Blood-Harvest Halloween Hybrid Moon Maddness

Normally the mainstream media would call the October Full Moon the Hunter’s Moon which is now set for November. However they are referring to it as the Harvest Moon since this Moon is the one closest to the Autumnal Equinox. In the supernatural world we know that it will be the Blood-Harvest Halloween Moon! This … Read more

Blue Moon Werewolf Warning

Tonight will bring us the rare Blue Moon which is an extra full Moon in any given month or season.  In some areas the Blue Moon might actually appear blue in color due to atmospheric conditions, forces of supernatural nature, or magical interference.  This rare Moon brings us a general increase in paranormal activity across the board … Read more

13 Nights Of Halloween Alert!

The 13 horror filled nights of Halloween are now upon us.  For reasons not fully understood, the twelve nights preceding Halloween, and including Halloween itself for number thirteen, are the most hellish nights of evil seen all year long.  However we do know that various nefarious forces of evil utilize ancient magics to marshal legions of … Read more

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