Lucky 7 Leprechaun Moon Werewolf Warning!

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For the second year in a row, The Storm Moon of March has been canceled. However, unlike last year, it won’t be a holy Moon but rather merely a lucky Moon. This Lucky 7 Leprechaun Moon falls on March 7th but it’s too far away from Saint Patrick’s Day to grant us a complete holy nullification of the Werewolf threat. This Moon will send forth enchanted energies of elevated fortune increasing the luck of good people who bask in its righteous rays. Although Werewolves will completely transform, they will find it difficult to get their claws and jaws into decent human beings or innocent animals. If a Werewolf charges toward you it will inexplicably trip and stumble due to the specter of dark luck cast upon it. On the other hand, you’ll find that your escape is quite easy! Those who follow the perilous path of darkness may find themselves becoming a tasty meal for the hairy horrors of lunar light! The righteous luck of this Moon only works on those who are deserving to survive. That being said, this Moon doesn’t offer absolute protection against Werewolves and other malevolent monsters that roam the nocturnal shadows. Carrying Good Luck Charms at all times should do the trick as they will be up to three times more potent during the month of March. Not to mention that the standard Werewolf Repellents will be many times more effective!­čŹÇ

If the illumination of the Moon in your area appears green then it’s a sure bet Leprechauns are afoot! Werewolves in these zones will be far more docile and may fall under the spell of the lucky little Irish fellows. When a Werewolf has glowing green eyes then odds are good they will leave you alone as they are being controlled to protect Leprechaun Gold! This is the one time you do not want to attempt pilfering the lucky Pots Of Gold! Also, don’t attempt to trap a Leprechaun to get their wishes with a Werewolf nearby. The results will end badly no matter how many lucky charms you possess on your person! Under normal circumstances these activities are somewhat safe as long as you respectfully negotiate with the Leprechaun in good faith. Also, you may Summon A Leprechaun if you’re in danger but never do so for any other purpose! You could find yourself on the dark side of fortune flowing furiously within the wrath of a Leprechaun! In general, the Lucky 7 Leprechaun Moon is safe enough to venture out after dark with minimal worry.­čÉ║

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