December 4, 2022

Past Metaphysical Questions?

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Past questions related to the realm of the metaphysical that deal with the supernatural nature of our paranormal planet. Our top-flight team of paranormal professionals answered them to the best of their abilities!

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290 thoughts on “Past Metaphysical Questions?

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  2. I was wondering what you think of godhoodism? Is it the true religion?if so can the bible be trusted? Also have you heard of the creature called “the slenderman”? Please reply.

    1. Godhoodism is indeed the true religion. It only makes sense that God would want to play through many more scenarios than exists in this one Universe. This includes our lives so naturally there are parallel Universes as Quantum Physicists believe. Within those alternate realities we lead near infinite lives. All those lives are connected through our one soul. A soul that will have collected all the knowledge, and experiences of those near infinite lives. These lives we lead are the preparation for Godhood, and the eventual creation of our own Universes, and sentient beings. The afterlife shouldn’t be stagnation but continued growth. The Bible may indeed be the product of a God who chooses not to reveal the true purpose of reality which is ascension to Godhood.

      Yes we’ve heard of the Slender Man but haven’t had the pleasure of taking on the nefarious specter of evil. Certainly we here at Mystic Investigations would take down the filthy fiend with extreme prejudice. We will not stand for anyone kidnapping children, and causing torment to adults as well. We don’t know what he is but he appears to have been around since at least Egyptian times. He may have demonic origins, or perhaps be a freak of nature. Some have suggested he’s one of the first Jinn to phase into this reality. Now he’s so powerful that he can’t be contained in a bottle or lamp to become a Genie. Hopefully in the near future we will cross paths with the skinny faceless multi-armed black suit wearing loser so he can finally be neutralized once and for all. His centuries of evil exploits will come to an end!

    1. Yes Magick is good when used in the fight against evil. Just don’t invoke demons, or Gods/Goddesses considered evil.

      Yes spread Godhoodism throughout your sphere of influence, and let it flourish throughout the general populace.

  3. Umm, i’ve been thinking will 2012 bring about a revolution. I also need help with my Grandma she is like a huge christain/jew/whatever else, but she wont get off my back about beliveing in godhoodism say its one of satans tactics to get me a way from god since im s former christain well,i started to.question christainity thats how I came across godhoodism it also

    1. Unfortunately hardcore Christians will say everything they don’t agree with is the Devil’s work while throwing around the old hell threats. A lot of these religions are clearly man made because they’ve done nothing but cause divisions, and blood shed among humankind.

  4. Had to do with slender man trying to obtain godhood.anyway she say s im going to burn in hell and other be honest I dident like being christain I was more born in to it with no choice or say in it.what sould I say to her?

    1. Why would God need a hell threat? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of living these harsh lives to test our will to see our true character? There could be bad people who simply avoid doing bad things just because of the threat. Also how could a supposedly loving creator be sadistic enough to have a perpetual torturous hell exist within his Universe for all eternity. It could never be perfect with such a sick thing going on. There’s also the fact that no crime is worthy of an eternal punishment. Only an eternal crime perpetuated by an eternal being would warrant hell. Ultimately though what purpose would that serve? Hell was just a made up threat by the church to force people to obey their religion. The Bible in fact only mentions being thrown into a lake of fire, and nothing about an eternal torturous hell. The meaning of that passage is that a soul would be incinerated from existence thereby relieving the evil of their imperfect suffering state.

      1. This is exactly why I started to study Wicca. Recently, I found a book titled, “Wicca, A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner,” and it has been truly informal. Unlike most religions, it stresses that there is no one “true” religion, or one “correct” belief. All beliefs are true, and all beliefs are correct. It also stresses that “Wiccan Magick is natural,” and cannot break the laws of reality. Also, as I started truly living by the Wiccan Rede, “An it harm none, do what ye will,” I have found myself following a much more peaceful path. One that Christianity would never let me follow. Godhoodism also supports Wicca in a way. All universes, omniverses, and multiverses have their own “head” god(s)! I simply choose to worship the God and Goddess.

    1. No you shouldn’t be afraid to die since it’s like being born again if your soul is judged to be good. You’ll be re-born in the Heavenly realms as an Angel who will then work to ascend to Godhood. If you’re evil you will simply be blinked from existence. There is no hell because that would mean God was sadistic, and evil. And being evil is too easy, and childish in nature. Certainly not something one would expect from a omnipotent everlasting creator with unlimited knowledge.

    1. So far nobody has a definitive answer on how to access the full power of their pure thought aka their spirit or soul. The rare few that do end up leaving this reality, and becoming Travelers. Super beings who traverse space, time, parallel Universes, higher dimensions, and beyond for a very long time before finally joining their soul in the Heavenly realms. Hints of the power of pure thought are seen in many through feat of mind over matter on varying levels which also includes the placebo effect. Almost everyone can be fooled into believing something that can actually effect their body in some way. This is the fringes of pure thought being witnessed, and the first step to harnessing it’s awesome power. A being capable of doing this, and then remaining in this exact Universe would be the most powerful being alive, and could easily take over the planet. However I’m sure a higher God, or Angel would intervene if it was not the destiny of this Universe.

  5. Admin, I agree! It is sad that most of the human population has not grown up! I mean that as they love to point there fingers at the Devil or someone else. Instead of growing up and realizing they are the keepers of there own life choices. They build there life by the choices they’ve made. So yeah’..

    1. The pure thought power of our mind makes anything possible if you will it to be so, and truly believe. However there’s also practitioners of magic who could imbue you will various powers, and abilities. You could also call upon Gods, and Goddesses for power. Make a wish in a real wishing well or with a Genie, or even a Leprechaun. You could also be transformed by a vampire or Werewolf.

    1. The average person wouldn’t be able to know if it;s real or not. Only someone possessing magical abilities would know. However if it’s meant to be then you will come upon a real wishing well.

    1. Not directly. However the ultimate planners of this terrorist act were in fact the New World Order aka the Illuminati who are the top .000001% billionaire plutocratic elites who have great power over the planet. Since they worship demonic forces you could say there was a sinister supernatural hand in the 9/11 attacks.

    1. Dimitri Diablo isn’t more powerful than the combined demonic, alien, and plutocratic forces of the infamous Illuminati that rules over this planet as a shadow government. However the elusive independent Diablo is a thorn in their side at times, and his amazing sorcery powers can take down factions within their vast globalist network.

  6. Drake, my son told me he meddled in some bad things. Such as the Illuminati. I read about this 3 weeks ago! That you’re in search of Dimitri Diablo. And that there’s a reward etc. My son confessed to me about what he’d done. He also told me that my sisters husband is apart of the Illuminati. YES this scares me allot! Since I had no idea my son was apart of it. He told me he’s been visited by a dark daemonic entity who tells him things. Also this entity threatened to kill him if he told anyone! My son told me he knows where Dimitri Diablo is. He told me he’s President Obama’s father. And that he’s hiding in an underground government missile bunker.

    My son was shaking as he told me. Because he wants out of it. I hugged my son and told him I won’t let anything happen to him. As I hugged him. I envisioned radiant holy light through him. And imagined we were standing under a waterfall and the cross was above us. Making it holy water. I basically blessed my son. He hasn’t had problems. I told him to let me know if he does.

    I’m not 100% sure if he’s right about Dimitri Diablo. But Drake if you could have seen his face he was white as a ghost and scared out of his mind. I know he’s not lying about whatever it is he’s been shown and told. I just want my son to be safe. As for that man who wishes evil upon Earth. He will pay for what he’s done. If I have anything to say about it.

    1. Just as the FBI has a most wanted list, the paranormal community has placed Dimitri Diablo at the top of it’s list. Unfortunately we don’t have any reliable leads on him. He’s randomly sighted somewhere causing havoc, and then disappears. Hours later he can appear on the other side of the planet. I don’t think one man should have so much power. Ironic that your son thinks he’s Obama’s father since he’s a human with way too much power. Diablo is of Russian, and Mayan decent. However he can glamour his appearance, and it’s safe to say he can also probably alter his DNA. So who knows if Obama is in fact the offspring of Diablo. Perhaps Obama is glamouring his appearance for whatever reason. Certainly we know very little about the Presidents past, and his invasions of sovereign nations are slowly pushing the planet toward WW III. It could be apart of Diablo’s plan to take over the planet.

