Tetrad Blood Moon Easter Warning

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The Easter Bunny Has Been Reported Missing!
Blood-Tetrad-Moon-Werewolf-BunnyThe third of four Tetrad Blood Moon Eclipses is about to take place as Good Friday rolls into Passover.  Certainly these unprecedented series of Blood Moons are not only bad omens of dark forces emerging for the final war to end all wars but also a chaotic danger zone of dark paranormal activity. The Blood Moon is the culmination of demonic forces manipulating the Moons energies, and natural light to that of full unholy darkness.  Or in this case bloody crimson damnation! The power of each previous blood moon rolls into the next when they’re this close together.  Especially with last years Blood Moon also falling on Passover, a holiday of Christian Biblical importance.  Even the unholy Spring Equinox solar eclipse has lent to the power of this Tetrad Blood Moon. In fact this blood moon has gained enough steam to possibly affect The Easter Bunny himself.  The words only known Werehare.

This Full Moon would have been considered an Easter Egg Moon of powerful good luck, and Devil Loserholy enlightenment.  Normally it would at least be a Pink Moon of Easter sweetness. Unfortunately this Blood Moon, which will still technically be a Blood Moon on Easter itself, has nullified the forces of good when it comes to the Moon.  Rumors are swirling in the supernatural community that the Easter Bunny has been kidnapped, or I guess bunnynapped.  Santa Claus himself has verified he is unable to contact the poor furry little fella.  Santa personally traveled to the Easter Bunny’s secret cloaked stronghold in Easterville, Black Forest, Germany.  It’s a virtual ghost town, and Santa felt a recent demonic presence.  It could be that the Devil, banished to Earth during the first battle of Armageddon, has abducted the holiest rabbit on Earth!  We are following a developing story that indicates the Devil fathered, and birthed the Anti-Christ during the Spring Equinox total eclipse, and may in fact blasphemously Anti-Christen the Anti-Christ child on Easter under the light of the blood moon in the blood of the Easter Bunny!  We pray it’s a rumor but various physics, seers, and mystics are telling us they sense the Easter Werebunny may be more like a rabid little Werewolf within the unholy rays of the Bloody Moon!  For all we know Easter could very well be canceled!  That is why many of you may not feel the Easter Spirit this year.  Somewhat similair to the lack of Halloween Spirit in 2013 when Shala Queen Of Halloween was kidnapped by the Anti-Claus, evil twin brother of Santa Claus.  Apart of a plot to serve his master the Devil.

All of us in the real paranormal community are on the hunt for the Easter Bunny’s
whereabouts, and the Devil along with his ultra fast growing demon child!  Unfortunately we have nothing good to report, and suggest staying home every night until the Moon is below 80% of full.  Until then the nights will be filled with out of control insane paranormal forces of evil lusting for the blood, and flesh of humans!  This of course includes Werewolves, and vampires! May the Gods, and Goddesses come to your aid should you find yourself in mortal danger!  Try to at least have a happy Easter during the day Sunday for the sake of the kids.  Pray their magical innocence delivers us all from the dark blood moon madness!

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