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The North Pole City Hall Of Letters

The Hall Of Letters is a historical archive at North Pole City. It’s apart of the North Pole City Museum featuring all manner of Christmas memorabilia throughout the entire centuries-long life of Santa Claus. The Hall Of Letters is a … Continue reading

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Toy Story Is Real At Santa Claus’s North Pole

It is I Santa Claus! May all be enjoying this cheerful Christmas season! Yes it’s true boys, and girls you can have a real life Toy Story in my winter wonderland!  Whether it be dolls, action figures, vehicles, or anything … Continue reading

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Santa Claus Prepares For Halloween

Santa Claus doesn’t just celebrate Christmas but many other holidays as well.  Each year he takes one of a small handful of final breaks before the Christmas season. One is for Halloween celebrations at his enchanting North Pole City winter … Continue reading

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Denmark & Other Nations Attempting To Lay Claim To The North Pole

There’s a battle looming for control of the North Pole! The United States, Russia, Canada, and Norway all mistakenly believe they have a right to it. They are chasing potential oil and gas, but could distant Denmark have a reason … Continue reading

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