Supermoon Super Werewolf Alert

Due to the March 19th full Supermoon expect an unusual increase in werewolf activity. Especially since this is the closest the full moon has been to the Earth since 1993! During this sinister supermoon, the standard werewolf bulks up in muscle mass with a remarkable increase in strength. They also possess far greater speed and … Read more

Werewolf Warning

The moon is at 96% full and conditions are perfect for werewolf activity(80% full moon required for humans to transform into werewolves).  Werewolves have been spotted in your area the past few nights after dust and until dawn.  Please stay inside and securely lock doors and windows.  If you must venture outside then be on … Read more

Werewolf Watch In Effect

The moon is 100% full so conditions are within parameters for werewolf activity although being this close to Christmas has been known to suppress some werewolf transformations due to the vast forces of good marshaled upon the Earth. In addition on Midnight December 21st the full moon fell precisely on the winter solstice combined with … Read more

Werewolf Watch

The moon is 95% full so I urge caution when going out after sunset for the next week.  Your greatest risk of werewolf sightings falls between 10 PM and 2 AM.  If you plan on being out late, especially in wooded areas or near cemeteries,  I urge you to carry a dog whistle, taser, or silver … Read more

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