Ice Moon Werewolf Warning

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Many Werewolf sightings have been reported over the past week, and the dangers of the vicious wolf monsters still lurks as the Moon is still at 91% of full.  Luckily the Ice Moon has little negative effect on Werewolf activity.  However there have been a handful of reported Lycanthrope attacks reported across North America.  Global statistics are still coming in but there’s at least 47 Werewolf attacks reported. Half of which include bites, and the infecting of humans with the Lycanthrope virus.  May God have mercy on their souls as they face the prospect of a lifetime of painful full Moon transformations.

The Werewolf threat will end once the coming weekend is over.  Thankfully in time for Valentines Day.  Nothing ruins Valentines for a couple than to have one person transforming into a mindless blood thirsty rage filled beast.  Had a full Moon fell on Valentines Day then the Angels known as Cupids would have greatly reduced the Werewolf populace as they spread supernatural love about the planet.

Until the full Moon is below 80% you should take the usual precautions of being aware of your post dusk environment when traveling.  Wear a sprig of Wolfsbane or spray yourself with Wolfsbane Water.  Wearing silver, especially crosses or crucifixes, is a great deterrent for the wolf man menace as well.  We also recommend carrying holy water, a Werewolf Whistle, a silver bullet loaded gun, or silver dagger with you at all times.  Remember not to let your guard down on cloudy nights.  Despite the fantasy of movies Werewolves don’t actually need a visible full Moon to transform.  They feel the paranormal force of the full Moon so consult your Moon phase calendar or weather site just to be sure.  As always we give the percentage of Moon fullness here for your convenience.  Please be safe in your nocturnal journeys as Valentines Day approaches!

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