The Stench In Paris

We were in attendance at the First International Para-Con (Paranormal Investigators Conference) in Paris, France from February 14th through the 21st of 2014. Valentine’s Day was quite pleasant as we aided Fallen Cupid Angel in a mission to bring two soul mates together. He had displeased the Archangel hierarchy one too many times and was … Read more

International Para-Con Cairo, Egypt

The satellite internet broadband service seems to be working great up here at 41,000 feet in the sky! Our private jet, courtesy of our associate Duanna Sargon, just took off from Denver International Airport bound for Cairo, Egypt. Most of Mystic Investigations Top Executives should arrive there 14 hours from now at approximately 9 AM … Read more

Para-Con Mayan Pyramid Star Chamber

…Continued From Para-Con Mermen Melee (Part 1) The Mystic Investigations Team, along with Pepe Lopez of Yucatán Supernatural Sociedad , cautiously entered the hidden secret passage at the Temple of Kukulkan, a Mayan Pyramid at Chichen Itza.  Our flashlights barely illuminated the long gradually descending dark corridor.  However light began emanating slowly but surely in … Read more

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