      Even if we found Dimitri I fear our team would be no match for his raw evil powers of sorcery. Our only shot would be if I could get close enough to sink my teeth into him, and drink of his vile blood. I’d then theoretically acquire his powers so I could battle him on even ground. Although it’s a big risk. It’s unknown if I could absorb such massive power or if I could even gain his powers. Although power transference through blood from witches, wizards, and warlocks is well documented, there’s very little on Sorcerers blood.

    1. I live on a private road, Alexander Parkway, in the heart of the Mystical Forest in Woodland Springs, Colorado.

      Reverse Vampires are beyond rare, and I’ve only met one in seven centuries. Since they can be out in sunlight they could be anywhere. However they love wheat grass so anyone who live near large fields of wheat grass is a suspect.

    1. Pure thought is the non-corporeal mind of God in which our entire Universe exists. It is the very foundation of reality. That pure thought eventually transitions into energy strings which eventually transitions into the matter we see around us. Unfortunately the illusion of this so called physical world helps keep us trapped here but the real culprit is the programming of our brain that filters in a fraction of the power within our pure thought souls. Some people such as retarded citizens have more filtering than say a super enlightened genius of some type. It takes a lot of mental training to over come the programming of our brain which keeps us trapped within this reality.

  7. Is there any unnatural about the common human I mean like you guys have like all these awesome. Power and I’m just normal. In a way I’m kinda jealous?

    1. We’re a 12 member team for the most part, and not all of us have powers. It’s just Drake (vampire), Rebecca (Mermaid Witch), Ashley (Half Zombie), Zack (Bionic Limbs), and Julia (Psychic With Telekinetic Powers). The rest of us are human although I do have mysterious bouts of super strength, and rapid healing at times so I might possibly be on the edge of being a super human. I’m also well trained in the martial arts as is Hunter Jackson the ex-Navy Seal member of our team. Clearly supernatural powers are rare but fate brought us together in the fight against evil.

      If you’re unable to gain power though magic, or being turned into a supernatural being then you can certainly learn the martial arts, and become knowledgeable on how to take on various evil paranormal entities. You could easily become a ghost, werewolf, or vampire slayer to join in on the battle to eradicate evil from this Earth!

  8. Marital arts what does that do?also,can I a 15 year old fight evil, I can do marine corps marital arts,parcore.last thing does the near future hold a revolution?thanks

    1. Martial arts can be an equalizer against physical supernatural beings if you have no weapons in your possession. Hunter Jackson, our ex-Navy Seal, took down a cave full of ferocious feral vampires with nothing but his trusty knife, muscles, and martial arts training.

      Zack Powers is the youngest member of our team at age 16. However he has four bionic limbs. I’d say anyone with the will, and determination can fight the forces of evil.

      There will most definitely be a revolution in America within the coming decade as the government exponentially enacts it’s police state grid. The only question is whether it will be a peaceful reclamation of the Constitutional Republic or a violent second Revolutionary War. Ultimately the world will have to revolt as a whole against the New World Order Illuminati, aka globalist corporatist bankers who more or less own most of the government of the world including the United States. Basically the same forces of evil that have enslaved humankind since the dawn of civilization. Either humankind wants to be free, or they want to live in a permanent global tyranny enforced by overwhelming technology.

  9. is there something more than just the light and the darkness is there something else that is eternal something in between? Is your heart and soul the same thing?

    1. Your entire body is the physical manifestation of your soul. However the brain is the conduit that translates pure thought into this world. The heart has been used as a mystical conduit to access the awesome energy of the soul.

      God has both light, and darkness within him otherwise the Angelic forces of light, and the demonic forces of dark could not exist within him. There are beings called Travelers who are the eternal free agents of the Universe who don’t answer to anyone, and follow their own path.

    1. There’s never been nothing otherwise something couldn’t have come from it. We believe that in the beginning there was an infinite pool of pure thought devoid of consciousness. This pool of pure thought waves always existed, and eventually the thoughts, or pure information, randomly coalesced until the self-aware consciousness of God took shape.

  10. Which would you rather have a peacefull or violent revolution? Also,you mentioned “overwhelming technology” does that mean like advanced robotic soldiers or something?

    1. Clearly a peaceful Soviet Union style collapse would be for the best. A revolution where everyone takes to the streets, leaves their differences behind, and unites against the unconstitutional government. If the Constitutional Republic was fully restored that would mean a Libertarian style of government, and a real capitalist economy instead of everything being corporatist in nature.

      We’re not sure what technologies the government has but it’s rumored to be at least 50 years in advance of anything we’ve seen. They’ve spent trillions since the 1940’s within the shell of their secret government agencies. God only knows what weapons they possess! Certainly robotic technology is a big possibility. Since the fine men, and women of the military have indicated they’d never go against the American people then perhaps robot terminators would battle against us.

    1. In the United States the most common place to find Werewolves are Native American tribes. Since they were the first people to face the Werewolf threat, and make it their own. Go to Indian reservations, and casinos. Then subtly hint that you want in to the world of the wolf. You could also go to a reservation on the nights of a full Moon, and there might be a chance of getting bitten. Just be sure you’re near a tree so you can scurry up it quick. Werewolves, at least the mindless mad dog variety, can’t climb trees. If however the Werewolf has mastered it’s condition it will be fully aware, and you can tell him or her that you’d like to join their supernatural ranks.

      In addition in some cases wolf packs will hang together in biker gangs so you might check the taverns, and clubs they hang out in. Many times they will share wolf tattoos to signify their status.

      Individual werewolves are nearly impossible to find although whitewolf3001 is a werewolf who posts on here frequently.

    1. In human form it’s hard to tell but they’re almost always ultra confident, well spoken, and aggressive in all that they do. In the heat of an argument or when excited their eyes will glow.

    1. Yes there are recorded incidents of witches cursing people into becoming Werewolves. There’s even a rare power that occurs in a minute amount of witches that gives them the ability to turn people into Werewolves at will. They are called Werewolfers, and they call it Werewolfing when they use their dangerous powers.

  11. What was lucfers rebellion like. I heard on the internet that his rebellion had devastating effects on both the heavenly and phsyical realms but there’s a lot of theories of how it went down I don’t know what to belive.

  12. Hello Eclipse, Be very careful when seeking out a werewolve. We all are not as nice! The biker werewolve packs are not all good. Some hunt people for fun. I know one Indian werewolve. He likes hunting the deer on my land. I’m fine with that. Why do you seek out werewolves? Do you wish to become one? I am a born werewolve. My father was a werewolve. Some of the werewolves I know are not as nice. Yes they are quick to anger as Admin expressed. People say when I am upset my eyes turn either a bright yellow.. or all black. My puple’s dilate completely open to the point where you can no longer see the color of my eyes. Some of the younger werewolves run with the older wolf packs that are larger. Some run in fear of the pack leader. They do great evil upon innocent people. I don’t run with those packs. I am a lone wolf.

    Lucifer rebelled because he wanted to be with a human woman. Yes it did effect everything. I’ve seen bits and pieces of what he felt in his last moments in haven. He had much conflict.. and yes he was in love. Love normally drives anyone over the edge under the right circumstances. He told me that love has only ended in great disappointment for him. I wonder if that love was even worth it. I’m guessing it wasn’t since he told me it was a disappointment. We all get hurt. Even him. I’m sure the omega God has had it up to here with everything. I don’t know everything. I just know what I’ve been shown. I hope this was of some help to you. Again Eclipse be cautious when seeking out the werewolves. They all are not so nice!

  13. Also, werewolves are everywhere. Could be your boss or best friend and you would never know. Even could be your teacher etc. I know some ways you can find out. If you invite them over for dinner. Set out real silver silverware. They will have a burning sensation in there mouths. I do. I can’t wear sterling silver earrings or necklaces. Burns me pretty bad. Werewolves have a very good sense of smell. We do things un subconsciously.. our noses frail allot.. if you see someone sniffing like that.

    Also, our chests are shaped differently. We have a bigger chest cavity. Very good hearing. We can jump and leap very high into trees in our werewolf form. So if a werewolf has you in his target.. A tree is of no help for protection. Do not go into the woods on a full moon. Please don’t ever do that. Since some are in packs. If one isn’t bad enough’.. more than one you would not have a chance alone. Not sure if I should say anymore than I have. Not all werewolves are evil. Just some can be. Not all packs are corrupted either. I just want you to be cautious.

