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Double Blood Moon Tetrad Total Eclipse Selenelion Warning

The Most Powerful Paranormal Moon Of Our Era! October brings us the annual dreaded Blood Moon of the Halloween season.  A Moon whose energies are transformed into a sinister blood red light for the purposes of marshaling the dark forces … Continue reading

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Valentines Snow Moon Warning

Although the normal February Full Moon, known as the Snow Moon, generally has very little paranormal consequences this particular Moon falls on Valentines Day making it a Valentines Moon.  The Valentines Moon is deeply influenced by the Angel Saint Valentines, … Continue reading

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Halloween Paranormal Activity Warning

Halloween is almost always the most dangerous night of the year for humans as the world of the supernatural runs amok. The veil between life, and death exponentially increased spiritual activity. This in turn swirls more metaphysical energy about for … Continue reading

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Blood Moon Eclipse Warning

The blasphemous Blood Moon of the Halloween season is upon us with a penumbral lunar eclipse twist.  The Blood Moon is a general magnifier of malevolent powers among all manner of supernatural beings.  Although the dark denizens draw upon it … Continue reading

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