Leap Second Witching Hour Cancellation Alert

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Approaching Witching Hour ClockAs the Midnight Witching Hour approaches tonight will the impending Leap Second of doom have any supernatural ramifications?  Every so often a Leap Second is added to the last day of a month just before Midnight of the next day.  So instead of Midnight 12:00:00 AM it will be 11:59:60 PM. This is to account for Earth’s rotational irregularities, and keep our Atomic Clocks accurate with Mean Solar Time.  The last Leap Second on June 30th, 2012 caused various issues with some digital clocks around the world. This resulted in some computer crashes, and problems with various websites.  Outside of any technical issues there is a very real paranormal consequence of this additional second that is in essence in place of the start of the Witching Hour.

The human collective consciousness dictates what the true time is On Earth along with all dimensions in contact with our planet.  That collective spirit is driven by our clocks.  This extra second is too small to truly be perceived by us but as far as the supernatural world is concerned it should be Midnight.  It in essence corrupts the Witching Hour, and effectively cancels it for July 1st.  For the most part this is a good thing since this is the height of metaphysical activity.  So whether you’re in a haunted house, or work as a gravedigger on the graveyard shift you should finally have a peaceful night.  Any being driven by metaphysical energy to some extent will be weakened or neutralized on July 1st! Unfortunately the Devil’s Hour is still on at 3 AM.  However it will not have the usual supernatural energy build up from the Witching Hour so there will be minimal paranormal activity.  This is also a bit of luck as it hinders dark witches from conjuring up powerful spells on July 1st.  This particular July 1st would be a day off for those of us in the real supernatural community if not for that pesky full Moon that brings us Werewolves, and other nocturnal malevolent monsters!

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