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Southern Hemisphere Harvest Moon Warning

While the Northern Hemisphere of Earth is under the influence of the Storm Moon the Southern Hemisphere is ruled by the Harvest Moon.  As the days grow shorter the bright Harvest Moon is a welcome addition to light the night.  … Continue reading

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Storm Moon Werewolf Warning In Effect

The Werewolves of the March Storm Moon are known to display somewhat greater aggression than your typical Werewolf. Which is not good considering how the standard Werewolf makes a hungry Lion look like a helpless kitten.  The Lunar energies of … Continue reading

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Pink Moon And Partial Eclipse Werewolf Warning

The Pink Moon of April is upon us as the Moon reaches 99% of full.  The Pink Moon originally got it’s name from the first flowers of summer which are pink moss, and pink phlox in some areas.  Flowers used … Continue reading

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July Lightning Moon Werewolf Watch

A Werewolf Watch is in effect until the Moon is below 80% full.  During the 80% to 99% range you will see ever increasing or decreasing Werewolf transformations since Moon fullness percentage is related to the age of the Werewolf.  Those more … Continue reading

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