🌕 Summer Solstice Moon Werewolf Warning

The Moon of June is usually the Strawberry or Honey Moon. However, in the supernatural world, 2024 gifts us The Summer Solstice Moon since it falls within 24 hours of the longest day of the year. This majestic Moon falls firmly under the careful command of Summer Goddesses. The enchanted energy of this lunar cycle … Read more

Summer Solstice Moon Alert

The Summer Of Love is set to flourish with the first Full Moon to fall on the Summer Solstice since 1967!  When the Strawberry Moon of June falls on the day of the Summer Solstice it then comes under the influence of that celestial event. Expect a general calming effect among all Supernatural Beings who stroll … Read more

Supernatural Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is upon us, and sensual supernatural beings are afoot!  The time of the Spring supernaturals passing on their nature duties to the Summer supernaturals. Tomorrow at 10:51 Universal Time. or 4:51 AM Mountain Standard Time, the northern hemisphere will receive the most sunlight beckoning forth the summer supernaturals.  This includes a plethora … Read more

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