Werewolf Watch

The moon is at 88% full so be alert for Werewolves afoot when venturing out at night.  Urban areas are at minimal risk for Lycanthrope activity while rural wooded areas are at the highest risk.  In such areas we suggest simply staying indoors after dusk. Please refer to past Werewolf Watch & Werewolf Warning posts for … Read more

Werewolf Warning

The full moon is at 97% full and Werewolves have been spotted the previous nights of 80%+ full moon.  Be wary when venturing outdoors after dusk and before dawn.  Be on alert with bullets and daggers of silver ready for action.  Wear a silver dog whistle or Werewolf whistle around your neck if you can … Read more

Werewolf Warning

Werewolves have been spotted in the general area.  The moon is now at 100% full which means Werewolf activity will be at it’s peak for this month of the Flower Moon.  Luckily the so called Flower Moon has no effect on the Werewolf populace.  Exercise caution when venturing out at dusk.  Once the direct sun … Read more

Special Lunar Eclipse Werewolf Alert

There will be a long full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 15th which causes werewolves to de-transformation yet maintain their werewolf persona in human form.  This means you need to be on alert for humans going on violent serial killing sprees in areas where the eclipse is visible.  Luckily this will not include the North American Continent.  Please exercise … Read more

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