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The North Pole City Hall Of Letters

The Hall Of Letters is a historical archive at North Pole City. It’s apart of the North Pole City Museum featuring all manner of Christmas memorabilia throughout the entire centuries long life of Santa Claus. The Hall Of Letters is … Continue reading

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What’s The Magical Chord That Makes Music Sound Like Christmas?

Besides the sound of sleigh bells what aspects of a song gives it that distinctive Christmas feel? Ultimately it was the will of Santa Claus through the force of the Christmas Spirit that inspired the holiday magic of classic Christmas … Continue reading

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What Is The Christmas Crystal?

The Christmas Crystal is in essence the supernatural power conduit for the very Spirit Of Christmas itself.  It’s the physical manifestation of Christmas itself next to Santa Claus of course. This powerful paranormal crystal channels the Demi-Angel Santa Claus’s pure … Continue reading

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Santa Claus Prepares For Halloween

Santa Claus doesn’t just celebrate Christmas but many other holidays as well.  Each year he takes one final break before the Christmas season, and prepares for Halloween celebrations at his enchanting North Pole City winter wonderland.  As the last embers … Continue reading

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