Supernatural Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is upon us, and sensual supernatural beings are afoot!  The time of the Spring supernaturals passing on their nature duties to the Summer supernaturals. Tomorrow at 10:51 Universal Time. or 4:51 AM Mountain Standard Time, the northern hemisphere will receive the most sunlight beckoning forth the summer supernaturals.  This includes a plethora … Read more

Valentines Snow Moon Warning

Although the normal February Full Moon, known as the Snow Moon, generally has very little paranormal consequences this particular Moon falls on Valentines Day making it a Valentines Moon.  The Valentines Moon is deeply influenced by the Angel Saint Valentines, and his Cupids whose mission it is to spread love around the world.  The extra … Read more

Nymph Alert

The widespread unseasonably warm temperatures across North America has seemingly cut winter off short, skipped spring, and gone straight to summer.  These hot temperature are the product of increased Nymph activity.  Nymphs are minor female deities who are the spirits of our environment including the sky, land, and water.  They have worked on behalf of … Read more

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