarantee because it could simply be an incarnation of you from a Parallel Universe.  Still at least it proves that it’s possible in your mind!

The Soulmate Mind Over Matter Temporal Travel Method
In the movie “Somewhere In Time” Richard Collier does utilize Mind Over Matter, and finds Elise McKenna who acts as his temporal anchor.  Of course his original motivation was Elise to begin with. Merely deciding to travel through time isn’t usually enough even with proof unless it’s some pretty damn compelling evidence! There’s still too much disbelief in most people’s normally rational minds, and there really needs to be an overriding motivation other than just the adventure of time travel.  Collier had an extra special magnetic metaphysical boost via soul mate love.  It often supersedes the normal magnetic like anchor to your own timeframe. Traveling through time with nothing but one’s mind stands the best chance of success if it’s to meet a soul mate since their souls are deeply entangled with one another.  The greatest chances are found when a person merely sends their consciousness back along their physical bodily conduit through time.  For instance if a person lost out on being with someone they knew in their heart was their one true love years earlier then they could send only their consciousness into the brain of their past body of that time while lying in a catatonic state in the present.  If they never returned then that’s how they’d stay until their body died.  The consciousness only method of time travel offers the best odds of staying in the past rather than snapping back to the future.  Naturally you’re in a parallel Universe otherwise you’d never end up time traveling to begin with if your mission of love was successful.  It’s of interest to note that your consciousness in that past time frame would be pushed into the subconscious. The longer you stayed in the past the more it would meld with our own consciousness.  However if you traveled to the future by this method your future mind might eventually repel you, and regain mental authority. You would either be sent back to the present, or be canned into the sub-consciousness.  Future minds always have dominance!

Once Richard physically travels to 1912, and ends up with Elise, it seems they will live happily ever after.  He was destined to be there with the proof he witnessed, and his soul mate is his anchor. Unfortunately when you send your entire body through time it is still vibrating at the 3-D temporal dimensional bubble(A Planck Length) of the present you left. Your bodies natural state is to phase back to your true present. This is why time travelers often suffer from Temporal Sickness that includes bouts of weakness, headaches, dizziness, and even blackouts.  The initial leap through time usually results in a great deal of energy deficiency, and even feeling sick to one’s stomach since your body has been sapped of metaphysical energy.  Luckily the longer you’re in the past, and the closer you get to your own time, the more the vibrational frequency of the temporal dimensions begins to align with your bodies vibrating frequency at the sub-atomic energy string level.  In other words it becomes easier to stay somewhere in time. If you’re several centuries in the past with an obviously long lag to your time of origin, then the longer you’re there the more likely your vibrational frequency will begin to match the temporal dimensions there.  Clearly this is something necessary for travel to the future since you will continually be traveling further away from the frequency of your true present.  Although interestingly enough your future self can act as an anchor if you still exist. Presuming you eventually returned home to live out your normal life.  An odd consequence of time travel is a phenomenon in which a deceased time traveler finds themselves becoming a ghost in their true present, or even resurrected as a sapient zombie!

In 1912 Richard Pulls Out A 1979 Penny That Snaps Him Back To 1980!

So Richard had an excellent chance of living permanently in the past with the metaphysical love energy, and soul intertwinement of Elise holding him there. As he came closer to his original time with each passing year his body would slowly align with the temporal dimension frequencies of the time frame he was in.  Unfortunately he was only in the past mere days which is a precarious time period when anything could go wrong with the delicate mind over matter mechanism. He carelessly left a penny from the future in his jacket pocket, and took it out while goofing around with Elise. Upon viewing the penny his entire belief in reality became unraveled, and he was cast back to 1980.  Theoretically he should have been able to return a second time but he was simply too emotionally distraught to properly duplicate his first temporal jaunt.  Elise was probably beyond terrified at his disappearance before her very eyes which created a duo emotional chaos between her, and Richard that complicated metaphysical matters!  There’s also the fact that there’s a deep metaphysical energy drain that one never recovers from when traveling via this way.  It damages the Chakra’s that channel metaphysical energy from our souls to our biological bodies. Had he stayed with Elise her souls supernatural energy would have healed him since soulmates have this paranormal power.  True soul mates live an extremely long life together with very few health issues.  If only he’d seen the penny three months later then perhaps he would have had the power to rebuke it’s power over his mind, or to at least return even in his frantically depressed emotional state!

