Terrifying Trick O Treat Forecast

Many communities will be having their official trick o treating today while others will actually have it on Halloween.  The secret reason for this is the fact that witches who practice the dark arts are at the height of their power on Halloween and many evil spells involving kids can be performed on this day.  … Read more

Werewolf Warning In Effect!

Yesterdays Werewolf Watch has been upgraded to a Werewolf Warning due to many werewolf sighting being reported yesterday.  We here at Mystic Investigations bagged quite a few of these hairy horrors.  Already tonight we have had more reports coming in to our call center along with our official Mystic Sighters spotting the hounds of hell … Read more

Werewolf Watch In Effect!

We are at 99% full moon and I urge caution when going out after sunset.  Your greatest risk of werewolf contact falls between 10 PM and 2 AM.  The full moon coupled with it being the 13 days of Halloween increases the risk of Werewolf activity two fold.  If you plan on being out late … Read more

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