  14. I’m a Leprechaun dammit! I demand service! Everyone is staring at me! We the little people don’t get internet service so I have to use the computer at this Irish pub. Yeah I’m short, and dress in funny green clothing! So what of it you damn drunks! I had me pot o gold, and lucky charms stolen by a wicked wizard! I demand justice! My fellow Leprechauns are laughing at me! HELP!

  15. Saint Patrick be praised! Thank you sir! If you help me find me gold, and lucky charms then ye shall be lavished with the luck of the Irish!

  16. LOL Larry .. hey don’t worry I’m a shorty too! 😉 you’re not alone there. 5’2 here. I’m sure I”m not all that much taller than you! My sister is 4’11 .. little women.

    Rebecca, I’ve heard of this before! Witches cursing priests and church people through t the centuries. I don’t really see it as a curse if they realize themselves it’s a gift. They can be one with nature etc. Some freak out! And go A-wall. Lose control and kill the innocent. Someone asked me to make them a werewolve in India. He begged me to do this for him. I never did it before! I told him he must promise me he’ll control himself and not harm anyone! Well I did it… on a full moon I sent him the energy to do this. The next day I talked to him. He told me it worked and he did turn into a werewolve.

    But he blacked out and woke up with blood all over him. He noticed he had human hair in his hands. I then took it off and took it all back! He said no one was reported as missing. That he couldn’t remember what he did that night. He then begged me not to take it away! I did anyhow. I have not talked to him again! Maybe when it’s done magically they can’t control themselves. Becoming a ravage beast killing anything that crosses it’s path! I pray to god that he was lying to me about his experience. Either way I took it back! Afraid to ever do it again for anyone!

    Eclipse, If you read above about what happened. I really shouldn’t do that again! You might have to be bitten by a werewolve in it’s wolf form in order to turn. I have been fighting my werewolf side for years. Trying not to let myself wolf out physically under a full moon. It’s very painful to fight. I normally wind up wolfing out in astral form instead. My son also fights it. They wolf out astrally. We are more powerful in the astral form than physical. Since we get attacked by many other werewolf’s at once. They try to rip us apart! If we were in physical form we would have died by now. We heal immediately in our astral form. I am sorry Eclipse, I would have to know you better before doing this. It’s a huge responsibility. I’m sure Drake would tell you the same. I feel responsible for whatever would happen to you. And if you did lose control as my friend did in India. I feel if he did kill someone that night. It’s my fault.. for thinking it would be fine. With great power comes great responsibility! (Spider-man) I love that quote… because it is true!

  17. Hi Eclipse, You didn’t waste my time. It’s okay! I was just letting you know my experience. I know it must be different for everyone! Doesn’t mean you would lose control. Feel free to ask me any questions you have. I don’t mind. I hope I didn’t waste your time.

    1. Dimitri doesn’t quite have the human power network in place nor does he have the paranormal power to defy the Supernatural Secrecy Pact which is enforced by Angels. However he is powerful enough that he scares the Illuminati,and he is beyond devious so anything is possible. The Illuminati have recently shown interest in working with him but thus far Dimitri is determined to rule the planet on his own.

    1. Uncontrolled anger is when you mentally snap, and become a mindless animal wreaking havoc until stopped or until you run out of energy. Controlled anger is having the ability to take yourself to the point just before you loose control, and utilizing the powerful adrenaline rush that anger provides.

    1. Your power is amplified in a coven, and naturally you have them as back-up in a battle whether they’re physically there or sending you power from a distance.

      Witches generally work with Goddesses, and Gods. We rarely invoke the names of Angels but it’s not unheard of in extremely powerful spells. I’m not sure the Archangel Michael would respond to a call for him in a spell or even a prayer. If he did then he’d be a powerful ally in the battle against evil.

    1. For most the demonic powers will consume them, and their good intentions will transform into evil deeds. However those of strong will can overcome this, and utilize the power of evil against the very dark forces who founded that power.

  18. I was watching syiangirl on youtube and a certain video caught my attenion by the name of Iraqi restistance report 2004.i dident know the U.S. and other countries were lost lots of troops why did’t we just say that on our media sation?.and whats up with these occupy protests is there something…going on in the background of these protests or just people sick of our government?

    1. The mainstream media is owned by the same corporations who own the US, and other governments of the world. They will only report propaganda. The occupy protests are liberals angry at what they think is the Capitalist system when in fact it’s a Corporatist system. Their conservative counterparts are those in the Tea Party movement. Both sides should get together to take back the government in the name of the people.

  19. MRS. rebecca pls tell me where do live i want to learn sorcerry and magical powers like psi,ki balls, and manyyyyyyyyyyyy mooore n also want to become a vampire or the reverse vampire with sorcery powers tooo….. plssss …. trust me …. m a reliable one……….. if MR . DRAKE chooses to turn and you decide to teach me…… i know u both will just tel me where we can meet …………. 🙂

    1. I live with Xavier Remington at Remington Manor in Woodland Springs, Colorado. However as with Drake I don’t know who you are. I’m sure you’re a nice person but you’re a stranger on the internet. I don’t meet people on the internet, and bring them into my personal life. We can’t just turn or train everyone who asks us. I’d have hundreds of people in Remington Manor, and Drake would have vampire offspring all over the place. Turning someone into a vampire, or taking them under your wing to teach them magic is a personal thing that isn’t shared with strangers or even casual acquaintances. You get to know people who you cross paths with in your life, and you judge their worthiness to receive gifts from you. If you’re meant to be a vampire or learn real magic then fate will fulfill that destiny for you. Also I’ve taken a local teenage girl on as my witch’s apprentice. Generally a practitioner of magic only has one apprentice at a time so they can give them the proper attention needed to learn the magical arts. I choose her because she already had natural magical talent, and we met during my volunteer work at the high school.

      Also you mentioned you wanted Sorcery powers which is out of my league. I’m only into witchcraft. Sorcery is the highest level of magic. You’d need to find a Sorcerer to accept you as an apprentice or join a magic school. I was born into a family of witches so I have magical blood. My Mom trained me, and honed my skills. I also attended the McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences in Scotland. The Headmaster, Ian McTavish, is one of the most powerful Sorcerers on Earth. He teaches classes there, and I’m sure if you’re accepted into the Academy he could teach you a lot. Sorry I couldn’t help you out but I’m sure the Goddesses, and Gods will make you’re dream of being a vampire sorcerer come true.

  20. I had a dream I was in a academy by my self with a old green chalk board then it wrote on itself “Godhoodism=Gnostic” could there be a meaning to that line?

    1. Gnostic means spiritual knowledge held by a select few. Perhaps you’re subconscious is telling you that Godhoodism is the secret of our reality, and you’re one of the few who believe in it.

  21. What is it like being a werewolf? Do werewolfs that used magic do they have more control than werewolfs that didn’t use magic to gain the ability?

  22. Hello, Mystic Investigations. I’m a “Witch” far awat and was wondering if you could answers some quesions of mine.
    -I recently read your disclaimer and let me tell you i do not know what to believe. I am writing about the magickal creatures of this world and i do not know if you are telling the truth about the supernatural. Is everything you talk about true? Please answer truthfully and i mean no offense.
    -Umm… the town of Woodland Springs is real, right? Cause i can’t seem to find it on google maps or wikipedia. Would you be okay if i thought of coming there? I desire to be closer to a magickal energy source and experience the Other Realm ( the realms of vampires, werewolves etc)

    I’d appreciate it if you can take the time to answer. If not I’m cool with it. 🙂

    1. The “Disclaimer” is a legal requirement, and may be required by the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. Naturally this statement doesn’t disclaim the disclaimer. We can only publish this site because most people don’t believe in the world of the paranormal. Yet we feel we must inform all we can, and have a record of our adventures.

      The world of the supernatural is very real but closed off to most since Angelic forces work to protect our reality from such things.

      Woodland Springs is real but there is a government conspiracy to keep it off the map due to the high level of paranormal activity that takes place here. The “Heart Of The Mystical Forest“, a powerful supernatural energy force, wreaks havoc with GPS. That, Angelic forces, and fate can lead people away from the path to Woodland Springs even if they are trying to go there.

