International Para-Con Cairo, Egypt

Pyramid EgyptThe satellite internet broadband service seems to be working great up here at 41,000 feet in the sky! Our private jet, courtesy of our associate Duanna Sargon, just took off from Denver International Airport bound for Cairo, Egypt. Most of Mystic Investigations Top Executives should arrive there 14 hours from now at approximately 9 AM Friday February 6th local Time. Only Hunter Jackson & Elizabeth Weatherly will not be attending. They will stay behind to keep our supernatural investigations firm running smoothly. Once we’re in Cairo will attend the Annual International Paranormal Investigators Conference which has become the top gathering of those fighting the forces of supernatural evil around the world. Naturally you always get some dark forces attempting to infiltrate the proceedings. Hopefully that won’t occur this year.

Unlike some of the other lower level conferences this one is by exclusive invite for only
real members of the paranormal community. Unfortunately it’s such a large gathering that we can’t guarantee unwanted individuals wouldn’t sneak in so we must still be careful to adhere to the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. Some of us will be holding private conferences, and giving speeches. As President of Mystic Investigations I will be addressing the audience about my dealings with Santa Claus, a real Demi-Angel who very few get to meet in person even within the supernatural world. While in Egypt we shall enjoy the various sights including the Great Pyramids. We will stay there until February 12th arriving home just before Friday The 13th. Call us superstitious but we never fly on Friday The 13th!

Update: At about 4000 miles from Denver, Colorado, or about 8 hours into our flight we’ll stop to refuel in the North Atlantic Azores Islands of Portugal.

Denver To Egypt Travel

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