Halloween Witching Hour Warning

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We’re mere hours away from the most evil, and supernatural being packed hour of the entire year.  The first hour of Halloween begins at Midnight tonight.  During this Halloween Witching Hour expect practitioners of dark magic to be conjuring up all manner of havoc that will last until the first embers of light on the hallowed horizon.  At the same time those who walk the path of holy light will cast spells, and be out in full force fighting these demonic worshipers. The witching hour is a prime time for those wield the powers of witchcraft, and it is a key focal point to marshal power that may used for both good, and evil.

Expect to see zombies rising from graves, demons being raised from the very bowels of Hell, and various vicious creatures being coaxed forth from the Underworld.  Beware of ghouls cannibalizing graves, and hospital morgues.  They won’t hesitate to take you down if they have to.  Vampires, and Werewolves will also be out in full force.  Since the full Moon is at 98% there will still be plenty of Werewolves afoot.  Look for the Sasquatch to make rare appearances as it battles Werewolves invading it’s territories.  Chupacabra shall be scurrying about as well so be sure to wear boots as they will first leap from the bushes to bite your ankles before lunging at your neck.  Many Gnomes will be darting to and fro so watch your kids since that’s what they need to extend their pathetic little lives.  There will also be an increase in ghost, and poltergeist activity so steer clear of graveyards, haunted houses, morgues, or anywhere someone died.  In addition we’ve gotten reports of Werecats whose low numbers generally keep them hidden.  Clearly they’ve come out to play for Halloween 2012 along with a plethora of other paranormal monstrosities that are too numerous to mention here.

The Halloween Witching Hour is the most dangerous time on Earth for humans, and it is highly recommended that you stay indoors under the protections of religious artifacts, the appropriate mystical herbs, and magic if possible.  Even then you may have horrid nightmares that may includes visits from astral entities of evil from higher dimensions.  Perhaps even the dreaded dream specters.  Use the search engine in this blog to find the best methods to stop the various nefarious creatures who lurk among the shadows of the Halloween Blood Moon.  If you have any supernatural genes or powers of any type we ask that you risk your safety to protect the helpless in your community during their time of need.  We at Mystic Investigations will be continuing the good fight against the forces of darkness tonight, and Halloween night as well.  Pray for us, and we will pray for you during these dark nights of ferocious frights!


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