    1. You don’t contact McTavish. They contact you. Or fate opens the door to them. Their multiple methods of magical recruitment swirl about the globe looking for new students every day. Hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky ones to enter the enchanted world of magic within their hallowed halls of supernatural education.

  23. Yes,this is in response to the warning post(had bad feeling about posting on it).anyway hope you all get better.

    I will not trust anyone except whitewolf and mystic investigations team.

    I will continue to comment.

    Luck be with you.later

  24. Rebecca, Xavier & Drake.. I hope you all are dong better. Do you guys have any security cameras? Maybe get some bullet proof glass? I know it’s pricey. Drake I’ve missed you very much! All of you take care. Thank you Eclipse.

    1. We do have bullet proof glass but in Drakes case he was launched out the window by a supernatural being with a force greater than a bullet. Not to mention the fact that Drake it a lot bigger than a bullet. We have security camera’s as well but with all surveillance devices they tend to wig out in the presence of the supernatural activity. Our battle appears as nothing but static. It’s only use would be for human intruders.

  25. Some people need to meditate first to be able to do it. And like Xavier said, if you can’t already do it, it’d be much more difficult to learn. If it is possible for you. The way I do it is without meditation. I focus, either draw energy around me into me or use my own, and will it to the person. I would not recommend using your own energy though. I don’t run out of my own energy for some reason. But most people do. If you use too much or use the wrong kind it could hurt you.

    So, for taking the energy around you in, you have to feel it. Picturing it may help. Imagine energy in whatever way works for you. Will it into you while breathing in slowly. And if it works, for me it feels like a fuller feeling and kinda tingly.

    As for the sending it works best if you know the person well. Get their image in your mind and imagine sending the energy you built up like a ball to them.

    That is the best advice I can give. If it works you can practice with it and tweak the process to your liking.

  26. I might be wrong,but was he a Syrian God of flies after his fall from being prince of the seraphim and tempts men with pride?
    I Don have a relationship with him.

    1. Despite our extensive base of knowledge beyond that of mere mortals we still only know an infinitesimal amount about the Universe, and it’s inhabitants as a whole. Only the original God of the entire Macroverse whose mind we exist within knows everything.

    1. Most supernatural beings are reporting a feeling of change within them, and a surge of power. We’re also noticing beings becoming more ferocious, and powerful in our battles. Yet those of us with supernatural DNA such as myself are getting stronger as well. Just the other day I beat the hell out of two punks who raided a nursing home to steal loot. I didn’t even need to use magic. Me, and my associate Elizabeth were visiting the nursing home on a routine sweep to check for paranormal activity since such places reek of tragic death. We were passing out flowers, denture and diabetic safe candy, and business cards when we spotted these huge heavy set creeps lurking from room to room dressed as orderly’s. However a nurse said she never saw them before. Elizabeth went to alert security while I confronted them because I heard an old woman crying. They were in her room trying to steal her grandmother’s rosary. I then yelled,”Listen up scum! You have only one option to leave here alive. Drop the rosary, the rest of your loot, and hit the road you bastards or else!” They both looked at me, and laughed since they saw me as no threat. One of them grabbed me, and said,”Hey little lady lets you and me go into the bathroom together!” I then replied,”Hey you pile of slime lets send you through the window!” I then punched him the stomach causing him to double over, and I then kicked him and he flew crashing through the window several feet away to my surprise. My mermaid half has always given me above average strength but nothing like this. The other man stopped struggling with the old woman, and threw a punch at me. He clocked me right in the jaw but it didn’t feel that bad as he held his hand in pain. I then proceeded to launch him all over the room breaking plaster on the ceiling, and walls. I eventually tossed him out the window as the old woman cheered me on declaring this was the most exciting thing that happened to her in 30 years. Elizabeth, and several orderly’s along with a security guard were at the door watching with shocked looks on their faces. Then then said,”I’m on a new vitamin pill.” I hopped out the window as the first guy I shot out the window got up. I then beat the hell out of him for a minute before throwing him up into a tree where he rested until police showed up.

      The police tried to arrest me as well but thankfully my friend Sheriff Maverick showed up, and told them to shove it. Also I wrote the nursing home a check for $10,000 in damages. Luckily I carry the Mystic Investigations checkbook around with me. There didn’t seem to be any paranormal activity at the retirement community so we went back to the office. It was a good day.

      Our Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie has been studying paranormal DNA, and sees the change as well. She feels most changes will be temporary due to the galactic alignment, and will subside next years. However some DNA might be altered permanently. I hope mine is!

      We know very little about the last galactic alignment in 23988 BC but scraps of ancient evidence suggest a major increase in supernatural beings, and forces of evil occurred.

    1. I wouldn’t do that if I were you. The Celtic Gods, and Goddesses are real so if you choose to follow their religion, and then refuse to worship them they will get mighty ornery. They aren’t as strong as they used to be due to the low number of people believing in them, and worshiping them in modern times. However one of them could show up at your door in biological form. Some of them were starting to fade out of existence in their non-corporeal forms, and had to take biological form to save themselves. Those are the ones who are really angry, and might have a problem with what they consider blasphemy. In biological form they can be as strong as an Archdemon in biological form, and have magical powers as well. I’ve never met one but why risk the encounter?

  27. Mmm that makes a quite intersting point, I may not want to follow that path.instead ive been thinking about about a way to achieve immortality,so I can see the human race evolve become enlightened,join the future marine corps if it still exist.maybe then I can find new love for the human race.haven’t really found anything to help to achieve immortality. 🙁

    1. Some of us might be immortal without trying to be. Mermaids are immortal, and I’m half mermaid so who knows. Drake’s an immortal vampire. Zack Powers is bionic with nanobots in his bloodstream that seem to constantly heal cells so he’s most likely immortal as well. We suspect the technology may be from the future but maybe the mad scientist who transformed Zack really was an amazing genius. Scientist are working on such things in top secret labs as we speak. It’s possible that such cellular repairing nanobots will exist within your lifetime. If so they would not only halt aging but reverse it. Even if you were 100 you could go back to being in your early 20’s. So even if you can’t attain immortality supernaturally there’s always the hope of technology.

      I spend some time every week in my Witches Lair trying to create an immortality elixir for Xavier, and the rest of the team. We’d all like to march into eternity together, and see how the human story ends.

  28. Scientists say it will be done in the next 20 years,but I doubt the technology will be released into the general population,only to the ultra rich most likely 🙁

    I just found out about this ascension thing not long ago,but I think it’s interesting.

  29. Maybe the genetic changes are due from Nibiru and the enormous energy it gives off. October 10th 2012 Nibiru was situated behind our sun,would that be close enough for supernatural beings to feel it?

    1. Why? Are you embarrassed someone stole sacred pages from your spell book sitting within the inner sanctum of your lair? 🙂 There’s no shame in the forces of evil pilfering your magics or personal arsenal of wondrous weapons. It happens to the best of us.

    1. Ah yes of course I didn’t think to look at your email address which I can see right next to your user name. I thought it was test of our psychic powers. 🙂 I could have sworn you were a Fraggleschmidt. You should probably look into whether your name was changed early in your life Herbert…I mean Vidal. We appreciate your Likes on our Facebook page, and the battles against evil I’m sure you fight on a daily basis.

        1. Rudy Eugene wasn’t a complete zombie yet, and the attack was on Ronald Poppo’s face. Doctors from the US Paranormal Defense Agency treated him under the guise of being standard doctors. They used the latest in zombie viral treatments to prevent the virus from spreading throughout his body further.

  30. Which would explain why we did not hear what the blood results were.
    so the government now has autonomous robots to replace police and military,they will not question orders and won’t hesitate where law enforcement and military may hesitate….wonder what happens if they get hacked?

  31. Ok I think this is the place to put this so here goes. I just had a dream that I was talking with Jesus who was wearing black. He said that the god Nibiru would be here soon. Is there a god named Nibiru?

    1. That’s odd Jesus would talk to you since he, and his father don’t really care for the Earthly Gods. We’ve heard rumors of a God named Nibiru but we have no information on him. If there really is a rogue planet named Nibiru that might strike Earth as some think then there could very well be a God since all the planets were named for the Gods who ruled over them.