Soulmates, And The Afterlife
He was so massively melancholy that he entered a catatonic state, and literally died from a broken heart! At the end of the film we see him, and Elise presumably reunited in the Heavenly Afterlife.  For those who pine for their true love, and never find them fear not because they’ll be in the Afterlife. The odds of finding them in life, and having your soul mate in the same time frame, or even Universe, are beyond astronomical!  It’s a metaphysical fact, according to top flight psychics, seers, and mystics, that at least 90% of married couples, and lovers who claim to be soul mates really aren’t.  They may deeply love each other but finding your soulmate is like finding a needle in a haystack!  Clearly there is some higher dimensional puzzle placement going on otherwise it would be more like 99.99%.  This revelation is often a shock in the initial stages of the first level of the Afterlife.  Married couples meet their actual soul mate, and part ways as friends with the person they were married to when they died.  Those married multiple times may be amazed to find out that someone they divorced was actually their soul mate but extreme life circumstance drove them apart.  Naturally those parted by death, who remarried, may already known this.  Things get even more complicated as humans ascend to even higher dimensions of Heaven in which they become unified super beings culminating all their lives in parallel Universes, and Multiverses (Parallel Universe Complex).  They may find that their lower dimensional soulmate wasn’t their true one after all since someone from another Universe, or Multiverse could end up being the one. Then we head up to Omniverses (Multiverse Complex) , and beyond!  Macroverse level could possibly see everyone being equals with nobody being anymore special than another. Life, and Afterlife are continuous change, growth, and ascension to higher planes of consciousness beyond our comprehension!  Inspire yourself to travel through time by Watching Somewhere In Time Online Now!

Richard Dies, And Is Reunited With Elise In The Afterlife!

Is The Movie Somewhere In Time Based On A True Story?
The 1980 movie “Somewhere In Time” was based on a 1975 novel by Richard Matheson called “Bid Time Return“.  It was later renamed after the movie. Richard himself fell into love with a portrait of an actress named Maude Adams who was the basis for the character Elise McKenna. She was born in 1872, and died in 1953.  She was the ultimate inspiration for the novel, and most of the stories leave it at that.  However those of us in the real paranormal community know that Richard Matheson indeed traveled back in time just as his character Richard Collier did in his novel. He would have preferred a complete happy ending since he was casting himself as  the character of Richard. However it made for a better book to have the tragedy of Richard Collier losing Elise only to find her again in the Afterlife.  After Richard completed the novel he made several attempts to travel back in time using mind over matter despite being happily married.  In 1977 he successfully traveled back to 1907 to meet Maude.  They were soul mates, and made love once.  Unfortunately she was too deeply embedded in her life as a reclusive lesbian.  Circumstances did not allow for the relationship to blossom.  Broken hearted Richard instantly snapped back to the future.  However since he was able to return to a wife he loved he got over Maude, and didn’t go into a catatonic depression.  The story of his real life temporal leap was found in his private journals when he died in 2013.  They were immediately confiscated by private paranormal investigators tipped off by powerful psychics who verified the truth of his journal.

Idea For A Sequel To Somewhere In Time

Since the original characters are living happily ever after in the afterlife of Heaven we need new characters. In the original novel that was the basis for the movie, Richard Collier has a brother named Robert. Perhaps his daughter or granddaughter, named Emily, find Richards’s journal near our present time. She believes the details of time travel are just her Uncle’s imagination. Years later she is mesmerized and enamored by images of a handsome man named Patrick who mysteriously went missing at the 1876 Worlds Fair in Philadelphia. He had shown great promise as a scientific genius. Some claim he might have been the Einstein of his time. She is shocked to find a photo of someone who looks just like her standing next to Patrick. This reminds Emily of her Uncle’s journal and she begins to believe he was detailing a real-time travel adventure he had. Eventually, she finds further evidence that she did in fact attend the Worlds Fair in 1876.

With the knowledge of her guaranteed presence in 1876, she begins the intense meditation her Uncle performed to travel back in time. This included staying at the historical Thomas Bond House which existed at the time. She also purchased a Victorian Era dress from a local costume shop. Emily succeeds and meets the man of her dreams. Unlike her Uncle, she tells Patrick the complete truth of her time travel and existence in the future. She also details how she achieved travel to the past. He casually laughs it off despite fantasizing about time travel on occasion over the years as he tried to figure out how it could be done in a scientific way.

They enter into a torrid love affair that lasts for a few weeks until she makes a mistake similar to her Uncle. Instead of the penny shocking her back to the future a tag in her dress from a Halloween costume shop sends her screaming back to the present. Weakened like her Uncle she realizes a human can only achieve mind over matter time travel once in a lifetime! Emily was heartbroken that she wasn’t able to save Patrick from disappearing. She begins to lose the will to live knowing she will never see him again. All hope is lost until Patrick amazingly appears to her at a local park she told him about. A place she went to every day. Apparently, his mysterious vanishing was due to his time traveling to the future!

