Global Clurichaun Watch In Effect

With the approach of Saint Patrick’s Day the evil Leprechauns known as Clurichauns are now afoot about the world.  These Anti-Leprechauns were once Leprechauns who were lured into the sinister shadows by demons who took issue with Leprechauns spreading good luck, peace, and cheer about the world.  The corrupted Clurichauns now live only to serve … Read more

St.Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Alert

There have been a number of Leprechaun sightings on this St.Patrick’s Day 2012.  Be on the look out for the little 3 foot tall fellows wearing green, and giggling in an Irish accent as they scurry about with their sacred Shillelagh in hand.  At the request of the Leprechauns patron Saint Patrick, the Heavenly Angel, an Irishman … Read more

Calamitous Clurichaun Warning

We are issuing an urgent Clurichaun warning as St.Patrick’s Day rapidly approaches due to the many sightings all over the world.  Especially in the United States which may be caused by the unusual warm March weather. Clurichauns, sometimes called Clobhairs, or Anti-Leprechauns, are the evil cousins of Leprechauns who live only to cause havoc, and thwart the … Read more

March Storm Moon Werewolf Warning

With the Storm Moon of March at 99% illumination you can expect numerous Werewolf sightings.  In fact many have been reported thus far.  Especially in places hit by thunder or snow storms.  During March storms the Lycanthropes will display increased aggression.  Luckily the fatalities, and injuries are at a minimum thanks literally to luck. The luck of … Read more

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