  32. I know that there’s suppose to be a planet called Nibiru but Jesus had said the god Nibiru. Maybe Sitchin named the planet Nibiru after the god Nibiru. It had confused me a little bit because I never thought that Nibiru might be a god, only a planet. But that’s what Jesus said.

  33. Secretman381:
    Jesus did not said the God Nibiru and i don’t know where did you get that informtion from…not found in King jame bible.

    I never said that it was in the Bible. Jesus came to me in a dream last night and told me that. And before you say that Jesus would not have admitted to any other god other than the one in the Bible let me remind you of one of the Ten Commandments. “You shall have no other gods before me”. The phrasing of that is important because it admits that there are other gods but they do not come before God.

  34. Do any of you mystic investigations know your zodiac signs, I’m great at guess you zodiac signs by just learning a birthday but if you already know then just tell me your sign

  35. AnDagra:
    Do any of you mystic investigations know your zodiac signs, I’m great at guess you zodiac signs by just learning a birthday but if you already know then just tell me your sign

    Why are you so interested in knowing their sign?

  36. AnDagra:
    Because if they about almost every supernatural being we almost knew the truth about, they got to know about astrology

    So you want to know their signs to prove they know about astrology?

  37. Not so far. But I find it a little more than coincidence that Loki comes to me then about a week later Jesus comes. I wonder who’ll be next.

  38. I’m starting to think that there is no planet called Nibiru. That it’s just a god of some type. Evidently Jesus wanted me to know about it for some reason. Why that would be I have no idea. Maybe he’s told some other people too.

  39. That’s kind of what I started thinking last night. Jesus might have picked me to show just how serious Nibiru’s coming is. I’m also thinking that the two swords you and Drake will be placing in the stone are supposed to use Angelic, Demonic, and the energy from the earth and sun crossing the galactic plane to repel Nibiru and weaken any effects of his coming. This means that you’ll need to be at the South Pole on Dec 21. You’ll also have to place them at the same time and at the right time which I think is 11:11:11 am UTC but don’t quote me on that.

    1. My DNA has been tested in the past by our Crytozoologist Ashley Abercrombie because I was looking for answers on why it seems I get bouts of superhuman strength at times, and have healed from seemingly fatal injuries. There was no evidence of any Angelic or paranormal DNA. However the genetic sequences are absolutely perfect which has supposedly never occurred in the normal human populace.

      If the vision is true we’ll apparently stumble upon information telling us about these stones, and why we would be going to the Poles with swords in hand. There’s not much time left for that, and for fate to deliver my sword to me.

  40. i have a friend of my said that Nibiru is a spaceship a giant spaceshp and that it ET so maybe it a bad ET spaceship they are after the gold and maybe we all human being have there 3 eye open so that what i heard from my friend.

    1. The full scope of your question alludes me at the moment. From what I can translate you seem concerned about the Starship Nibiru coming here with ET’s in it, and stealing all our precious gold. If that’s the case it’s news to me. It’s doubtful aliens want our gold since you can find the stuff all over the galaxy.

  41. I want to be a witch, but my family is tottally against it. They are very strong believers of christianity. Is there any way y’all could give online classes on witchcraft or even tell me where I can get some?

  42. Maybe Spells of
    Create a account ask for a teacher in the forum have them take you under there wing.
    I myself have a account there I often fight with the moderators,it’s where I learned my magic.

  43. …….Are you the neutral Christ Xavier?….

    Xavier Remington:
    My DNA has been tested in the past by our Crytozoologist Ashley Abercrombie because I was looking for answers on why it seems I get bouts of superhuman strength at times, and have healed from seemingly fatal injuries.There was no evidence of any Angelic or paranormal DNA.However the genetic sequences are absolutely perfect which has supposedly never occurred in the normal human populace.

    If the vision is true we’ll apparently stumble upon information telling us about these stones, and why we would be going to the Poles with swords in hand.There’s not much time left for that, and for fate to deliver my sword to me.

  44. Hey, im looking to get into contact to ask some questions, if you dont mind, which one of these answer pages is best to do so on. I have commented on multiple.

  45. I am a survivor living in Canada. I am the last of my kind, and i come seeking assistance, I am in need of healing, sanctuary and energy. I have information for the good fight, Its possible I may have contracted rabies, I am currently living between worlds. Please contact No humans or vampires, I would prefer to speak only with a woman preferably an empath. Thank you.

  46. Eclipse9222, what is the story about st Michael?

    Admin, what can you tell me of the Archons?

    Andagra, What is your Supernatural ID, and directive?

  47. That’s precisely the point Xavier, and how will you ever get your weapon if you don’t learn to recognize it. You would have to take it on faith. Self importance wont get you anywhere.

    And i am glad to see your standing true to your statement about sanctuary for fellow travelers.

    Eclipse9222, Your questions are far more powerful then you can imagine, if they cannot elicit satisfying answers, then you can safely assume, the satisfaction lies in the question itself.

    Is there an empath woman who will step forward?

  48. Unfortunately for you, I am male and a tiger therian (i.e. Weretiger), but I am trained in Empathy. I also have a good knowledge of the various paranormal races, from Therians to Dragons to Lupines to Ethereals.

  49. This is really bothering me,scholars have expended much effort in determing the origin and development of “Gnosticism” and defining its essence.
    Do you know what “Gnosticism” is?

    1. Gnosticism is the quest for the ultimate knowledge to release ones spirit from the bondage of the physical body thereby allowing complete freedom to traverse space, time, parallel Universe, higher dimensions, and beyond. This is the dream realized by the beings known as Travelers. It’s origins pre-date Christianity to an unknown date when the first humans realized they weren’t just soulless animals. Some top level Sorcerers have this as their ultimate quest since they sit on the capstone of top flight magical powers that begin to delve into the powers of the mind, and therefore the spirit. There’s also a rumored “Tablet Of Gnosis” made of an unknown special crystal. It’s said that applying the right vibrational frequencies to the crystal along with reading the contents will release your spirit to freedom. There’s also a rare telekinetic power known as Gnostickinesis in which a person can release their spirit at will. There is also the somewhat related power of Astral Projection which is far more limiting.

      Ultimately we will all be released from our biological bondage, and Universal confinement upon death. However there are those who want to procure this on their own terms free of any Heavenly strings attached to it.

  50. In my opinion the ultimate achievement is Godhood.

    By completely opening all of our chakras (they produce energy) we can allow the serpent to rise. This serpent I speak of is the Kundalini, an intense energy that resides at the base of the spine. When the ‘serpent’ has risen, we have complete power, becoming as a God. If anybody follows the same path as me, please comment here. I would like to talk to fellow practitioners of this noble art.

    1. Some may be able to achieve the form of Godhood you speak of. Naturally it would be on the level of the Earthy Gods. Upon death we ascend to Angelhood with our vast wealth of experiences from all our lives in the parallel Universes. Then we ascend to Godhood, and become a God of our own Omniverse.

  51. …..I was wondering if you could tell me my future?
    Also….how was Godhoodism founded,through deep philosophical thought or something?….

    1. My older brother Alexander Remington conceived of Godhoodism. However there are various ancient scrolls, and lost culture who believed in the concept of ascension to Godhood after death. Alexander looked at all the afterlife scenarios as fake. They just didn’t make sense. You float around Heaven doing nothing for eternity, live in some Earthly Amish style paradise, or whatever. Most of the religions espouse some form of a stagnant afterlife with no purpose that just simply sounds boring as Hell. He then began to think of what would be an ideal afterlife. Something that gives these seemingly mindless lives purpose. Alexander believed in parallel Universes, and that we exist in the mind of a God who would want to see all scenarios within a certain reason played out. What else does a God have to do? Also it’s the only way life can be fair. Everyone experiences the same things over the course of a multitude of parallel lives. So then what would be the point of going through all of the ups, and downs just to end up in a state of stagnation? Life is about growth so why not continuing growing after death? He realized that if we were to be unified as a super being will all the knowledge of near infinite parallel Universes we would be life Gods. So that is where he came up with Godhoodism. We grow from childhood, to adulthood, and into Godhood creating new Universes, sentient beings, and in essence raising future Gods who will create new realities, and beings to fulfill even more scenarios in the master plan to complete every mathematical combination of events, and information possible within the mind of the Macroverse God, the one original God who always existed to eternity into the past. Although theoretically the combinations are infinite, and can never be completed thereby avoiding the undesirable state of stagnation.

