What Can I Do About A Portal To Hell In My Basement?

You’ve had a delightful day and an enchanting evening as the Midnight Witching Hour approaches. You begin smelling sulfur as intermittent high pitched sounds subtly echo through your house. Every so often the lights flicker as thing begin to heat up even as you jack up the air conditioning. The basement seems to be the source. However, you just assume you’re imagining things even as you see a blurry circle or sphere forming before you. This can be in the middle of the room, in the floor, ceiling, or wall. You rub your eyes and decide you simply need some sleep. As you sleep that sphere begins glowing orange with fire as a horrifying mirage of Hell appears!

You awaken during the 3 AM Devil’s Hour in a cold sweat to shrill screams of sheer terror amid calamitous cackling. The thermostat indicates your home is pushing 100 degrees Fahrenheit for no logical reason! You peer down the basement steps to witness an eerie orange glow. You cautiously descend into the horrid smelling basement bellowing with crackling flames, the sounds of suffering, and the deep gleefully laughter of evil. Before you is a window into Hell itself or in some cases the Underworld. Sometimes merely a parallel dimension. If you step close enough you will find out it’s a doorway to a place that nightmares are made of!

Whatever can you do? Why is this living hell even happening? There are many reasons why a portal to Hell would appear in your home. These include Curses, your home is the site of a demonic ritual, a prelude to you or another being possessed by a demon, your home lies on a dark metaphysical energy center, a previously cloaked entrance to the Underworld, or even a random a paranormal anomaly. These are just to name a few! Thankfully, most of the time the demons or dark gods beyond the alarming entrance have no idea it’s there unless they accidentally happen upon it or are in contact with magical practitioners who conjured it. Just stay at least a good six feet away as it may have a powerful gravity-like pull to suck you in!

These things take some hours to form. If you can catch it in time then it can be prevented. Douse the area with holy red sea salt, holy water, and blessed oils while reading verses from the Bible. Getting a Priest to perform an exorcism ritual should work for a rapidly forming Hell portal. If the paranormal portal is already there you can still do all the above while creating a thick holy salt line on the floor around it to prevent anything from coming through. Placing several opened Bible’s or other religious books around it can help as well. Constant prayer may be your only hope when facing this horror! Simply placing a black curtain around it will prevent dark spirits from seeing that it goes to Earth.

In order to close this insane opening, you’ll need a parade of Priests, witches or other magicians. Preferably witches practicing Enochian Angel Magic. They will call upon Angels to close the abomination as they paint Enochian sigil’s all your basement in holy blood! This may bring attention to the portal on the Hell side causing demons to roar forth! Ultimately we have faith in the power of Angels and they will be driven back. The portal will be extinguished! Afterward, paranormal professionals may recommend filling in the basement with blessed cement or even burning the house to the ground in a blaze of holy fire!

If you choose to abandon the house once a Hell portal forms please contact some manner of supernatural savior as it will continue to grow and possibly be an invasion point for Armageddon! If you don’t know who to call then try the US Paranormal Defense Agency (PDA). You can do this by calling 911 with the first words out of your mouth being “PDA”. Then immediately tell the operator what your metaphysical issues is. They will naturally think you’re nuts and plausibly contact mental health services. However, The US PDA through the NSA monitors all communications with an amazing artificially intelligence supercomputer. PDA Agents will be instantly alerted. This will include scrubbing all evidence of your call taking place. Police, mental health services, and any other non-paranormal authorities will be canceled.

More than likely they won’t be able to end the portal but will contain it. Your home and possibly the surrounding acres will become an official top secret base like Area 51. You and other property owners will be paid a pretty penny to move away and never speak of what happened ever again! We suggest you obey the wishes of these Men In Black or you may disappear!

What Is The Conexus & Shadow Mercs?

