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Super Tetrad Blood Moon Eclipse Armageddon Warning!

The Most Malevolent Moon In Recent History! Mystic Investigations Headquarters is officially at Red Alert as we prepare for tonight’s inevitable paranormal onslaught!  On the evening of Sunday, September 27th, 2015 at 9:11 PM (Apex at 9:47 PM) US Central Daylight … Continue reading

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Lucky 7 Leprechaun Days Of Saint Patrick Alert

In the distant past some Angels began to take it upon themselves, many times in the face of Archangel disapproval, to claim aspects of the so called paranormal pagan world.  Thankfully the Saints who do this were once human, and … Continue reading

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Tetrad Full Blood Moon Total Eclipse Warning

What normally would be the peaceful April Pink Moon of Easter will be a blasphemous Blood Moon Total Eclipse on the early dark morning of April 15th.  It will begin in the Witching Hour, and continue right through the Devil’s … Continue reading

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2012 Winter Solstice Warning

Doomsday is now upon us the Mayan prophesied 2012 Winter Solstice counts down to 11:11 AM (Universal Time), or 11:12 when rounded to the nearest second.  In the United States it will be between 6:12 AM (Eastern Time), and 3:12 … Continue reading

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