The Time Traveler Who Made $350 Million On The Stock Market!

On January 28th, 2003 Federal Agents arrested a 44-year-old man named Andrew Carlssin for major SEC violations. This included 126 suspicious high-risk stock market investments that turned $800 into $350,000,000 within a two-week period! Once in custody, he gave an astounding 4-hour confession that included the revelation that he was a time traveler from the year 2256! He went into detail about his “Time Craft” and extensive knowledge of the future. In fact, throughout his two-month incarceration, he gave a number of predictions that all turned out to be true. This included the March 20th, 2003 Invasion of Iraq by US Forces. A desperate Carlssin even offered to give useful information in exchange for his release. Such as information about the cure for AIDS and the location of Osama Bin Laden. He also agreed to let them examine his time machine if he could be present. Plausibly he planned to race inside and escape to the future! However, authorities branded him as a pathological liar and possibly a complete loon! They kept pressing Carlssin to reveal his real source of insider trading information. Still, he stuck to his time travel tale.

On March 29, 2003, a mysterious benefactor posted Andrew Carlssin’s one million dollar bail! He was released and at some point eluded the government’s continued surveillance of him.  This was about the time that his claims were taken seriously by none other than the notoriously secret US Paranormal Defense Agency. The “off the books” agency under the US Department Of Defense that deals with the supernatural world. They became especially interested when investigators found no trace of Carlssin’s existence before 2002. In fact, his identification documents didn’t match filed records despite being verified as authentic. They were masterful forgeries beyond anything ever seen! On April 2nd, 2003 Andrew didn’t show up at his attorney’s office for a meeting about his scheduled court hearing on April 3rd. He never appeared at the hearing and was never seen ever again! The US Paranormal Defense Agency covered up the entire incident once it was classified as a true time travel event. In addition, his assets were completely seized by the government. Currently, there are no reputable sources left about the Time Traveler Andrew Carlssin. As part of the cover-up the story is being described as a fictional work by Weekly World News!

The Martian Time Travel Center

Mystic Investigations extensive research, including aid from top-flight psychics, reveals that Andrew Carlssin was a mental patient and Mars colonist from the 23rd century. He suffered from a complicated condition unique to those born on Mars. His psychologists had been making progress when he escaped from his care facility on Mars. He had been a former employee at a nearby complex working on time travel experiments. Carlssin managed to sneak in using his old ID and stole a spaceship capable of limited time travel. He had no idea how to use it and inadvertently ended up back in late 2002. There he decided to get rich with the knowledge contained within the ships historical database. He would hide in the past and live the sweet life. In his time money, nor an economy as we know it, existed. Unfortunately for him Time Cops from the 25th century eventually detected the primitive temporal anomaly of his time craft because he foolishly left it on for the entire time he was in the past! These Temporal Agents posted his one million dollar bail and returned him to his own time while confiscating the time craft. The Time Cops made contact with the Mars time experiment facility in 2256. They ordered them to cease all experiments until they shored up security and understood the true consequences of time travel!

Andrew Carlssin was cured of his mental condition within the next 5 years before being released. He was made to believe his time in the past was a delusion he suffered from since time travel was still a secret even in the 23rd century. Carlssin chose to leave Mars for a deep space interstellar mission that would take 100 years to complete. He spent the rest of his days exploring the stars for ever more!


Rudolph Fentz: The Times Square Time Traveler

Time Traveler Rudy FentzRudolph Fentz is a known accidental time traveler who lived in New York City, and disappeared on Sunday, August 27th, 1876.  The 29 year old Rudolph Fentz had left home after dinner to go for an evening stroll at about 7:30 PM only to never return.  A lone drunk at the time claimed he saw Rudolph disappear as he crossed a street in Times Square known as Longacre Square at the time.  One second he was there, and the next he just vanished in the blink of an eye.  Due to being a known drunk the witness was discounted, and Rudolph’s family reported him missing.  However he was never found.  In reality new evidence indicates that Fentz was one of the unlucky rare individuals who intersect with a random temporal anomaly.  Despite the splendor of nature, the beauty of celestial objects, and clock work forces that keep our Universe running things aren’t perfect.  There are imperfections in the fabric of space-time.  Errors, usually quite minute,  that the Earth can run through as it hurdles through space along with the solar system.  There are a number of stories in the paranormal record that indicate people who have inadvertently traveled through space, time, and from other parallel Universes as well.  It’s believed that as Fentz crossed the street he walked right into an invisible bubble of warped space-time which instantly transported him to June 14th, 1950 11:15 PM at the same point in space in the roadway in Times Square.

It’s believe the Warped Space-Time Bubble Anomaly operates much like a pebble skipped upon the surface of a pond.  Rather than a pebble on water it’s a bubble through time.  The bubble itself could have arrived on Earth at any time in the past.  Even millions of years ago.  Then it began skipping through time eventually entering 1876 picking up Rudolph, and then skipping to 1950 where it left him before bouncing onward into the future. Once these bubbles come in contact with Earth our gravity keeps it in virtually the same place with only a minor deviation in space despite it’s skips through time. This particular anomaly could be responsible for a number of New York missing persons in the past, and into the future. Particularly those in or around Times Square.

Unfortunately the sudden drop off in the middle of Seventh Avenue on a busy Friday night amid dense traffic created a very dangerous situation for Fentz. Witnesses report a disoriented man wearing late 19th century style clothing suddenly appearing out of nowhere in the middle of traffic. He staggered about briefly while using his hand to shield his eyes from the multiple cars lights.  Ultimately he was struck by a speeding vehicle that didn’t bother stopping as pedestrians intervened to halt traffic. They ran to Rudolph’s aid but he died immediately upon impact with the vehicle!  Even if he had survived any direct contact with witnesses, media, police, etc would have been scrubbed clean by the US government as is the case with most things paranormal in nature.  In fact the NYPD file on this incident has been sealed but officially they claim it doesn’t exist! There were some speculative news stories about Rudolph at the time but there was no real concrete evidence they could show to prove he was a time traveler.

Within his pockets the following items were found:

  • $70 in old banknotes in mint condition despite none being issued after 1876!
  • A copper token for a beer worth 5 cents.  It had the name of an unknown saloon on it.
  • A bill from a livery stable on Lexington Avenue that was not listed in any phone book. It was for the care of a horse and the washing of a carriage.
  • Business cards for a printing press business on Fifth Avenue address with Rudolph’s name on it.
  • A brand new looking letter sent to his address from Philadelphia in June 1876.

Not soon after the autopsy Rudolph Fentz’s body disappeared.  Sources inside the US government indicate his body was taken for study, and is perfectly preserved in a top secret lab somewhere!  As with various other paranormal events the government planted disinformation so as to make it seem like the Fentz story was a fictional urban legend.  However those of us in the real supernatural community know it’s a true story!

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