The ConexusA number of clandestine soldiers for hire have called themselves Shadow Mercs, or Shadow Mercenaries if for no other reason to sound cool, and intimidating. However as of late those calling themselves Shadow Mercs who operate from the Astral Plane are the seemingly non-corporeal henchmen of a relatively new high level inter-dimensional organization called The Conexus. They may very well be a dangerous wildcard in the war of Armageddon to determine the ultimate supernatural rulers of Earth. Their origins are metaphysically mysterious but it’s thought that a handful of higher dimensional beings were unsatisfied with their respective royal hierarchies, and set out to forge their own dark path. These could include Angels, Demons, Jinn, Various Gods, and a number of other higher, or parallel dimensional beings from all over the greater Omniverse. Some rumors indicate their end game is to possess the Omniverse Gods mind, and take over our reality. A somewhat similar agenda to the infamous Sorcerer, and current King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo. It’s unknown if he has a hand in The Conexus despite always claiming he would single handedly possess the soul of the Omniverse, aka sapient consciousness of the parallel Universe/Multiverse collective.

The Conexus are more or less independent supernatural scavengers looking to add persons of paranormal interest to their army of darkness either willingly or by force. To use a Star Trek reference they can be thought of as a higher multi-dimensional metaphysical Borg assimilating as many beings as possible into their cancerous collective. However some join willingly rather than being zombie like slaves. Thankfully so far there hasn’t been any major indications of physical manifestations as that would immediately expose them to Angels, Demons, Jinn, Earthly Gods, and other paranormal power players who could destroy them in their current state of infancy.  Although brief forays into our reality might be the explanation for a small percentage of Shadow Specters witnessed on this planet.  Most of the time such sapient shadows are in fact Jinn, aka free Genies.

The Conexus, via their Astral Shadow Mercs, usually only attack people’s spirits through the Shadow MercenaryAstral Plane which acts as a trans-dimensional metaphysical energy hub for their clandestine activities. They infiltrate the souls, minds, dreams, and astral activities of people who are of paranormal power interest.  Many times a person has no idea they’ve been possessed while those conscious of it who rabidly fight back may be mistaken as being mentally ill, or possessed by a demon. Stealthy mental conquering is their first approach if they telepathically deduce the person will not cooperate, and join the Conexus cause.  If that fails then it’s a full on multi-pronged psychic attack in order to mentally weaken the victim to own their minds. A variety of special supernatural people on Earth may have already been unknowingly compromised, and are ticking time bombs. These people may have active powers, latent abilities, or something special within their spirits. At some appointed time they will most likely become activated drones, and act as physical paranormal warriors for The Conexus. With these foot soldiers, and an army of supernatural souls in their paranormal pockets the high level players, including the Shadow Mercs, may then manifest on Earth to wreak havoc!

Whether within a day dream, nightmare, or even an astral projection jaunt it should be cause Shadow Merc MIBof concern if you are psychically attacked by dark shadowy beings dressed as Men In Black, Ninja’s, cloaked figures, mere smokey forms, or even as someone you know.  Their state of dress may indicate their position in the Conexus hierarchy. Generally when these Shadow Mercs enter someones mind they manifest from a billowing cloud of foreboding smoke with explosive astral lighting, and terrifying thunder shooting forth. Their glowing eyes rise out of the spectral storm to gaze into your soul, and claim you for The Conexus! Depending on your level of mental recall you may or may not remember all, some, or none of these details.  If you suspect you have been contacted, or astrally attacked by The Conexus & their Shadow Mercenaries then please contact us, a reputable supernatural crime fighting firm, or a high level practitioner of magic immediately for the love of your very immortal soul!

Who Is Hat Man?
The mysteriously notorious Hat Man of urban legends fame is in fact a real person who we now know to be a member of the Conexus.  He’s appeared around the world as a Shadow Specter, and even in seemingly full corporeal form on some occasions. When seen in his complete form he wears either of his trademark top hats or Fedoras.  His sinister gaze has been known to give people heart attacks, or at the least deep heart palpitations!  He is the collective spirit form of the Conexus.  The only member with enough power to be permanently in our reality in at least a shadow form, and definitely the only one to attain a human like physical form. He is their top agent sent forth to find people to assimilate into the higher dimensional collective along with eradicating those who pose a threat. They also suck the souls from random people thereby eradicating them just to spiritually add more fuel to their astral fires!  If you encounter Hat Man your best move is to pretend to faint, and play dead.  He will consider you too weak to even bother with.