      Once my brother came up with these ideas he began researching with the help of Mystic Investigations. We then utilized ancient clues to decipher that his concept was true. The true religion hidden from humankind. Most likely due to the fact that people might just do nothing with their lives thinking they’ll do it in a parallel Universe, or they can just die, and become Gods. And of course not having the true knowledge of our nature is a scenario that must be played out. People believing in the various religions also plays out multiple events necessary in the grand scheme of our reality.

      I’ll leave your future for Julia to predict. As I recall you were going to eventually have a child with an Amazon girl, and be the chosen vessel for the God Ares to visit Earth every so often.

    2. I still see you meeting the Amazon girl, and fathering her daughter. It seems however you will reject being the vessel of Ares since you amass your own power base via Omnimagic. This angers Ares but he won’t be powerful enough to do anything about it. As a powerful Omnimagic Sorcerer you will become a force to be reckoned with in the battle against supernatural evil. I also see you as a major player in the Apocalypse joining other practitioners of magic like Ian McTavish. I see a brief battle with the most evil of magicians the Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo. I can’t see the outcome of the battle. I focused into the even more distant future, and saw you ascend to higher dimensions of reality in essence becoming a God.

      1. What’s wrong with Binaural beats? It’s an alternative way to improve ones health. Also I tried to reply to your facebook comment but apparently you deleted your account. Perhaps the dark forces of evil are seeking to exploit your Omnimagic powers. Anyway I wasn’t sure why a daeva would make you laugh or why you would have a conversation with a dark shadow being of that nature.

        1. Binaural Beats are TALISMAN videos. They were created by the Illuminati, they can TAKE the energy from you WHILE you listen and STARE at the VIDEO they created. They are taking away your potential. Yes I had to delete my previous account.

  52. Your right indeed, but you can’t hear subliminal messages, therefore can’t differate between good and bad binaural beats, why bother? And seeing as how powerful the illuminati are, I’m sure most we’re created by them…

    1. Never fear for Mystic Investigations only posts the safe ones. If a vampire, a demi-mermaid, and a psychic see nothing wrong with them then they must be good. Surely Zack Powers computerized bionic parts would be re-programmed to do mayhem upon the world if he was under the influence of an Illuminati binaural beat? Drake watched one once, and said he felt his killer instincts surfacing. The rest of us watched it, and knew something wasn’t right about it so we didn’t post it.

  53. I’ll think about that.

    Here a good question, is it possible to became immortal though wisdom like Thoth the Atlantean? And what are the “Halls of Amenti”, is it real?

  54. Star Signs by Linda Goodman
    The Lion Path by Musaios

    I’ll think about that.

    Here a good question, is it possible to became immortal though wisdom like Thoth the Atlantean? And what are the “Halls of Amenti”, is it real?

  55. I have a question to ask you about the Tome of Nexion, but I’d rather discuss it privately. It’s of a sensitive nature, I wouldn’t want the information you may be able to give me falling into the wrong hands.

    1. Nobody here knows Omnimagic nor do we know directly of the rare few who do. We only ancient anecdotes, and rumors of a secret Omnitheism cult made up of a select few individuals. Probably the person closest to knowing true Omnimagic is Dimitri Diablo. Although if he had mastered it then he wouldn’t be here now. He would be on his way ascending to Godhood.

  56. Was it founded by Pythagoras?
    If so, Then could it have been passed down from Thoth the Atlantean? Since Thoth took on a student by the name of Pythagoras, could it have been the same person?
    Is “Xavier Remington” a alias?
    Have you traversed higher dimensions, Xavier?

  57. Rebecca can you give me the most powerful Death spell in you book of spells?
    It will be used against a great evil, unless you want to deal with it?
    He/they hurt my very very close friend, and I wish to end his you know what.thanks.

    1. We don’t advocate murder nor AnDagra Style Sissycide. I’m a good witch so my book of shadows doesn’t contain any death spells. When it comes to any sentient being, especially humans, we opt for solutions other than extermination. In the case of evil humans who clearly won’t be punished by law enforcement we have gone with banishment to the village of the Amazon warrior women. There they are forced to a life of hard labor serving the demi-goddesses. If he hurt your friend why can’t the police do anything about it?

  58. Is this a real prophecy?
    The god said it was written very very long ago.

    The Shadow engulfs all which was once light Rejected by none though ignored by all underestimated by the powers and will rise and show all the Universe it’s flaws. As the divine step in it is far too late for the process of Destruction has began Oh how foolish were they all and for their ignorance they will fall. Oh how foolish were they all and for their ignorance they will fall. Death and decay is needed as field must be harvested and the new seeds must be planted. And the old shall crumble and silence will reclaim the sound.

    1. I already predicted your future. There’s nothing more I can add. As for you being reborn in the future I don’t have the power to see that. Strictly speaking nobody is reincarnated. If reincarnation existed it would be redundant since we live out all scenarios in the parallel Universes. However we can be randomly born more than once in a Universe. Who are ultimately our higher dimensional souls. In this reality we link to our souls because of bodies at the energy level vibrate at a frequency that matches our souls. So any person born with your frequency by random chance is you. Your moral character doesn’t result in a judgement that places you into another life. You are judged simultaneously on all your lives in the parallel Universes. So again the judgement of reincarnation would be redundant,and serve no purpose. Reincarnation came about from ancients who mistook past lives they remembered along with memories of lives in parallel Universes. All a result of a certain combinations of genes, and/or achieving various meditative states that revealed such memories to them.

    1. Only if you’re judged good in the majority of parallel Universes will you ascend to Heaven. The black arts are dangerous but if you can manage to use them in the fight against evil then all the more power to you. Luciferianism is very dangerous as well. Those the Devil cannot get with Satanism he deceives through Luciferianism by utilizing his former Archangel persona to bring people together in a deceptive quest for enlightenment. He accentuates all the positives about his purported quest to free humanity from Gods shackles but really he wants servants to perpetuate evil in the Universe, and eventually rule over humankind in his own brand of diabolical darkness.

      1. After some research I’ve come to the conclusion that Satan and Lucifer are completely different beings. And even if I am wrong, with the majority of Luciferians beliveing that Lucifer is a being of Light, it would spawn a Servitor/Godform,much like the pantheon used by the “DKMU”. Lucifer has the best chance of toppleing God and his Monarchy, all Abrahamic/Monotheist religions are propaganda against Lucifer.Research…

        1. Our latest research indicates that the Omniverse God himself is neutral at least when it comes to this Universe, and possibly even this Multiverse, within his greater Omniverse. He is an ascended being who was once a biological being such as ourselves. He’s just playing out every mathematical scenario in his head as he watches the ultimate reality show composes of near infinite show on near infinite channels while also performing the noble duty of creating new life, and Gods. If he really wanted to he could totally re-write everything, and say to hell with free will. So he probably isn’t the issue when it comes to the Heavenly Monarchy you speak of. His first born son the Vice-God & one time Demigod Jesus Christ on the other hand isn’t a complete ascended being as he was created by Gods hand directly. However he attempted to duplicate this by being born into many Universes, and Multiverses as a biological being. Really though we think every being including non-human origin Archangels, Angels, Vice-Gods, etc.might be born throughout the Macroverse simply due to their particular soul frequency being repeated which is inevitable in an infinite Universe. So everyone who isn’t evil ascends to ultimate Omniverse Godhood. This mean we ourselves might be born as a Jesus type first son of God in some other Omniverse.

          So it was Jesus who came up with the idea to take a more active hand in things as the God Of The Multiverses. He wanted to die for humanities sins. It wasn’t the Omniverse Gods idea but God wants to play out everything so he doesn’t interfere. So Jesus along with his Archangel army lead by General Archangel Michael are the ones looking to cleanse evil from the Omniverse, and eradicate the Devil. Although it’s said that the Archangel Michael has a more violent outlook especially when it comes to Armageddon. Some even say he has too much influence over Jesus who only sees war as a means to a peaceful ending.

