Halloween Blood Moon Eclipse Werewolf Warning

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The Full Moon of October always falls under the spell of Halloween. The power of the Samhain Spirit sweeps away the usual control of lunar forces from Nature Deities and gifts it graciously to the demonic forces of darkness. Why on Earth would the Halloween Spirit do such a thing? In the name of balancing good and evil on our Earth. The Spirit of our Earth in turn supplies the grander cosmic spirit with benevolent balance. Without the scales between light and dark being balanced, our reality would descend into chaos and cause the very destruction of the Universe! Pure evil would lead to cosmic chaos as well, while pure good would cause supernatural stagnation. Such stagnation would figuratively suffocate the Universe to death, thus causing chaos in the end. Therefore, the forces of darkness have their usual restraints released during the Halloween season. However, rest assured that the Halloween Spirit protects people who celebrate the season with chilling cheer. Especially innocent children.🌕

The Partial Lunar Eclipse

The October Moon is always the Blood Moon, whether it appears crimson in the sky or not. In areas not experiencing an eclipse sporting a red hue, there is always double trouble afoot! This year, we have a partial lunar eclipse in the mix. This creates varying degrees of wolfmen and wolfwomen. It’s a weakened form of Werewolf during the eclipse itself. Unfortunately, that will only last 77 minutes. Not to mention the lunar eclipse won’t be seen everywhere. The rest of the eclipse at the start and end will be Penumbral in nature. A Penumbral Eclipse dampens lunar energies and calms Werewolves down. Again this effect will be temporary. Especially in light of the blasphemous Blood Moon mailing out madness to all ready to receive it!🐺

Blood Moon Werewolves

Outside of the lunar eclipse, the Blood Moon will cause exponential strength, speed, agility, senses, and aggression in Werewolves. They will be highly voracious and on the prowl for live meat of any sort. They especially have a huge hunger for humans! Also, expect elevated increases in all manner of paranormal activity! This includes vexing vampires, zombies, malevolent magicians, wicked witches, poltergeists, demons, sinister specters, and miscellaneous monsters! Search our website for the proper countermeasures and defenses to protect yourself from these nocturnal nuts! In lieu of that, any Halloween-related items will have varying repellent effects on sinister supernaturals.👻

The Hairy Horrors Of Halloween

Werewolf transformation is a titanic terror until the Moon is below 80% of full. On Halloween itself, the Moon will still be above that threshold. Although that is actually irrelevant since all Werewolves can transform on Halloween even under a New Moon! Thankfully, during these hallowed days, you can utilize Halloween artifacts and generally celebrate the season to repel Werewolves. This is in addition to the normal repellents. Any costume or Halloween decor will do the trick. A lit Jack-O-Lantern launched at a Werewolf will send it squealing into the night never to bother you ever again! You can also call upon the Samhain Spirit and Halloween Queen Shala herself for help if faced with a perilous paranormal perplexity. They say the safest place to be on Halloween is amid the crowds of Trick O’ Treaters going door to door with glorious glee in complete costume. If the Moon appears outrageously orange on Halloween it means the Samhain Spirit is super strong and evil will steer clear when you bask in its pretty pumpkin light. Happy Halloween To All And To All A Spooky Season Of Fun Frights!🎃

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Silver is a potent repellent for werewolves and other evil entities. Gold also has its place since it metaphysically simulates the sun. This sends forth the illusion that it has risen. Certainly vampires, werewolves, and other chaotic creatures loathe the holy light of the sainted sun.

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