Enchanted Easter Egg Moon Werewolf Warning

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Easter Bunny Faces A Werewolf Under The Enchanted Easter Egg Moon

The Pink Moon of April falls within 3 days of Easter Sunday. This grants us The Enchanted Easter Egg Moon. Unfortunately, it won’t be a holy Moon like last year as it must fall within 24 hours of Easter for this to occur. A holy Moon virtually guarantees no transformation of the horrifying Werewolves. Thankfully, the Pink Moon generally has less Werewolf activity as it’s always ripe with The Spirit Of Easter and that of Spring as well. Especially when it occurs early in the month. Even though it falls short of being a holy lunar cycle it is deeply enchanted with the essence of Easter. Only a little over a half of those stricken with the Lycanthrope Virus will transform into monsters. Mostly those who have been Werewolves for 10 years or less. The rest will be able to resist transmutation to varying extents.🐇

The Werewolves under this Enchanted Easter Egg Moon will be less aggressive and not so obsessed with hunting down meat to eat. However, if the blasphemous beast runs across an animal or human all bets are off! In zones where the Moon appears pink, there will be far less danger as this is where The Easter Spirit is the strongest. The metaphysical energy of the Spirit actually dampens the demonic DNA within Werewolves to keep them more in check. Standard Werewolf Repellents will work in an extra enchanted manner with the addition of Easter imagery working as well. Something as simple as a child carrying a bunny doll[Ad] will send a Werewolf into a candy-egged trance long enough for you to slip away into the dark shadows! If you find yourself about to be eaten then you can pray to St Egbert aka The Easter Bunny to save you. Indeed the world’s only Werehare is a real supernatural being who fights the forces of darkness to protect innocent humans! We wish all an Eggstatic Easter!🥚

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