Thanksgiving Unity Moon Werewolf Warning

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This November’s lunar cycle is a rare Thanksgiving Unity Moon. The Thanksgiving Spirit is about giving thanks for the positive things in life along with giving of yourself to right the wrongs. The Season melds the Spirit Of Halloween with that of Christmas. In the spirit of cooperation, the metaphysical energy of this Full Moon falls under the authority of Thanksgiving Leader Tom Turkey, Santa Claus, Halloween Queen Shala, and the Fall Goddess Autumna. The Thanksgiving Unity Moon will have varying calming effects on all things paranormal. Werewolves will still be a danger due to their demonic DNA. However, they won’t actively hunt down humans unless provoked. Of course, provoked can mean coincidentally running across them. Such an occurrence has astronomical odds attached to it.­čÉ║

Thankfully, Werewolves will mostly go after animal prey to feed their insatiable carnivorous appetites. The only animals immune are turkeys and other similar fowl. Their very squawking will send a Werewolf sailing into the night. We recommend keeping your pets indoors from dusk to dawn! The most commonly consumed animal tends to be deer during the month of November. Indeed, human hunters will have some competition during the Thanksgiving Unity Moon. Not to mention that Werewolf Hunters will be out in full force as well! All Werewolf Repellents will work extremely efficiently, along with some additional ones just for this mystical Moon. Any type of Thanksgiving, Autumn, Halloween, or Christmas imagery will cause a Werewolf to think twice about attacking you. Naturally, Thanksgiving artifacts will possess just a bit more power since we’re within the heart of the season. Homes decorated for the holiday season will be secure supernatural strongholds! Happy Thanksgiving!­čŽâ

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