Can Children And Animals See Ghostly Spirits?

Baby Sees Dead PeopleEvery entity, and force entering this Universe gives off some manner of electromagnetic radiation waves which can usually only be seen when it phases into the visible light spectrum. Animals, and very young children can see supernatural spirits that don’t phase into the light spectrum. Unlike an adult, a child’s innocent mind has not been sufficiently molded by our shared reality.  Innocence is a form of metaphysical energy that can make for powerful magic. An innocent mind can lift the veil of physical illusion which composes our non-corporeal energy, or informational based Universe.  A child’s concept of the world is limited, and their lack of preconceived notions at the sub-consciousness level don’t get in the way of seeing all that metaphysically mingles among us on a daily basis.  If somehow their innocence could be combined with an adult intellect we would see an extremely powerful human that could possibly escape this physical prison!

Children obviously don’t have special eyesight but they have sentient minds, and a human soul which has a power all it’s own.  A paranormal power most people can’t access except under extreme circumstances.  The power of the sentient human soul, and magic of innocence allow them to see other sentient forces that aren’t in the visible light spectrum, or are slightly out of phase with this reality.  Newborn babies have the greatest ability to see what is unseen by adults.  When a baby seems to be looking into dead space oddly, and making crazy movements at times along with laughing, or crying for no reason they are sometimes seeing a ghost, poltergeist, demon, god, or other higher dimensional being in non-corporeal form.

Most commonly it’s seeing it’s own Guardian Angel. It’s also not uncommon for dead family members to return to visit a baby since the child acts as a magical anchor in this world for ghosts who are related. In some cases they could be seeing a physical supernatural being with properties of invisibility which could include those of this Earth, or extraterrestrials.  As a child grows up they eventually lose the gift of seeing the hidden world of the supernatural.  Usually the ability fades by age four or so.  However when it comes to fallen family, and in some cases friends, there’s evidence that some up to age eight have seen ghosts that adults can’t see.  In later childhood we may be talking about something as little as brief glimpses at an entity, barely visible beings almost lost in the light noise of the environment, and seeing something out of the corner of the eye which is something even adults have reported at times.  Perhaps an extra emotional energy from a personal connection allows older kids to see into the great beyond. It certainly has been known to allow some adults to see loved ones who have passed on while strangers can’t see anything.

In rare cases a ghost, or other entity, may bond with a child early on forming what appears to be the quintessential “imaginary friendship”.  However the child is dealing with a very real person of a non-corporeal nature.  Since they have a consistent bond the child is able to see the ghostly friend even beyond the normal age when such things should no longer be possible.  At some point they hide the friendship, or face having to go into mental therapy.  Often the other worldly wonder will lose interest as the child enters adolescence which washes away innocence.  A paranormal purity that acts as a magical beacon to many enchanted entities of light, and darkness.  The developing adult mind will then cause the memories of the invisible friend to dull along with explaining it away as an over active imagination.  In very rare cases the being will not let go of the child, and they may end up in a mental institution.  This is especially the case if the entity is demonic in nature. If they’re lucky a paranormal expert will help them so they can return to a normal existence.

Dachshund Spots GhostAnimals can see far more due to not only their instinctual innocence but also the enhanced vision some have. For instance insects who see into the ultraviolet spectrum where humans can’t. There is a varying ratio of animal intelligence to eyesight that determines how much of the spirit world they can see.  Naturally there’s also the ability to hear outside a human’s auditory range as well. A dog barking like crazy at nothing, or a cat suddenly bolting for no reason could indicate a ghost, or some other invisible being, is afoot.

Child Sees Jinn

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Do Animals Have Souls?

Do Animals Have An Afterlife?  Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?
Doggy SoulAll animals, usually pets, directly beloved by a human receive a sub-soul of sorts by proxy through the subconscious power of your human soul.  When they die they will end up at your side in the higher dimensional Heavenly realms.  As an ascended Angelic entity, and later a higher dimensional God, you can create any environment of paradise for them to play in when you’re attending to important Afterlife business.  Usually a simulated garden for them to explore along with some imaginary cats to chase.  The type of pet you have makes no difference according to various psychics who have peered into the Afterlife.  Even a goldfish can make the Heavenly grade. Perhaps it would swim in an imaginary water bubble beside you. 🙂

All other animals end up in Mother Earth Goddess Gaia’s Paradise Plane when they die.  It’s the Earthly Afterlife just out of phase with our reality for Nature Deities, some supernatural beings, animals, plants, and everything else with a life force grounded to this planet.  Once Earth’s complex biosphere spontaneously generated a soul Goddess Gaia was born. Her first supernatural act was to grant an eternal spirit to all life on Earth.  As a higher dimensional being this included all life in the past even before her conception.  The various animal spirits were prominently called upon by ancients such as the Native American animal spirit guides.

Whether they be the Heavenly souls of pets, or the spirits of Earthly animals, both can
produce ghosts on occasion.  Animal haunting’s are rare but do occur most prominently in human owned animals who either suffered at the hands of a human, or don’t want to leave their beloved master.  It’s said that Zoo’s, farms, and animal slaughter facilities are the most haunted by Fauna Spirits.  These various corporate entities keep the use of animal spirit exorcisms a secret.  Earthly animal spirits from the Paradise Plane usually only cause issues when practitioners of magic call upon them for the wrong reasons.  Odd as it may seem it’s possible for a person to be possessed by an animal spirit somewhat in the same way a ghost, or demon can possess a human.  As an example a person seemingly going crazy could in fact have been cursed to have an animal spirit forced within them.  Possession of other animals is far more common, and explains various erratic behaviors in animals at times.