Leprechaun & Clurichaun Watch In Effect Through March

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The previous watches for Leprechauns & Clurichauns are still in effect even more so as we approach St.Patrick’s Day.  You should generally experience good luck this week if you truly believe in the luck of the Irish and their mystical emissaries the Leprechaun.  If you don’t believe then nothing might happen or a Clurichaun may imbue bad luck upon you.  Especially if you’re emotionally vulnerable in some way.  Those who fall in the lower half of the evil spectrum (Robbers, Bullies, Common Thugs, Etc.)  will experience very bad luck while those in the high end of the evil spectrum (Devil Worshipers,Serial Killers, Some Billionaire Banking Elite, Some Royalty, And various government officials) will experience good luck created by Leprechauns gold that the Clurichaun stole.  It’s wise to be on your best behavior this week in order to attract Lucky Leprechauns and deflect Evil Clurichauns.  Also be sure to carry good luck charms such as rabbits feet, horse shoes, Shamrock, wish bones or any personal memento you consider to be lucky.

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