How Do Time Travelers Deal With The Language Barrier?

English and every other language devolve into their old forms as you travel back through the centuries. Clearly, time travelers from the 22nd century or later have top-flight Universal Translation devices. These are discreet artificially intelligent gizmos that allow time travelers to understand and speak all languages known throughout history. Early versions hear spoken words and translate them into an earpiece or even show the translation in a hologram projected in front of the eyes like a TelePrompter only the wearer can see. Later versions playback a persons speech in a language the traveler understands within a microscopic earpiece. Then their spoken language is shielded by a series of nanobotic white noise speakers that also shoot forth what is said in the native language using the proper accent. All the while keeping with the natural sound of the user’s voice. Later centuries utilize holographic correction to the lips so the translated words match facial movements. These devices are also used in the future to speak with various extraterrestrial races as we colonize the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond!

The 21st century saw rudimentary versions of language translation that aren’t easy to use nor hidden from natives of the past. Those of us who are time travelers from the 21st century, 20th, or even earlier have been known to master a variety of languages but it becomes impossible the further back in the past you go. As far as English it becomes extremely difficult to understand what someone is saying before the 16th century. Some risk temporal law enforcement agents and steal translation tech from the future. Others in the world of the supernatural rely on witches and other practitioners of magic to cast miraculous spells or conjure up amazing potions that use metaphysical energies to translate language. In some cases, people are able to tap into their other selves in past lives and Parallel Universes where they are masters of a given language. Ultimately old school time travelers look to keep their head down and blend into a crowd having as little personal contact with anyone as possible. They’re in the past or future to complete a mission or simply observe history for their own enrichment or entertainment. Either way, they need to be ready to make a quick getaway once they are branded a foreigner in a hostile land or even worse a Devil speaking in tongues!

The Time Traveler Who Made $350 Million On The Stock Market!

On January 28th, 2003 Federal Agents arrested a 44-year-old man named Andrew Carlssin for major SEC violations. This included 126 suspicious high-risk stock market investments that turned $800 into $350,000,000 within a two-week period! Once in custody, he gave an astounding 4-hour confession that included the revelation that he was a time traveler from the year 2256! He went into detail about his “Time Craft” and extensive knowledge of the future. In fact, throughout his two-month incarceration, he gave a number of predictions that all turned out to be true. This included the March 20th, 2003 Invasion of Iraq by US Forces. A desperate Carlssin even offered to give useful information in exchange for his release. Such as information about the cure for AIDS and the location of Osama Bin Laden. He also agreed to let them examine his time machine if he could be present. Plausibly he planned to race inside and escape to the future! However, authorities branded him as a pathological liar and possibly a complete loon! They kept pressing Carlssin to reveal his real source of insider trading information. Still, he stuck to his time travel tale.

On March 29, 2003, a mysterious benefactor posted Andrew Carlssin’s one million dollar bail! He was released and at some point eluded the government’s continued surveillance of him.  This was about the time that his claims were taken seriously by none other than the notoriously secret US Paranormal Defense Agency. The “off the books” agency under the US Department Of Defense that deals with the supernatural world. They became especially interested when investigators found no trace of Carlssin’s existence before 2002. In fact, his identification documents didn’t match filed records despite being verified as authentic. They were masterful forgeries beyond anything ever seen! On April 2nd, 2003 Andrew didn’t show up at his attorney’s office for a meeting about his scheduled court hearing on April 3rd. He never appeared at the hearing and was never seen ever again! The US Paranormal Defense Agency covered up the entire incident once it was classified as a true time travel event. In addition, his assets were completely seized by the government. Currently, there are no reputable sources left about the Time Traveler Andrew Carlssin. As part of the cover-up the story is being described as a fictional work by Weekly World News!

The Martian Time Travel Center

Mystic Investigations extensive research, including aid from top-flight psychics, reveals that Andrew Carlssin was a mental patient and Mars colonist from the 23rd century. He suffered from a complicated condition unique to those born on Mars. His psychologists had been making progress when he escaped from his care facility on Mars. He had been a former employee at a nearby complex working on time travel experiments. Carlssin managed to sneak in using his old ID and stole a spaceship capable of limited time travel. He had no idea how to use it and inadvertently ended up back in late 2002. There he decided to get rich with the knowledge contained within the ships historical database. He would hide in the past and live the sweet life. In his time money, nor an economy as we know it, existed. Unfortunately for him Time Cops from the 25th century eventually detected the primitive temporal anomaly of his time craft because he foolishly left it on for the entire time he was in the past! These Temporal Agents posted his one million dollar bail and returned him to his own time while confiscating the time craft. The Time Cops made contact with the Mars time experiment facility in 2256. They ordered them to cease all experiments until they shored up security and understood the true consequences of time travel!

Andrew Carlssin was cured of his mental condition within the next 5 years before being released. He was made to believe his time in the past was a delusion he suffered from since time travel was still a secret even in the 23rd century. Carlssin chose to leave Mars for a deep space interstellar mission that would take 100 years to complete. He spent the rest of his days exploring the stars for ever more!


The Man Who Traveled In Time Back To His Childhood

Little seven year old Jack Emerson woke up in a cold sweat screaming in the dark shadows of his night light lit bedroom. His angered father runs in, and snaps on the light yelling, “What the hell is your problem Jack! Go back to sleep now or else!” He flips the light back off, and slams the door. Trembling in the dimly lit room Jack stares at his small hands as the nightmare he just had reels through his confused mind. In his disturbing dream he was a 44 year old man staring out the window of his house as civil defense sirens whaled in the distance. The holographic television broadcast warnings of an impending nuclear attack send chills down his spine. An attack initiated by Global Prime Minister Earl Sapporo in the year 2052.

The insane world leader is shown in a news clip in a small spherical holo-window amid the warning screen ranting at a podium about humanity needing to be cleansed from the Earth in the name of the Dark Father. His crazed eyes gave way to the echoing of his maniacal laughter as the camera pans closer to reveal a brief red glow in his eyes before the feed is cut off. Jack gazes in horror as blinding lights flash off with nuclear mushroom clouds in the distance. Their brightness is so powerful that it even overshadows the sunlight. Suddenly all power cuts out due to a nuclear EMP. Jack hears an odd noise from overhead, and runs outside to look up at a projectile headed down toward him. He knows the end is near, and realizes he will never see his wife, kids, and everyone else ever again! A burst of all encompassing white light gives way to the dark shadows of his childhood bedroom. For it wasn’t a nightmare. It was all real! Being at ground zero of a nuclear blast send him back in time! Listen To The Entire Story In The Video Above Or Read The Rest Of The Story On Our Supernatural Stories Blog…

Could You Live In The 1980’s For 1000 Years?

EightiesOne of the most interesting cases in our paranormal files is the case of a couple who loved the 1980’s with a passion! So much so that they traveled back in time to live in the decade for 1000 years! How is this possible, and why 1000 years? Our investigation started from rumors of a husband, and wife who seemingly existed in 100 different places in the United States at the same time between New Year’s Day 1980, and New Year’s Eve 1989. The doppelgangers all had different names but stuck to the same basic life cycle of going to college for 4 years from 1980 through 1983. Then entering the workforce for the rest of the eighties except for 1989 when they took the year off.  Two sets of the couple lived in each of the 50 States except for only one couple in Rhode Island, one in Oklahoma, 3 in California, and 3 in New York. We’re keeping their names a secret so as not to retroactively jeopardize their dream! Read The Rest Of This Time Travel Story On Our Supernatural News Blog…

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