What’s A Reverse Werewolf?

Are There Anti-Werewolves?
WerewolfThere are three types of Reverse Werewolves that includes the Solar, and Diurnal Werewolves.  The Diurnal Werewolf is a werewolf during the days of the Full Moon, and human by night. Just like a standard Werewolf they’re in human form the rest of the days, and nights. This despite the Full Moon being on the other side of the planet during the day. These daytime werewolves are extremely rare, and peaceful. The product of special genetics created by evolutionary fluke, or possibly by the will of Goddess Gaia, the soul of our Earth.  When these people with special genes are bitten by any Werewolf, and contract the Lycanthrope Virus, there is a unique interaction. The demonic werewolf virus is morphed into something non-demonic as it tried to alter the human’s genes. Once this gene resequencing takes place all traces of the Lycanthrope virus disappear. In other words they can’t pass their paranormal condition on to anyone else.  It’s thought that these Diurnal Werewolves only react to the indirect full lunar energies absorbed, and redirected through Goddess Gaia’s body, aka The Earth, rather than the direct Full Moon.

The Diurnal Werewolf is not the same as the fabled Solar Werewolf which apparentlySolar Werewolf transforms into a Werewolf every day during the Summer, and Winter season while remaining human at night. During the seasons of nature’s balance, Spring, and Autumn, it remains human 24-7.  Although it’s been suggested it can shapeshift at will anytime it pleases.  It’s said to be an angel, or nature deity based equivalent of the demon based nocturnal Moon Werewolf. Theoretically virtually any higher dimensional being could intermingle with a wolf in some way to create various Werewolf beings. In the case of the standard nocturnal Werewolf dark magic was involved in it’s creation.  Although there is no evidence of angel based Werewolves there is some ancient anecdotal evidence of Earthly God and Goddess based Werewolves.  Most prevalently in native aboriginal tribes around the world including North America. They tended to be more wolf like than Werewolf like.  However they were probably larger than a Kodiak Bear with a height on all fours of 5 feet, and 10 feet on its two hind legs! There has been no modern documentation for the Solar Werewolf.  Depending on the nature deity responsible it could be more friendly than a Diurnal Werewolf or possibly more ferocious than a nocturnal Werewolf! Especially if created by an Underworld God or Goddess!

WerewolforizorThe third type of Reverse Werewolf is damned to it’s monstrous wolf state every day, and night of the month except the 24 hour period of the New Moon. To be precise 12 hours before the exact minute of the New Moon, and 12 hours after.  This Reverse Werewolf is the product of a natural curse involving Vampires. The vampires demonic DNA is far stronger than a Werewolf.  If a nocturnal werewolf manages to kill a vampire the vampire virus laden blood they ingested reacts to this, and alters the Werewolf DNA to create a Reverse Werewolf. One who is ultra sensitive to lunar energies, and can only return to human form during the New Moon zone of insufficient paranormal power.  It’s thought that the King of the Vampires implored the Devil himself to incorporate this into the demonic collective consciousness not long after Werewolves came into existence. Outside of this Gypsies, and various magical practitioners may be able to curse werewolves in a number of ways as well.  The humanity still within them makes them vulnerable to such things!

The Reverse Werewolf is far more flesh, and blood thirsty than the standard werewolf as that’s what it is most of the time. Once in their brief human form they are a mere shadow of their former selves, and may in fact partake of serial killing sprees. This is especially true over time as the Werewolf persona completely takes over, and cuts ties with the human soul!  This makes them similar to Albino Werewolves which are soulless beasts born of two Werewolves mating in their wolf form!  Without a human form they are wolf 24-7 for eternity!

The only known cure to return a Reverse Werewolf to normal Werewolf status is for a vampire to willingly allow them to partake of their blood.  The vampire must remain alive for a period of one month before the blood returns the Werewolf DNA back to normal. Good luck on getting a vampire to willingly throw him or herself at a mindless monstrous Reverse Werewolf!