July Lightning Moon Werewolf Watch

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A Werewolf Watch is in effect until the Moon is below 80% full.  During the 80% to 99% range you will see ever increasing or decreasing Werewolf transformations since Moon fullness percentage is related to the age of the Werewolf.  Those more recently transformed into Werewolves will transform at a lower percentage while older Lycanthropes will transform at a higher percentage.  At 100% fullness all Werewolves will transform except those with extraordinary will power, and skill.

Tonight is the 100% full Moon of July which brings us the Lightning Moon.   Under normal weather conditions the Lightning Moon will have no unusual effect on Werewolves.  However if there is any stormy weather that produces lightning then there is a chance at seeing electrically charged Werewolves.  They’re drawn to lightning, and lightning is drawn to their strong supernatural electromagnetic aura.  If struck they become temporarily charged, and will have electrical bolts leaping to and fro from their raised fur charged with power.  The color varies depending on the Werewolf in question, and can be white, crimson, sparkling gold, various shades of green, blue, and violet.  Their glowing eyes will also pulsate with energy, and appear to flicker like wild candles.  Their strength, and violent aggression will be magnified.  Getting within 7 feet will cause you to get struck by their personal lightning arsenal.  The shock would be paranormal in nature, and could very well annihilate you from existence.  If they should bite or scratch you the electrical jolt would surely be the end of you.  That is if they don’t tear you apart because the Lycanthrope virus within your blood would resurrect you from the dead, and transform you into a Werewolf.  A Werewolf being created by a fully charged Lightning Moon Werewolf is rare, and would give said Werewolf permanent electrokinetic powers. Such powers would be random in Werewolf form unless they can retain their human consciousness through amazing will power, and practice.  In human form they would easily be able to master such abilities.  They would be able to control electricity in the environment around them along with having varying degrees of shooting electrical energy from their body.

So as usual we recommend staying indoors with silver wind chimes, and Wolfsbane hanged around doors, and windows along with other protective measures.  This is especially true if thunderstorms are expected in your area.  If you must venture out into the cold cruel night then please have your silver bullet loaded gun, or squirt gun full of Holy Water, or Wolfsbane water at your side ready to go.  Wearing a silver cross or any silver jewelry acts as a deterrent as well.  Spray on Werewolf repellents should be prepared at home rather than bought to insure the ingredients are pure.  Common repellents generally have Wolfsbane, holy water (Catholic Variety), and colloidal silver in it’s ingredients.  The repellent can be applied as a body spray or used as a mace of sorts for an attacking Lycanthrope.  Always aim for the eyes for maximum effect!

To repel any electrical energy from a Lightning Werewolf you should carry a metal rod with an insulated handle.  Wearing rubber clothing will help as well.  Keep in mind the normal shock of a high voltage taser used for escape will be nullified by a fully charged Lightning Werewolf.  In addition be prepared for your electricity to go out at home since some of these bellowing beasts will inadvertently skulk near electrical lines, and transformers.  If your power goes out please do not venture outside to investigate.  Also we suggest not going in to your basement to check your electrical box since Werewolves are notorious for sneaking into cool damp basements to catch some Z’s after consuming large amounts of meat.  If you should find a strange naked person in your basement during the day be aware of what they are, and contact paranormal professionals rather than police.  Don’t forget to add protection to the often forgotten basement windows.

Please also be aware that a Blue Moon is coming on August 31st.  Stay tuned for more information on this rare Moon, and it’s effect on Werewolves.

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