Double Blood Moon Tetrad Total Eclipse Selenelion Warning

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The Most Powerful Paranormal Moon Of Our Era!
Blood Tetrad Moon WerewolfOctober brings us the annual dreaded Blood Moon of the Halloween season.  A Moon whose energies are transformed into a sinister blood red light for the purposes of marshaling the dark forces of evil around the world. From the point of the Blood Moon onward the forces of evil are magnified as Halloween approaches. However this year we are faced with the most malevolent moon of modern times due to the morning of October 8th being a Double Blood Moon thanks to it being a Total Lunar Eclipse.  If that wasn’t bad enough we can even go so far as to say it’s a Quadruple or Quindruple Blood Moon since this the second Blood Moon of the terrifying Lunar Tetrad, four total lunar eclipse Blood Moons about 6 months apart in a row, that began on April 15, 2014, and end on September 28, 2015 with our next Blood Moon eclipse on April 4, 2015.  The Tetrad has a mystical lunar connection that defies time, and connects the four Moons past, present, and future for a mystifying amplification of energy.

All total lunar eclipses are Blood Moons not only due to the red hue created by theBlood Moon Tetrad 2014-2015 atmospheric refraction of every sunrise, and sunset on Earth being focused toward the Moon but also due to the forces of evil capitalizing on the unique mystical lunar energies the eclipse brings.  Unfortunately the dark denizens of Devil worship staked their claim on the total eclipses, and the Blood Moon of October’s Halloween a long time ago just as the forces of good lay claim to the December Christmas Yule Moon.  Be on alert for various dark practitioners of magic gathering for diabolical rituals, and demonic sacrifices as apart of their Blood Moon Halloween rituals.  Steering clear of heavily wooded areas is highly recommended not only for the sorcerers, wizards, warlocks, and witches that practice the dark arts but a number of other hellish horrors including the dreaded Werewolf!  All beings with demonic DNA, or those who pledge allegiance to the Satanic forces of Hell, will see exponential increases in all their powers!  They will also fall prey to their vicious animal instincts whether they like it or not.  This Blood Moon is so amazing that it will probably have numerous effects on a variety of paranormal beings even if they don’t have demonic DNA, and are sainted souls.  Even humans may feel ill or exhilarating effects depending on the nature of their DNA, and eternal soul.  Demonic possessions will definitely be on the increase!

It’s been estimated that this particular Blood Moon is the most ideal time for the Devil, now on Earth in biological form, to father the prophesied Anti-Christ.  He’s been stopped before, and if he doesn’t act now he may never have a chance again for a long time since a variety of factors must be perfect.  Pray he does not succeed in this dark deed!

As with all lunar eclipses Werewolves will de-transform during the mid point of the eclipse while maintaining their monstrous Lycanthrope persona.  With the power of this special Tetrad Double Blood Moon in play they won’t return to full human form but will appear like a jacked up wolf man of sorts with their full Werewolf strength.   When in the light of the normal Full Blood Moon they will be extremely hulked up Werewolves with exponential killing power!  If you spot one you’re already dead!  You will only see a blur shoot toward you, and that will be it!

Vampires will exponentially experience the Blood Moon Fever magnified several times past a normal Blood Moon.  Their urge to drain anything that moves of blood, and extinguish life will be almost impossible to deny.  Even friendly vampires may have to lock themselves in a cage alongside the Werewolves!

The simulation of a new Moon along with the general unholy light of the Blood Moon will bring out the malicious Manticore .  If you thought Werewolves were a nightmare then meeting a Manticore hopped up on Blood Moon PCP will make you think of Werewolves as sweet loving puppies!

Rare Sinister Selenelion For Some Folks

For some areas there will be a short period of time when the lunar eclipse will actually be in the sky at the same time as the rising Sun.  An extremely rare phenomenon called a Selenelion.  This is an extremely dangerous phenomenon because unlike a simple full Moon being in the sky the same time as the Sun, a Blood Moon, especially one of this Tetrad magnitude, allows night confined supernatural creatures to exist in what would normally be safe holy sunlight.  In fact the lunar forces will continue well into the morning until sometime before Noon when the effect wears off.  This mean Vampires, Werewolves, and other potentially threatening paranormal entities can walk in broad daylight free to do as they please.  The Blood Moon only needs to be in the sky with the first rays of sunlight for mere seconds for the effect to take hold.  In addition even if this doesn’t happen in your area the sheer power of this Tetrad Double Blood Moon will power up said entities enough to potentially withstand the sunlight for at least an hour or two after sunrise.  For this reason alone we would recommended calling in sick to work or talking the morning off.  Angelic forces are also on high alert ready to enforce The Supernatural Secrecy Pact due to the potential exposure of supernatural secrets to the general populace in the glaring light of day.   No more people thinking they were just seeing things or cameras not capturing that odd looking animal scurrying around in the shadows!

If there was ever a night to stay home in the 21st century thus far this is it!  I’d seriously just take off from work, and plan to keep the kids home from school at least until high Noon because from the Witching Hour October 8th onward til Noon will be even more dangerous than Halloween!  You will need to stay awake all night monitoring activity outside your house with super soaker in hand loaded with holy water, colloidal silver, and Wolfsbane.  Others may prefer silver tipped arrows or silver bullets in their supernatural arsenal. Thankfully some creatures like vampires can’t come in unless invited so the news isn’t all bad.  May your God(s) and/or Goddess(s) of choice have mercy on your immortal souls!

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