Leprechaun & Clurichaun Watch In Effect Through March

The previous watches for Leprechauns & Clurichauns are still in effect even more so as we approach St.Patrick’s Day.  You should generally experience good luck this week if you truly believe in the luck of the Irish and their mystical emissaries the Leprechaun.  If you don’t believe then nothing might happen or a Clurichaun may imbue … Read more

Clurichaun Watch

Clurichauns are in essence evil Leprechauns or Anti-Leprechauns corrupted by demonic forces to spread bad luck in blatant opposition to the good luck that Leprechauns spread as St.Patrick’s Day approaches.  They look exactly like Leprechauns except they don’t have friendly faces and look like drunken demons with a sinister smile on their face.  The live in … Read more

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