          Since any Angel falling from grace transforms into a demon form Lucifer had to become the Devil. Lucifer had been the highest ranking Archangel with Michael second in position. Jesus and Lucifer had been like brothers but Lucifer coveted the position of Jesus, and even that of the Omniverse God. He had different ideas on how things should be run. However once he descended from Heavenly form his good intentions paved a new road to Hell, and his mind became warped focusing only on his own glory over all. However he was so powerful that his good alter ego Lucifer continued to exist as a shell of a soul in a stasis of sorts until he became a new entity all his own thanks to the belief in the Luciferians that you mentioned. It seems that Lucifer is now like an Earthly God of sorts, and is the evil twin brother of the Devil. In a way Lucifer is a Tulpa but there was a base to begin with. Humans merely shaped the thoughtform into the being they desired. We now have another hat in the Armageddon ring we didn’t know about. The Lucifer Faction that neither supports the Devil Hell Faction nor the Jesus Heaven Faction. Lucifer indeed wants to enlighten humankind to their true Godly potential. Unfortunately the Devil strides into the picture at times, via the bond he has with his twin brother, thereby corrupting some are involved in Luciferianism. This is the true reason why it’s dangerous to follow the path of Lucifer.

          We thank you, and Julia Hathaway who got some visions upon reading your comments. After that it sparked some research, speaking with some other psychics, mystic, seers, and practitioners of magic around the world including some Luciferians that we had been previously close minded toward. It seems the Omniverse is such a big place that not even Mystic Investigations can ever have the total big picture.

  59. No getting ahead of myself.
    Describe the Lucifer mentioned above, is most the information on the Internet even close to this Lucifer.
    I take back my support for the fraction. Until I get enough information for a firm decision.

    1. Most of the information on the internet is correct but Lucifer does share a soul with the Devil. In the same way you might be good in this Universe but perhaps rather diabolical in another. All your parallels being apart of the same soul. Lucifer could be vulnerable to being possessed by the Devil. In addition it’s easier for the Devil to trick Luciferians by posing as Lucifer.

    1. After much analysis of my energy focused upon you I’ve come to the conclusion you have some wizard blood within you along with at least a few ancestors that rose to the rank of Sorcerer. This is why you’re so interested in various forms of magic. You also have a latent biokinetic ability from that wizard blood that could be developed to become a greater power.

  60. Thank you Julia and Rebecca.
    That would make sense, my Grandma was deep into Magic (before becoming Christian) , learned it from her great grandfather (if memory serves right), and so on. What are the chances of one of my ancestors who were sorcerers, became immortal? Would I have a chance of finding them, any how?

    1. Julia doesn’t have any information on that but being able to master sorcery almost always equals immortality. So they could be alive. I don’t know how you’d find them but they would probably be aware of your existence. Perhaps they’re waiting to see if you’re worthy to become an apprentice.

    1. The Order Of Phosphorus is a Satanic organization posing as a Luciferian group in an effort to corrupt people, and gain new converts via a false facade. This becomes clearer after reading their website which includes references to black magic, and demons. Such deceptions are commonly used by the Devil since most people won’t blatantly worship the Devil, and join the forces of evil. In the supernatural community The Order Of Phosphorus is known as a paranormal terrorist organization hell bent on eradicating the forces of good via dark Satanic magics.

  61. Is The Order Of Phosphorus powerful? Do they teach “real” magic?
    I was wondering because I go for the power, hmmm I can just feel the dark surround me, it knows how power hungry I am, but darkness won’t consume me I’ll make sure.

    1. There are all manner of higher dimensional beings that may be more powerful. The Jinn were able to hold the Devil hostage when the Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo became King of Hell. Unfortunately these are areas we have little information on. It’s unknown if there is any individual of an evil nature more powerful than the Devil. Clearly at one time Dimitri Diablo was despite starting out as a simple human.

  62. Is it possible that Lucifer fell because he didn’t agree with God’s no interference plan and Supernatural secrecy pact, since Lucifer is seen as the bringer of Light, enlightenment, knowledge etc? You see what I’m saying? I’m not good at explaining. 🙁

  63. Thank you Xavier, I recently found a mentor who is a 1st degree in the BOTD (Black Order of The Dragon). Everything is falling in place.
    Also I wish you luck next week as you guys go off to the devil’s pentagram. 🙂

  64. Tell me, have you heard of us? Do you recognise my name?
    Tremble in fear, for our Lady Agares and Lord Andras will destroy the heretics.
    For those who know naught, I am Iabes Iaidon Mahorela, Lord of the All Powerful Dark Heavens.
    Magi, Mages, turn to us! For the Dark Heavens open and black rain falls from the skies.
    Necromancers, sorcerers, we accept all. And soon, you will come to accept us, or die defying us.

    Xavier – I’m sure you’ve heard the news. The ritual begins tonight. Be there, if you wish to have a part in our new world.

    – Iabes Iaidon Mahorela

    1. forget the Devil rising and his son so they are loser and lost all ready beaten by Christ.

      so forget that devil stuff they going to lose again so repent and change your way to good.

      1. There’s 500 of us here in Kazakhstan who can’t forget it. They’re holding innocent people for sacrifices in their sick resurrection ritual! Also maybe we don’t want the complete Biblical Armageddon. We want humankind to flourish forward to enlightenment, and ascension to Godhood rather than remaining mere children of God. If we’re going to turn a blind eye to the Devil then why not all evil? Lets just close down Mystic Investigations, and wait for Jesus, and his Daddy to save us! No offense to Jesus, and his Heavenly royal family but this Earth is our home, and while they live in the lap of Heavenly luxury.

  65. A pathetic attempt. You thought that you could defeat us by mere physical conflict? We are above such things. I leave you with two points.

    The ‘purple flames’ you mention – you might wish to check all of your team with non-human elements to them. I’m sure you’ll find a very fun surprise.

    Second, the ritual was completed. Only one more until all of us reach Godhead.

    Oh, in passing – I sent the Black Moons out. Expect them.

    -Iabes Iaidon Mahorela

  66. Labes you say Lucifer is saviour, yet you say the weak are tools, Lucifer is nothing like that, you fell to Satan. Disappointed.

    These are spiritual evolution steps from “the real” Lucifer himself.
    1)Knowledge of Thyself
    2)Empathetic Love
    3)Unlimited Social Cohesion 
    4)Intellectual Evolutionary Completion
    5)Evolutionary Completion Beyond The Physical Body
    6)Technical Completion Beyond The Spirit
    7)Spiritual Completion Beyond Existence

    1. You’re close. Empathy? Not for people who have no will or wish to ascend. Ascension is for those who put in the work, not for slobs who only want power, and are unwilling to do the work for it.

  67. labes, you are wrong and here’s why, one does not simply know if one has the will or wish to ascend, I doubt the majority of the population know what ascension is, that’s why you teach them via Empathy because you know how it was when you or I had no idea what ascension was, we use to be just like them, how do I know this? Hmm well does a elementary student know advanced calculus? No. It MUST be taught, one cannot strive to be a calculus wiz without first knowing what calculus is.

    1. I’ll ask you:

      How far has the Serpent risen?
      Have you brought the ball of light through the chakras?
      Has the pineal gland begun to secrete?
      Have you cleaned both of these elixirs and brought them together?

      For that is ascension. If you truly require it, I shall write it up. Because, although you wish for many to ascend, you have shown the will for it yourself.

  68. Everyone is worthy of ascension-enlightenment, unleashing the full potential of all humanity will we become a truly enlightened society. Who wouldn’t want that?
    What a sight to see, if accomplished. Do you not want the same?

  69. labes I have the will of course I’ll become a “god” a leader of humanity, but that does not matter, status or title, as long as humanity-all of humanity has reached god status, my life will be complete.

    1. Sometimes but their ranking is low compared to demons. I have no idea why anyone would want that as their future. Of course you need to be evil in the majority of parallel Universes for that to happen. Unless of course you have the power to cut yourself off from your 5-D soul.

  70. Xavier, why am I ignored by both light and dark?
    Not even in Hells Army do I have a place. I’m going to break away from my soul, explore the Multiverse and gain so much power, and make Hell pay…

    1. Make Hell pay? So you’re going to take on Dimitri Diablo or the Devil’s factions. They’re embroiled in a civil war down there now so it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re ignoring people. There has been a noticeable reduction in demonic activity around the world minus our little Cyber Demon problem of course. There’s still demons trapped here that can’t be apart of the Hell War.

