Hare Moon Werewolf Watch

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Hellish WerewolfA Werewolf Watch is in effect for most of the planet, minus a small strip around the Equator, until the Moon falls below 80% of Full.  This means conditions are favorable for the transformation of those stricken with the demonic Werewolf Virus, aka Lycanthropy. Although rare prepare for the possibility of crossing paths with a real life Werewolf! Depending on a Werewolf’s age, breed, and ability to control transformations 80% is the minimal required for involuntary Lycanthropy. Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are now under the lunar influence of the Hare Moon of May, also known as the Flower Moon or Mother’s Moon.  This Moon is called the Hare Moon not only because this is the central breeding season of Spring but also there is usually influence from the Easter Bunny, the worlds only known Werehare. Although this year with Easter falling at the beginning of April, and the Easter Bunny temporarily falling prey to the Devil the influence is negligible.

So without a strong Easter Spirit the Werewolves of the Hare Moon are even more ferocious than ever.  On top of that there is still some lingering dark power from the April Tetrad Blood Moon. Then we have the usual Hare Moon inciting Werewolves to mate along with the recent fertility festival of Beltane.  Thankfully it is rare for two Werewolves to meet, be of the opposite sex, and then not follow their natural instinct to attack each other.  This is of course only for wolves outside of an organized pack led by a competent Alpha. Werewolf packs usually work together to control their transformations, and attempt to keep their human persona in wolf form to some extent. They also keep watch over each other so they don’t do anything they will regret as a hairy horror of hell!  They know that if Werewolves mate in wolf form they will sire an unholy soulless beast without human form! However two Werewolves having kids in human form poses no threat.

Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere are under the influence of the Dark Moon as you Bloody Blood Wolfy Moonhead into your winter month of June.  You just recently concluded your celebration of Samhain, the original source of Halloween, disconnected from the main celebrations on October 31st in the Southern Hemisphere.  The forces of good, and evil marshaled under your Blood Moon of April to tip the balance of power in their favor. Although the Spirit Of Samhain isn’t as strong at this time due to it not being unified with the central Halloween holiday & the unified Spirit Of Halloween.  Therefore it’s influence on the Dark Moon is less.  You will however still experience the effects of the Double Blood Moon courtesy of the Tetrad Blood Moon, and usual Southern Hemisphere Blood Moon of April.  Expect moderately monstrous Werewolves to prey upon you at will possibly with glee in their horrifying hearts!

The greatest danger lies within the 100% Full Moon zone of the evening of May 3rd into the morning of May 4th.  As always we recommend staying indoors as the cloak of darkness descends upon you like a foreboding fog. If you must venture forth into the nefarious night then it would be wise to carry a Werewolf Whistle, squirt gun with holy water, most any religious artifact you truly believe in, the herb Wolfsbane, or pure silver metal of some type.  Preferably as a necklace or ring.

There has also been some success in confusing a Werewolf by shining a light through a mostly translucent Moonstone toward it’s eyes.  It will likely cease attack as it displays a hypnotic gaze.  This is not a maneuver for an amateur to perform since the wolf could snap out the mystical trance at any moment.  Once the blasphemous beast is frozen carefully lower the Moonstone & light to the ground making sure his/her eyes follow it.  Then back cautiously away from the stone sideways out of the Werewolf’s line of sight.  If the Werewolf transforms the next night it will be drawn back to the stone assuming it’s still there.  This is a fine way to set a Werewolf trap, and prevent harm coming to all parties involved!

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