Tiffany Sanders


Xavier Remington & Rebecca Abernathy’s neighbor who often invites them over for tea and scones.  She’s a southern belle who had inherited a plantation from her family in South Carolina.  Finances were tight and she was forced to sell the plantation to a millionaire named David Patrick who she ended up marrying.  She moved to his mansion in Denver, Colorado.  Unfortunately after they married it became rather obvious what a possessive, paranoid, and jealous man he was.   She managed to escape his smothering grip and got a quick divorce by refusing to take a penny of his money.  She then moved next door to Xavier with her two talking birds.  Unfortunately her obsessive husband tried to kidnap her but Xavier & Rebecca thwarted the filthy fiends he’d hired to do it.  In September 2010 he was confronted and banished to spend the rest of his life imprisoned in the hidden village of the Amazon Warrior Women in South America.

As of January 2011 Tiffany was cleared of any wrong doing in David Patrick’s “mysterious” disappearance and in March 2011 his family declared him deceased in a court of law.  Unfortunately for them David didn’t update his Will after Tiffany divorced him.  At the reading of the will it was revealed that Tiffany would be getting half the estate with rest left to various family members.  Tiffany will now be worth 8.3 million dollars which is a good thing since she was about to run out of money to live in the manner she is accustomed to which includes her manor comparable to Remington Manor next door.

Tiffany has been dating Sheriff Blake Maverick, “The Most Eligible Bachelor In Comanche County” according to the Comanche County Chronicle.  

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