  71. Make hell pay as in show them how powerful of an allie I would have been. No they’ve been ignoring me since June 2011 long before the civil war. Furthermore I thought I could find sanctuary in the light, to no avail I was told light accepts all…why not me? But I have no interest in becoming “King of Hell” instead I wish to create my own dimension, by expanding my consciousness to empty space, and I can’t do that confined in my physical body, that’s why I have to break away from my soul.

  72. Julia you posted a comment on January 24th of 2013, in the comment you mentioned that you saw me joining forces with Ian and other practitioners; my question is what will happen after I graduate high school? Will I be like mugged and thrown in a bag and taken to a distant land so I’ll be able to train magic so Ian will even consider to join forces? Am I going to find the kind of magic myself or with help from others? Will I ever meet you guys in person?

    1. The future is hazy on this but at some point your journey into magical discovery will cause you to perform a magical act that saves lives. It puts you on Ian McTavish’s radar. After that you’ll then find an invitation has magically appeared on your bed. It will be in a purple envelope that seems to be made of silk yet it’s firm. Your name will be embossed upon it in 24K gold, and Ian’s official seal will be in gold, and silver. Inside will be a magical invitation on a type of iridescent glittering paper you’ve never seen before. It will instruct you on how to reach the magic school to begin your lessons. And no it doesn’t involve you going to a train station, and running into a brick wall. You will meet us in person once you attend the McTavish Academy since we go there every so often. Rebecca is an alumni so she goes back once a year to give special guest lectures, and naturally Xavier comes along as well.

  73. Julia, can you also answer these questions: will I become a Angel someday after ascending to earthly godhood, which direction am I suppose to go in order to even begin my journey to Siberia & will I meet all of you in person?

      1. Unfortunately there’s times when your question frequency gets out of control, and we glaze over them to do a reset to start fresh. Azequirl Gavreel’s doesn’t ask many questions so his stand out more while yours become background noise.

    1. As for ending up in Siberia I refer you to a past post:

      I’m getting a flash of a brief meeting on one of the battlefields of Armageddon. In particular I see Rebecca saving Lily who comes under brutal attack while you, and Flora are distracted.

      In this Universe you become a God rather than ascended Angel. In fact I see the same within this Multiverse as well. In other Multiverses you are human, and ascend to Angelhood. Your final design in this Omniverse ends up being both in which you are a God who becomes a part of a new Omniverse while simultaneously ascending to Godhood of your own Omniverse. Your God self in the Gods Omniverse is in essence a piece of your Omniverse God soul just as your life here is. So ultimately you do ascend to Omniverse Godhood while at the same time pleasing the Earthly Gods. Oh my now I’m about to pass out after seeing all of that!

        1. Well I’m sure in a parallel Universe you’re the President Of Mystic Investigations while I’m the one on here asking tons of questions from the library computer because I live in a cardboard box. So in the grand Multiverse everything is fair!

          1. I guess that’s fair and I’m sure you hold the power of Boundary Perception who cant help but speak poeticly about boundary and then you achieve the ability of Boundary Manipulation. In the universe I would have the power of Boundary Manipulation and would’ve taught you how to percieve boundaries. So a deeply independent spirit prefers to become travelers?

  74. Holy crap! I came up with a startling hypothesis that the labes was associated with Order of Phosphorus, which means I missed my chance to become one with them NOOO!

    Anywho, I found I excel in whats known as “Thought Magic” what are possible advantage of this?. I found this after noticing that my thoughts I really paid attention to became reality in like the same day or the next 1-2 days.

    Oh god sorry for the bombardment of questions. I hope labes was associated with them.

    Good luck MI team on your missions! 🙂

    1. Thought Magic is about using the power of your own pure thought to perform magic, and acquire mystical powers. Something Sorcerers ultimately strive for. It’s about reliance on yourself for power rather than a higher dimensional entity you become indebted to which could include damage to ones mind, body, and soul. Thought Magic is the hardest magic to master yet it’s also the safest.

  75. Xavier, so I have potential for a sorcerer already. I was really hoping to join forces with Touhou I like his curiosity and strives for knowledge such an admirable feat!

    Touhou, do you can to join forces, and walk a magical path together?

    Julia, thank you for the prediction, I hope you feel well after your mission. Sorry if I was pushing the question, your probably exhausted you can always feel free to answer at your own pace(MI team as well), I’m in no rush for it to be answered. 🙂

    1. are you getting tired of asking too many questions? you must be gift with Questions…and by the way I call you a Question man that ask so many questions that a gift seem like it but a curse maybe.

  76. Hello Mystic Investigation how has it been? 🙂
    I was wondering what crystals would go good with a Tibetan quartz?
    Do crystals have any use against supernatural evil?

    1. We’re doing good! Crystals are used to focus mystical powers, repel negative energies, and even supernatural beings in some cases. Quartz are some of the most powerful with Black Tibetan Quartz being the best for connecting to all chakra energy centers for the purpose of purifying, energizing, and aligning ones energy field. To mix any other crystals with that would only weaken it’s power.

  77. What do you mean by mixing it with other crystals would lessen it? Does that mean any crystals or would a regular clear quartz amplify the Tibetan quartz, or maybe a Tibetan would amplify another Tibetan only??

  78. When the body dies,can the spirit of that body reanimate the body so it will live on as an immortal? Is it possible for a spirit to materialize and walk among humans? What determines a spirit’s power, would it come from Charkas?
    I ask because i remember Dimitri saying something to you guys after he was killed, i suspect his spirit left his body as a very formidable force. I’m guessing he had unimaginable energy in his spirit.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. The spirit, or soul, we have the most direct connection to is our four dimensional soul. The one our three dimensional bodies ride directly upon into the future. The Chakra’s are the link between our spiritual (4-D directly), and biological energy. So strengthening the Chakra’s would give you more access to your 4-D soul. The power of that soul is determined by ones personal life. Those in constant physical, mental, and emotional turmoil would have a weaker 4-D soul than those who led a charmed life. However once you get to the 5-D level everyone is pretty much equal since we all experience the same things over the great parallel Universe expanse that makes up our 5-D spirits. You can strengthen your 4-D soul through Chakra conditioning despite not having a perfect life. With enough will power it is theoretically possible to retain spirit consciousness within a dead biological body, and then command it to come back to life. Once that’s done it’s reasonable to assume you could maintain your body form for eternity.

      It’s also possible to strengthen ones 4-D soul by tapping into ones 5-D spirit. However that is a far more difficult, and almost impossible task for most. The Chakra’s are the most viable solution for he average person.

      In Diablo’s case he was been poaching power from himself in various parallel Universes, and even Multiverses. He’s admitted to actually killing his parallel selves to totally capture the energy of their souls for himself. He is in essence ultimately attempting to unify himself over the Omniverse from his 3-D form. Quite an amazing feat for anyone. Even a high level Sorcerer such as himself.

  79. for some reason i had a dream that i was walking into a unknown building that, looked like a gallery and in the center there seemed to be some kind of balcony i saw a figure in his birthday suit, he was strong and his skin had a pale bronze tone to it he had black hair kinda long and was strong he was panicking looking from one side to the other covering his parts with a white blanket saying “oh shi*…!” then he realized where he was and dashed out at super speed while he had in what seemed a dark wire through his body. when i woke up i realized that was actually drake alexander, think i got into the wrong side of the dream realm, maybe he was remembering the time the fool pranked him

      1. it is kinda hard for me to remember since it’s been a while since that had a face like adrian paul, but a longer hair, kinda like those you expect on mediaval knights but more combed

  80. Hello people of Mystic Investigations. So I’ve always enjoyed the anime called Death Note. And I recently watched the live action Movie made by Netflix. I was wondering if it is actually possible to find an actual Death Note (a notebook which can be used to kill a person by simply writing their name while visualizing the persons’ face) in this Universe. If not, would there be a way of making one, also are there such things as gods of death aka Shinigami?

    1. It’s plausible there could be a cursed notebook capable of such a thing. Possibly powered by demonic forces. I’ve never heard of one. There are Underworld Gods of Death, Angels Of Death, Reapers, and a top level personification of Death. One of the Four Horsemen spontaneously born of the Omniverse God’s mind.

    1. We don’t have any more information than you could find by Googling Anu. All we know is that he’s the leader of the Sumerian Gods whose Godly faction has very little power in modern times. However Zeus, leader of largest faction of God’s, respects him as one of the first major Gods, and considers him a fellow royal deity.

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