Drake Alexander’s 2017 Premonition

The Offices Of Mystic InvestigationsI’m Drake Alexander Mystic Investigations Executive Vice-President. As a boy born, and raised in 13th century Scotland I always thought how lucky it would be to at least live until age 50. I certainly never imagined I’d see the year 2015! I never really thought this far ahead even when I was brought into the eternal enchanted darkness by Enheduanna, aka Duanna Sargon, my vampire mother. I think I envisioned a few centuries ahead initially after becoming a member of the living dead. By the 16th century I did start to think several centuries into the future well into the 21st century. The older I got the more enhanced my powers became.  Among these were occasional psychic visions related to my own life unlike Julia Hathaway’s wide ranging visions. In the late 1800’s I actually had a dream vision of working in my office at Mystic Investigations. It was my first vision of Mystic Investigations, and my furthest vision into the future at the time.

I was sitting at my desk, and the calendar said Tuesday, October 17, 2017. Naturally I was puzzled about a great many things I witnessed including my computer. At the time I thought it was perhaps a mix of a vision, and an odd dream. I was typing away on my keyboard amid sipping a mug of blood when suddenly I heard screams amid gunfire. I ran out of my office, and look down into the lobby from the upstairs balcony. A huge muscular man wearing a black leather trench coat was firing a machine gun declaring that Zack Powers, our bionic boy wonder, must be terminated! Hunter Jackson, our Ex Navy Seal, came out of a secret passage way with his own machine gun, and fired down on the bastard but the bullets just bounced off. I leaped from the balcony, and landed on the attackers back. I bit into his neck but I got nothing but a clear vile tasting fluid of unknown origin. I also ended up breaking a fang on his hard exterior that was not biological in nature. He batted me off him with such force that I crash through the front glass doors into the sunlight. I was blinded by the light as I felt my body burning in the holy sun.

The vision would rotate from me observing like a movie to me being in my own body with all the sensations as if I was there. As I burned it switched to movie, and I saw Rebecca Abernathy, our Demi-Mermaid White Witch, hit the shooter with a blast of lightening energy coming from her hands. It knocked him over but he leaped up at lightning speed, and threw her through a wall. Hunter then took out a rocket launcher while screaming,”Fire in the hole bitches!” He launched it right at the behemoths head blasting it clean off. It was rather obvious at that point it was a mechanical man, or what I now know as an Android. I was crawling to the door lit ablaze with violet colored unholy fire as Rebecca emerged from the wall rubble, and doused me with aquarium water directed to me via her hydrokinetic powers. She pulled me in, and I began rapidly healing.  That’s where the vision ended for me.

I guess the rest of the team wasn’t there that day because it was just us three, and the non-executive office staff who ran for cover under their desks. Presumably Zack wasn’t there because he would have been in school on a Tuesday. I shared this vision with the team the minute we met Zack for the first time years ago so he probably won’t be there that day to begin with. Since I was lucky enough to see the date we’re probably just going to set a trap, and then theoretically my vision will never happen.  It would in essence be a glimpse into a parallel reality we never experienced.

Ultimately though there has to be some reason why I had the vision in the first place.  After all there are countless dangers I never saw coming in my 700 plus years on this Earth.  Perhaps this one is far more dangerous than it appears since it’s just a small portion of that day.  I choose to share this with everyone now because I had the same vision while I slept this morning.  I can’t remember the last time I had a double vision!

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