Patrick managed to duplicate her mind over matter meditation method and traveled to the future. However, without too much knowledge of the future, it was more difficult for him. All he had was what she told him about the future. Without having the clothing to support the mental endeavor he simply wore no clothes thus ending up in our time like The Terminator. Despite having nothing with him from his time that would snap him back they feared going near any antique or museum. However, they soon theorized that each traveling to the others time sealed the deal. Years later Patrick managed to touch an object in a museum that belonged to him and nothing happened. The couple lived well into their 90’s. When they finally died of old age within days of each other they left Richards journal behind. They added their own time travel adventure. At the end of the movie a young boy finds it thus hinting that the adventure may happen again…

Note: Could take place on Halloween since the World’s Fair extended into November 1876 from May of that year.🎃

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English and every other language devolve into their old forms as you travel back through the centuries. Clearly, time travelers from the 22nd century or later have top-flight Universal Translation devices. These are discreet artificially intelligent gizmos that allow time travelers to understand and speak all languages known throughout history. Early versions hear spoken words and translate them into an earpiece or even show the translation in a hologram projected in front of the eyes like a TelePrompter only the wearer can see. Later versions playback a persons speech in a language the traveler understands within a microscopic earpiece. Then their spoken language is shielded by a series of nanobotic white noise speakers that also shoot forth what is said in the native language using the proper accent. All the while keeping with the natural sound of the user’s voice. Later centuries utilize holographic correction to the lips so the translated words match facial movements. These devices are also used in the future to speak with various extraterrestrial races as we colonize the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond!

The 21st century saw rudimentary versions of language translation that aren’t easy to use nor hidden from natives of the past. Those of us who are time travelers from the 21st century, 20th, or even earlier have been known to master a variety of languages but it becomes impossible the further back in the past you go. As far as English it becomes extremely difficult to understand what someone is saying before the 16th century. Some risk temporal law enforcement agents and steal translation tech from the future. Others in the world of the supernatural rely on witches and other practitioners of magic to cast miraculous spells or conjure up amazing potions that use metaphysical energies to translate language. In some cases, people are able to tap into their other selves in past lives and Parallel Universes where they are masters of a given language. Ultimately old school time travelers look to keep their head down and blend into a crowd having as little personal contact with anyone as possible. They’re in the past or future to complete a mission or simply observe history for their own enrichment or entertainment. Either way, they need to be ready to make a quick getaway once they are branded a foreigner in a hostile land or even worse a Devil speaking in tongues!

The Time Traveler Who Made $350 Million On The Stock Market!

On January 28th, 2003 Federal Agents arrested a 44-year-old man named Andrew Carlssin for major SEC violations. This included 126 suspicious high-risk stock market investments that turned $800 into $350,000,000 within a two-week period! Once in custody, he gave an astounding 4-hour confession that included the revelation that he was a time traveler from the year 2256! He went into detail about his “Time Craft” and extensive knowledge of the future. In fact, throughout his two-month incarceration, he gave a number of predictions that all turned out to be true. This included the March 20th, 2003 Invasion of Iraq by US Forces. A desperate Carlssin even offered to give useful information in exchange for his release. Such as information about the cure for AIDS and the location of Osama Bin Laden. He also agreed to let them examine his time machine if he could be present. Plausibly he planned to race inside and escape to the future! However, authorities branded him as a pathological liar and possibly a complete loon! They kept pressing Carlssin to reveal his real source of insider trading information. Still, he stuck to his time travel tale.

On March 29, 2003, a mysterious benefactor posted Andrew Carlssin’s one million dollar bail! He was released and at some point eluded the government’s continued surveillance of him.  This was about the time that his claims were taken seriously by none other than the notoriously secret US Paranormal Defense Agency. The “off the books” agency under the US Department Of Defense that deals with the supernatural world. They became especially interested when investigators found no trace of Carlssin’s existence before 2002. In fact, his identification documents didn’t match filed records despite being verified as authentic. They were masterful forgeries beyond anything ever seen! On April 2nd, 2003 Andrew didn’t show up at his attorney’s office for a meeting about his scheduled court hearing on April 3rd. He never appeared at the hearing and was never seen ever again! The US Paranormal Defense Agency covered up the entire incident once it was classified as a true time travel event. In addition, his assets were completely seized by the government. Currently, there are no reputable sources left about the Time Traveler Andrew Carlssin. As part of the cover-up the story is being described as a fictional work by Weekly World News!

The Martian Time Travel Center

Mystic Investigations extensive research, including aid from top-flight psychics, reveals that Andrew Carlssin was a mental patient and Mars colonist from the 23rd century. He suffered from a complicated condition unique to those born on Mars. His psychologists had been making progress when he escaped from his care facility on Mars. He had been a former employee at a nearby complex working on time travel experiments. Carlssin managed to sneak in using his old ID and stole a spaceship capable of limited time travel. He had no idea how to use it and inadvertently ended up back in late 2002. There he decided to get rich with the knowledge contained within the ships historical database. He would hide in the past and live the sweet life. In his time money, nor an economy as we know it, existed. Unfortunately for him Time Cops from the 25th century eventually detected the primitive temporal anomaly of his time craft because he foolishly left it on for the entire time he was in the past! These Temporal Agents posted his one million dollar bail and returned him to his own time while confiscating the time craft. The Time Cops made contact with the Mars time experiment facility in 2256. They ordered them to cease all experiments until they shored up security and understood the true consequences of time travel!

Andrew Carlssin was cured of his mental condition within the next 5 years before being released. He was made to believe his time in the past was a delusion he suffered from since time travel was still a secret even in the 23rd century. Carlssin chose to leave Mars for a deep space interstellar mission that would take 100 years to complete. He spent the rest of his days exploring the stars for ever more!


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